Jay Cutler continues to take fire

If former coaches Mike Ditka and Tony Dungy aren’t dogging him, someone else is.  The bulls eye was squarely on Jay Cutler’s back as KC Joyner was stirring it up.  In a recent online chat, he fielded a number of Jay Cutler questions:

Alex (Chicago,IL)
How well do you think Jay Cutler will do with the Bears this year?

KC Joyner(4:10 PM)
I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again – Cutler will make Bears fans remember Rex Grossman. He’ll make just as many crazy passes but won’t suffer the Grossman fate because Chicago’s fan base is so in love with him that they will forgive the nutty throws he makes in ways that they never forgave Grossman.

A while later, Ryan from San Diego picked up the Cutler topic again and Joyner was quick to throw a few shots at the fans.

Ryan (San Diego)
Denver fans still defending Jay I see. Did they not witness that epic collapse at the end of last year? I mean the guy threw 2 picks in the red zone against the Bills in week 16 to lose at HOME. Blindness

KC Joyner (4:41 PM)
You know what really bothers me about Cutler? The idea that fans can’t comment on him in a non-emotional manner. Every Bears fan thinks he is the next coming of Jim McMahon. When I point out that he has performance issues and that Grossman had those same issues, they just go overboard instead of saying “Hey, that’s a good point, can he improve in that area?”

Did anyone think that Jay is the next coming of Jimmy Mac?  I was actually hoping that Cutler is the second coming of Jesus Christ.  They’ve got the same initials, right?

Finally, Paul from Denver pushes back at KC and he goes and throws stats into the argument.

Paul (Denver)
KC- great job alienating an entire fanbase. I can guarantee you you’re in the minority when you compare Grossman with Cutler. It’s quite embarrassing and ridiculous. He’s only 25, and as a Bear fan we’re quite aware he has plenty of room to improve.

KC Joyner(4:59 PM)
Paul, I’m basing my Cutler comments on three seasons of Denver tape breakdowns. He’s a huge risk-taker and that equates to about 1 in 20 of his passes being an int or near int because of a mistake on his part. He’ll win games in the Windy City and when he does, I’ll hear it from Bears fans. I just want to hear from those same fans when his risk-taking costs the team a big game (and I’ll all but guarantee that will happen).

I appreciate that KC broke down a ton of tape on Cutler to arrive at his conclusions.  I didn’t know that a ‘near int’ was an actual statistic.  How many near int’s did Peyton Manning throw last season?  Who led the league in ‘near int’s?’  I think Kyle Orton led the league in ‘near TD’s’ last season.  If he had only thrown those balls a bit deeper when Hester was wide open, they’d have gone for 6.  Ridiculous!

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  • Phil in Naperville

    I agree with KC’s assessment of Cutler. He has a lot of physical talent, but his decision making is terrible. This guy consistently tries to muscle a ball into double and triple coverage, often when another less aggressive route is wide open. And while a “near int” isn’t an actual stat, anyone who watches a game will easily recognize that he is often trying to complete the most difficult pass option on the field instead of the best one. This of course is great when it works out, nerve wracking when he is nearly intercepted, and it’s shake your head in dis-belief when he completes a pass to the other team.

    Cutler has demonstrated that he is arrogant and selfish on the field and does not appear to be well liked among team mates and players on the opposing team alike. Combine that with what appears to be a prima-donna attitude and he may turn out to be un-coachable to boot.

    While I hope he does well, I suspect the guy will never live up to his potential.

  • Romel Evans

    I think in 3-5 weeks, people are going to know that all this negativity is just hot air.

  • anonymous

    he is just too cute for me to care how many “near int” he throws

  • Brett Balduf

    Let’s let ‘em just play. I’d rather watch a quarterback take some risks and add some excitement to the games than watch run/fall down, run fall down, 3 yard curl when it is 3rd and 6. Now times are changing because Forte isn’t a run/fall down guy. So put him and a ball slinging QB together – defenses aren’t going to know what to do.

  • Me @ Here & Now

    Hot air? Maybe. Cute? Dunno about that either. He looks pretty dopey to me. Exciting? You bet, but maybe not they way you imagine it will be…

    Everyone loves a guy that takes a lot risks and succeeds. Brett was everyone’s favorite QB when he completed spectacular pass, and the goat everytime he threw an unnecessary (read ‘avoidable’)interception. The latter seemed to happen way more often than the former.

    I bet nobody will be jumping for joy when JC’s TD/Int ratio is well below 1. The good news is that he probably won’t fumble the ball from center once out every 20 snaps.

    I don’t see any change in the division this year. Vikes, Pack, Bears and Lions, except the Pack may beat out the Vikes if they can’t field a better QB than last year.

  • boomer

    Let’s not forget that Cutler had NO DEFENSE in Denver and by the end of last season, I think the Broncos were trying to get Terrell Davis to come back to play running back. Let’s see what Jay can do when he doesn’t have to take big risks and throw on just about every play. Plus, the defense won’t have as much pressure on them as they did when they were counted on to score as well as stop the other team. It all starts when camp opens in just a couple of weeks.