Urlacher's 180 on Cutler

Jay Cutler and Brian Urlacher celebrate a first quarter TD against the Seahawks. (Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune)

When I heard that Brian Urlacher jump to Jay Cutler’s defense yesterday, I couldn’t help but remember a story from a couple of seasons ago.

I’m gonna hop into the Bear Goggles On time machine and take a very short trip to July 20o9, about a day before training camp.  Remember this little story about what Urlacher called new Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.  Here’s the quote from former Bear Bobby Wade, who was busy stirring things up as camp was ready to open.

Vikings (and former Chicago Bears) wide receiver Bobby Wade took to the airwaves this morning and made some waves.

“Jay Cutleris a good player,” Wade said. “Obviously, it’s a much different environment from going from Denver to play in Chicago. Chicago is a tough club to play for. What is so funny, I actually saw Brian Urlacher this past weekend in Las Vegas and we had a long conversation.

“I don’t want to get him in trouble, but it wasn’t what [the Bears] expected. Pretty much [Urlacher] said Jay Cutler was a pussy for the most part.”

Fast forward to January 23, 2011 following the Bears disappointing NFC Championship game loss to the Green Bay Packers; the game where Jay Cutler left the game with a knee injury.  Here are Urlacher’s comments.  You can also see them at the end of yesterday’s presser:

“Jay was hurt,” the linebacker said. “I don’t question his toughness. He’s tough as hell. He’s one of the toughest guys on our football team. He doesn’t bitch. He doesn’t complain when he gets hit. He goes out there and plays his ass off every Sunday. He practices every single day. So, no, we don’t question his toughness.”

So with the whole outside world piling on Cutler, Urlacher steps to his defense.  To me the reason is really clear.  Brian Urlacher in 2009 is a lot like the MJD’s and Darnell Dockets of the world.  He had a pre-conceived notion of who Jay Cutler is based on his contentious exit from Denver.

After getting to know Jay, Urlacher can offer the rousing defense that he gave yesterday.  He knows the real Jay Cutler.  He knows the truth.  And after the reports about the severity of Cutler’s injury came out, now we all do.

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  • bleedinblueandorange

    Here,s the deal…if you only look skin deep with Cutler, yes he looks like a pouty aloof quarterback that doesn’t deserve any respect. What we all have to keep in mind is tha, unless we were one of the fortunate ones to be at every game, we only see what the media wants us to see. They will only show the clips that they showed or will only report on what they want us to know. Collectively quarterbacks have never been good in Chicago so when us fans finally have a glimmer of hope, the media will scrutanize until they run our QB out of town.

    Remember? Cutler is a BEARS fan and employee. I doubt he is going to quit on HIS team. He doesn’t give the media an inch or incling of who he really is which is fine by me. However those who know him best will all jump to have his back. He doesn’t have to defend himself in the media. And he didn’t when the whole Urlacher issue arose either. CKmon!!! Try to tell me his team would have his back if he wasn’t respected or wasn’t a leader on this team.

  • bleedinblueandorange

    One more thing and I will be done with my rant for now. Just wait and see all these critics will back pedal but will not admit they were wrong. You will just hear comments about how it wasn’t that they doubted his toughness but it was his actions on the sideline. Got something to say to that too but I will save it for later. Kudos to Urlacher and the rest of the team for having Cutlers back.

  • datdude

    So the bears lost to the packers but the bigger lost was the perception of the QB. Or more so the confirmation of who he is. As Denny green best said, “they are who we thought they were’. Cutler being a winy wuss was just confirmed on Sunday. Yes he had a sprained MCL, but he was seen walking around, and standing on the side lines. Put a brace on , take something for the pain and hand the ball off like hanie did. Get into shotgun on passing downs. This is a Martz offense he made his living from the shotgun with qb’s. If you’re hurt that bad, then stay in the locker room and come out in the 4th so at least it looks good. Mcnabb played with a broken bone, Stafford played with a dislocated shoulder, Simms played with a ruptured spleen, Cassel had an appendectomy and tried to play the same week. Let’s not forget Drew Brees who just confirmed that he played 6 weeks with a sprained MCL, in the saints pass happy offense.

    I’m not saying he cost us the game, but he made sure he had no part in us winning it.

    • Mr. Pickles

      You seem to have a pretty limited understand of sports injuries so let me help you out a little bit. The exact nature of Brees’ knee injury has never been made public but Brees himself has reported it was minor. Therefore, we’ll have to assume it was a grade I sprain, which is a minor tear. This is regarded as a minor injury as it does not compromise the structural integrity of the knee, it only causes pain and some swelling. Athletes miss minimal time with this injury as it does not impeded their ability accelerate, decelerate, pivot, etc. Cutler’s injury has been categorized as a grade II sprain. While this is also only a partial tear it is more severe as it compromises stability on the inside of the knee joint. The knee joint would buckle when applying downward pressure (such as planting to throw) and especially when torsional pressure is applied (which would occur during pivoting or cutting). Simply standing or walking would not aggravate this injury. So really it would have been way more dramatic for Jay to have been limping and hobbling all over the sidelines since his ability to walk is not compromised by that injury, the exact opposite of what you surmise. When Stafford returned with a seperated shoulder it was his non-throwing shoulder, thus not compromising his ability to play. Unfortunately I do not know enough about McNabb’s injury to comment on that, perhaps he truly is superhuman and able to play at a high level despite his ability to move being severely compromised. All of your other example highlight individuals laying through pain. Were Jay to return he would have quite literally been attempting to play without being able to move, quite a different situation.

  • Mr. Pickles

    Nice work, as always, Boom. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again, if Cutler was the whiny, selfish, bratty, diva the media seems to want us to think he is there is no way the team would be defending him like this. Everything that has come out of that camp has vehemently defended Jay. If he were all that divisive I’m sure there would have been a few teammates looking to pile on. Urlacher called out a Bears legend for christ’s sake, clearly he’s not a dude that just tows the company line.

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