Coach Ditka and Entourage star Chicagoan Jeremy Piven

Coach Ditka Reveals Entourage Spoiler

Da Coach appeared on ESPN’s Waddle and Silvy show the other day and he may have slipped up and revealed a spoiler for the Entourage finale in which he is set to appear.  Here’s Da Coach:

“This just came up spur of the moment, and actually you know, it was a good experience,” Ditka said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I didn’t realize how big a deal it was, I’ll be honest with you. I’m kinda naïve about those things, and I understand it is a pretty big deal, and yes, I think it is very nice and Coach Alvarez is on it with me so both of us are there.”

“I am the star, boy. I am the star,” Ditka joked. Ditka wouldn’t say what his lines are, but he said they are “probably ‘F’ rated.

“[The role] goes beyond me and my altar boy image, but I do have a couple of lines in there that might test a few people.”

Then Da Coach goes into a little detail about the episode in which he appears, the series finale, and star Jeremy Piven:

“He is going through a divorce, and we are talking about some things, and I make a few comments about him, that’s about all,” Ditka said.

If you have watched Entourage in past season, it probably shouldn’t come as a huge surprise for Piven’s Ari Gold character, but I think the show’s producers wouldn’t be too thrilled that Iron Mike let that one slip.

For the full podcast of Ditka’s appearance, hit this link.


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