Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Aaron Kromer Set to Face His Former Team

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After just four games it’s very evident that Kromer has put in the work to help the Bears succeed.  Not only is the offensive line playing better but he has helped develop two promising rookies.  His talent as a coach has been crucial for the Bears as they continue to learn and grow under a new offensive scheme.  He has also worked hard with developing strategies and techniques to help protect Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler.

“It’s exciting to see some of the guys step in and step up,” Brandon Marshall said in an interview.  “I’m looking at some of my guys up front and seeing the progress made from last year to this year as far as some of the younger guys and it’s amazing.  Coach Kromer is doing an amazing job.”

That’s the impression he gives the Bears’ players.  He not only makes the guys want to work hard but everybody can see that he is helping progress players around them.  But what else would you expect from a family man who also views his team as his family?  The 46 year old is very close with his wife Dawn.  Together they have a son, Zachary, and a daughter, Brooke.  He’s always been a family man and it is those values that help the players on the field like and respect him.

“(The Bears) are getting a guy who relates incredibly well to his players and can get them to do things other coaches can’t because of the respect level he will garner,” tackle Zach Strief said of his former coach in an interview.  “What guys will notice quickly is that he’s a guy that gives professionals a lot of respect.  The way that he relates with his players and communicates with them is unlike anybody I’ve been around.  He will bring a family atmosphere to that room that will cultivate the types of relationships you need on an offensive line.”

No doubt it’s a family that Jay Cutler wants to be part of.  So far this year Cutler has been sacked just six times and hit 18 times.  Last year through four games Cutler had been sacked 13 times and hit 25 times.  What’s even more impressive is it has happened with an almost completely new line with two rookies on the right side.

There’s no denying that the emotions will be high on Sunday when Kromerfaces his former team.  After all, the Saints were his family for five years and the organization meant a lot to him but as he grows in the Bears organization his family bond with them is growing as well.  One might even reference a Lethal Weapon scene where Joe Pesci tells Mel Gibson, they’re not better, they’re just different.

Kromer will lead his new family against his old one, hoping to come away with a 4-1 record while building on an impressive season.  The Saints will want to go 5-0 and make Kromer wish he was still there but do they have the defensive weapons to stop the Bears offense?  Will Kromer be able to let the Bears defense in on some tips to stopping the Saints?  Let’s hope Kromer can help give his new family a great gift in handing the Saints their first loss.

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