The Cover Stew: Big Change in Store for Chicago Bears Rookie McClellin


Chicago Bears 1st round rookie defensive end, Shea McClellin, has been in the news a lot recently.  Whether it is to discuss his “quick first step” or his “challenges against the run,” a lot of eyes are on McClellin because many naysayers believe the Bears reached when they selected the undersized DE out of Boise State.  Now, McClellin will be in the news for big change that is happening in his life and career.

“I am in the process of legally changing my name to Shane,” the rookie told reporters.  “Coach Marinelli keeps calling me Shane, so I figure I should make it easier for him to instruct me.”

McClellin went on to describe that he is only in the first steps of the legal process to change his name.  He assured reporters that he was extremely quick to act with the courts in the hopes of not needing to wait too long.  His fear was that by waiting too long, his football card and possibly jersey sales would take a hit and those sales might be run over by corresponding sales for fellow rookie, Alshon Jeffrey.

“I am happy with the progress Shane has made,” said Rod Marinelli.  “He has a ways to go, but I believe this name change is going to help so he knows when I am yelling at him.  I mean who on God’s green earth names their son Shea?”

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