Readers Mock Draft: Green Bay Packers are on the clock

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Green Bay Packer draft needs:

Tight End:  Currently they have Bostick and Quarles on the roster but neither one is Pro Bowl talent. With Finley still pending a medical clearance the Packers will need to find a top talent.  The tight end is an important part of the passing scheme so they will need to find a Finley style tight end.

Safety:  Most would say this is the priority need for the Packers.  The Safety position struggled throughout the 2013 season, resulting in the 28th worse pass defense in the league.  The challenge here for the Packers is that the two highly rated safeties in this year’s draft will probably be gone.  This will result in the Pack having to draft multiple safeties.

Inside Linebacker: Currently it is Hawk and Jones and many think they are more of a liability and an upgrade at ILB is needed.  What is needed is more athleticism and there are several candidates available if the safeties are gone.  While not a top end priority if the right player is there in the first round, do not be surprised if they take one.

Defensive Tackle:  With Raji back in the fold the need is not as great. However, it might be time to start looking to the future.  Pickett and Jolly are still undetermined and there might be a hole there.

Center:  With Dietrich-Smith gone they are starting over at center.  They might feel they have it covered by the current roster. The good news is that there are some starting quality centers in this draft.  It would behove the Packers to grab one to ensure quality at center.