Five Reasons Chicago Bears are contenders

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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3. Offensive Line has building blocks

Underrated from what the Seattle Seahawks had in their run is that they had building blocks on their offensive for the successful portion of it. Russell Okung in his prime and Max Unger were core pieces at tackle and center.

This week, I spent time going through each offensive lineman on the Bears, and how they fared through four games. It struck me how impressive it is that despite having Kyle Long, the current best pieces on the unit are Charles Leno and Cody Whitehair.

Leno has made steps every single season, and now with Harry Hiestand has become an above average left tackle. Leno is using his reach more to get his hands on defenders, and it is showing with strong run and pass protection grades.

Everyone hates Cody Whitehair for his missed snap or two. However, when the ball is snapped, there is no one more consistent on the line. Whitehair is elite in both areas, getting to the second level with ease, and holding his own in the passing game.

The Chicago Bears have a building block at left tackle and center. The most important spots on the offensive line. Add in a stud name in Kyle Long, and you have a lot to buy into on the offensive line. This shows in the Chicago Bears allowing the least number of pressures through four weeks.

When going through every sack Mitch Trubisky has taken, a lot of them have come down to his inability to read the blitz pre-snap, or react to it post-snap. Trubisky is going to have his downs, but now that we have seen his ups, the Bears will have time this season to iron out some of these issues. Considering how strong his offensive line has been, you can buy into Trubisky getting even better at handling pressure this year.