4 Offensive tackles the Chicago Bears must still consider in free agency

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Chicago Bears, Demar Dotson
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Demar Dotson

Before we get too deep into these, I have to mention that I will be referencing Pro Football Focus grades for these offensive linemen. I have to say, I am not a big fan of everything Pro Football Focus does with their grades, but they are clearly the best at grading offensive linemen every year. This does not mean I condone, agree or promote how they grade other positions.

Alright, now that we aired out that dirty laundry, let us take a look at Demar Dotson. Dotson is not a spring chicken. He is 34 years old and will be 35 during the 2020 season. He is a big man too at 6’9″ and 315lbs. In comparison, Charles Leno is only 6’3″. Not that height always matters, but when you are six inches taller and less than 10lbs heavier, it usually means you are more lean and muscular. This is notable based on how often Leno allows bull rush pressure.

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Comparing him to Leno might not be the best thing though since Dotson was a right tackle and not a left tackle. Maybe we should be comparing him to Bobby Massie. Massie struggled last season too. I would not complain if the Bears tried replacing both of them, but more likely only one will lose his starting job.

Dotson is not a long-term answer for Chicago, but he could be a stopgap. He has been very consistent throughout his career and that is something the Chicago Bears offensive line needs in 2020. Going back to the Pro Football Focus grades, Dotson saw a 71.0 grade in 2019. Leno had his worst season yet at 58.6 and Massie saw a 63.2 grade for his 10 games. Leno saw a similar grade in 2018 to Dotson, but can we rely on him bouncing back? If yes, what about Massie?

The Bears have a little over $10 million in salary-cap space. That is not much considering they will need a few million to pay their 2020 Draft picks. I can see Dotson signing a two-year deal worth $7 to $8 million for an average of $3.5 to $4 million per year.