Chicago Bears: 3 most overhyped players heading into the 2020 season

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Cole Kmet
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Cole Kmet

Before fans riot, I will once again clear it up. This is not saying Cole Kmet will not be good. Kmet will be good, but we may not see much in 2020.

Kmet was the first pick for the Chicago Bears’ in the 2020 NFL Draft going 43rd overall. What most fans don’t realize is that it is rare a rookie tight end does much impact. Over the past 15 years, only two rookie tight ends amassed more than 600 yards. Those two were Evan Engram and John Carlson.

In addition to the normalcy for tight ends to take time to develop, the Bears have a deep tight end roster now. Jimmy Graham didn’t join the Bears at 33-years-old to split time with Kmet as the ‘U’ tight end. Graham will likely be the main starter taking most of the snap percentages. The regular blocking tight end will likely be a split between Kmet and the newly added Demetrius Harris who knows the scheme well since he was in Kansas City for years.

Kmet should be the tight end of the future in Chicago and will be a very good tight end. His rookie year, he will have a small impact and fans should not be upset about it. It’s very common.