Chicago Bears: 2 ways Allen Robinson could help in Russell Wilson trade

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The Chicago Bears should trade Allen Robinson for a second-round pick

The Chicago Bears should trade Allen Robinson now that he has been tagged. Rumors are that Robinson is not going to play under the franchise tag. We shall see. He clearly is not happy with the situation and would prefer to land a long-term deal. He is usually a “good soldier” though and I see him playing despite his frustrations.

Well, the Chicago Bears can actually improve by trading him. Wait, how is trading away the best offensive weapon a way to improve the roster? Simple. Allen Robinson is worth at least a second-round pick. Robinson is not likely to earn a first-rounder due to his age. Amari Cooper was traded for a first-round pick but was only 24 at the time. Robinson is 27 — the same age as Odell Beckam, Jr. was when traded for a first and third-rounder (and Jabrill Peppers) to the Browns.

Honestly, I think the Chicago Bears could land a second and either a fourth or a fifth for Robinson. What might cause some problems landing the second pick to accompany the second-rounder is the wide receiver class seems to be deep this year. No matter what, let’s just say the team only gets a second-round pick. The Chicago Bears must make this move.

There are three wide receivers on the market who can help soften the blow and will cost the same or less than Allen Robinson, plus come with a long-term contract in tow. If I were Ryan Pace, I would put Robinson on the trade block now saying they want at least a second-round pick in return. Teams will come flooding in and they should have no problem trading him. The key here is timing though.

Once the Chicago Bears know which few teams are willing to move on from their draft capital for Robinson, they sit tight until Monday. Monday the legal tampering period starts. The Chicago Bears should look to sign one of Kenny Golladay, JuJu Smith-Schuster or Corey Davis. As soon as they know they have a deal in place for one of them, boom, call one of those teams willing to give up a second-round pick or more for Allen Robinson and complete the transaction.

Now the Chicago Bears will have a slight downgrade at the wide receiver position, yes only a slight downgrade. Plus, the Chicago Bears will have a second-round draft pick to use as they see fit. Preferably that pick will be in 2021, but even a 2022 second-round pick is worth it in this scenario and here is why. The Chicago Bears can use that 2022 second-round pick in a trade package for Russell Wilson.