Chicago Bears Mock: Two major trades lead to a guaranteed franchise QB

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Russell Wilson in a Chicago Bears uniform could still happen

To circle around back to Trey Lance and a possible trade for Russell Wilson, I once again believe Brad Biggs has the inside info on the Bears trading up to get the Falcons’ 4th pick in the draft. This seems to have a great chance to get done. However, I feel compelled to take this one step further.

I see this trade as providing the piece the Bears did not have a few weeks ago when Seahawks GM, John Schneider, agreed to trade Russell Wilson to the Bears. At 69 years of age, Pete Carroll would like to squeeze one more year out of Russell Wilson. However, Mac Jones is considered the most NFL-ready of the consensus top-five quarterbacks not named Trevor Lawrence. That is part of why he is expected to be drafted by the 49ers at third-overall.

As the Seahawks stand now with Russell Wilson, a healthy Niners team with rookie Mac Jones as their quarterback is probably better than the Seahawks in 2021 with Wilson. As far as the future goes there are too many reports to ignore that Wilson and the Seahawks are going to split from each at least after the 2021 season. So why not trade Wilson after June 1st when the cap hit is manageable?

The Seahawks organization needs to be smart if they want to keep up with the rest of their tough divisional foes who will all have good quarterbacks for a number of years down the road. That means they should take advantage of the Bears’ desperation and get a nice haul plus their quarterback of the future.

Rumors are that Schneider and Ryan Pace had come to a handshake deal despite Schneider’s comments today debunking that any negotiations took place.

The negotiation that “didn’t happen” was killed by Pete Carroll because it did not include a quality starting quarterback. The Bears can offer the Seahawks their bridge QB and their QB of the future by trading them Andy Dalton and Trey Lance. This is a golden opportunity for the Seahawks and they should grab it.

Another reason to believe this trade could happen is many media sources have recently pointed out that the Falcons GM and Ryan Pace are very good friends. They both worked together in the Saints organization. This should lend some credibility to this possible trade.

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The Bears trade with the Falcons is also a very good deal for the Falcons as they basically get the most valued draft capital that would have gone to the Seahawks. The Bears have the draft capital this draft the Seahawks do not have which would enable the Seahawks to get their QB of the future. I also expect Atlanta to get their quarterback of the future by using their second pick in the draft to select Kellen Mond. This really is a win-win-win for all three teams.