Chicago Bears: 4 Players whose stock dropped vs. Dolphins

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Chicago Bears Players Whose Stock Fell: Duke Shelley

Here is another one that might shock some people — especially scoreboard and stat sheet watchers. Duke Shelley led the Chicago Bears in tackles on Saturday with five solo tackles and an assisted tackle. The problem is, he always seemed to be out of position allowing catches to be made while thrown in his direction. This is partly why he had so many tackles.

Too many other corners stood out to me in a positive way, while Shelley just looked small, slow and lost too often. I have had Shelley on the roster bubble for most of this offseason. I believe that rookie sixth-round pick, Thomas Graham has more upside and will take the final spot before Shelley does.

When you are targeted often as a corner, it is usually because the quarterback and offensive coordinator saw something worth exposing. It is the cornerback’s job to prove them wrong and make them think twice about throwing in his direction again. Well, that was not what happened here in Shelley’s case. The only credit I will give him is that he was able to make some decent tackles and did not allow the receivers to get beyond him. This does not stop his stock from falling.