Chicago Bears: The two best coaching candidates being interviewed

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Chicago Bears Coaching Candidate: Brian Daboll, OC – Buffalo Bills

The other Chicago Bears intriguing offensive mind is Brian Daboll. If you don’t know who Daboll is before the Johs Allen resurgence, you have come to the right place. Daboll is another coach who has been in the NFL, to college, and back to the NFL. Brian Daboll falls underneath the Bill Belichick tree with a twist. Daboll started in 2000 as a defensive coaching assistant. He had numerous roles with the team while they went on to win three Super Bowls during his tenure.

Daboll became a quarterbacks coach with the New York Jets in 2007. He worked under head coach Eric Mangini and OC Brian Schottenheimer. Chad Pennington and Kellen Clements weren’t the answer. Luckily for Daboll, he was lucky enough to work with Brett Favre in 2008 while the Jets ran the Air Coryell (vertical passing) system.

Brian Daboll left with head coach Eric Mangini to the Cleveland Browns. **If that isn’t a note to the Chicago Bears. Don’t hire lousy retread head coaches who couldn’t win at their previous stop.** Daboll was the Brown’s OC where they tried the ground and pound attack but still failed since they didn’t have a serviceable starting quarterback.

Daboll tried the same ground and pound offense with the Miami Dolphins and then the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011 and 2012. While the offenses worked (sort of), it wasn’t enough to keep those teams from losing most of their games. Daboll gave up on the NFL and returned to college to work with a familiar face in Nick Saban in 2017. Alabama won a National Title with Daboll as OC in 2018.

What did he do between 2014 and 2016? He was a position coach for the New England Patriots. It seems like these coaches always find their way back home when stuff goes wrong. So that is an issue. However, once he found his footing in Buffalo in 2018, everything has gone upward with Brian Daboll. Daboll has had his ups and his downs, multiple different systems.

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If the Chicago Bears can’t get Josh McDaniels, who has had a shot at head coach already, why not get someone who is a similar version with a bit more outside of the Bill Belichick bubble experience. The list of names that the Chicago Bears request to interview will grow. Even after the very odd press conference, Geroge McCaskey put on, it seems they are getting the list of candidates correct.