3 Cleveland Browns cut candidates Chicago Bears could sign

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2. Will Cleveland Browns cut Jack Conklin?

The Cleveland Browns are going to have a tough decision on Jack Conklin. He was a first-round pick for the Tenessee Titans and wound up playing pretty well. Unfortunately, he played well enough that he created a huge market, and the Browns decided to pay up for Conklin.

Conklin was excellent in 2020 and was voted to the All-Pro team. In 2021, he ruptured his patellar tendon. This can be a devastating injury.

Conklin is only 28 years old, but the knee injury looms. On top of that, they could save $12M to move on from him.

The Chicago Bears would not have to pay $12M to bring in Conklin, but they could see him as a veteran worth a decent extension after he was let go. The injury is a concern, but at a certain point, there could be the cost/benefit that makes a starter coming off an injury worth it.

If the Chicago Bears move Conklin into right tackle, they could push Larry Borom inside to right guard. With that, they would not have to extend James Daniels. There is an argument to be made that Daniels at his price may be a bigger risk than Conklin at his, even with the injury status. That is a question the Chicago Bears at least should debate.