5 NFL Draft prospects whose combine should have Chicago Bears attention

Parker Hurley
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4. Skyy Moore, WR, Western Michigan

Skyy Moore is another player who needed the combine to stand out. Moore was gutsy enough to declare for the draft early, despite playing in the MAC. Still, he had buzz coming into the combine and did not disappoint. He is a bit on the shorter side, but when he showed up at nearly 200 pounds, teams saw how thick he was.

Moore also had the biggest hands of the wide receivers, and they flashed as he dominated the drills. He also put up a 4.41 40-yard dash time, which is great for his weight.

Moore was a quarterback in high school and was underrecruited but showed that he played QB because he was a dominant athlete. Being able to stand out next to the best wide receivers in the draft is a huge sign that he has more to show in the NFL as he finalizes his growth in the position.

One thing he will not do is grow much in size, and he certainly will not crack 6′. Still, he runs great routes, has big hands, and his combination of weight, speed, and explosion have him squarely in the round two discussions. He is a player we just recently had going to the Chicago Bears in our post-combine mock draft.