Ranking the Chicago Bears’ draft against each NFC North team

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Chicago Bears, 2022 NFL Draft
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NFC North Draft Rank No. 1 (First): Detroit Lions


The Detroit Lions had one of the best drafts in the entire league, and for the first time in a long time, the Detroit Lions are … happy?

It seems like a non-real reality, but it’s true, and the NFC North could start seeing some Ls in their record when against the Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions selections (8 picks)

  • Round 1, No. 2 overall: Aidan Hutchinson, DE, Michigan
  • Round 1, No. 12 overall: Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama
  • Round 2, No. 46 overall: Josh Paschal, DE, Kentucky
  • Round 3, No. 97 overall: Kerby Joseph, S, Illinois
  • Round 5, No. 177 overall: James Mitchell, TE, Virginia Tech
  • Round 6, No. 188 overall: Malcolm Rodriguez, ILB, Oklahoma State
  • Round 6, No. 217 overall: James Houston, OLB, Jackson State
  • Round 7, No. 237 overall: Chase Lucas, CB, Arizona State

As for value, being able to leave the draft with Aidan Hutchinson and Jameson Williams could be enough, and the Detroit Lions would be winning more games than last year. Not that that’s too high of a bar, but in fairness, that hypothetical was that the Lions only draft two players.

In reality, the Lions got two potentially elite-level players in Hutchinson and Williams, so if within the next two years the Lions can figure out the quarterback position and start chipping away at making their defense better, the Lions could be a legit playoff team.

In the Lions’ first four picks, they add players that likely start the first game. While the talent starts to drop off after Kerby Joseph, there’s a legit case to be made for each player the Lions drafted having a genuine shot at making the starting roster within the next year or two.

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If that’s the case, this draft will be the draft NFL historians look back on at which NFL Draft sparked the Detroit Lions into being a serious playoff team.

All-in-all, the Detroit Lions have a lot to be happy about following this draft, and the Chicago Bears could be forced into taking the Lions seriously from now on.