Which Chicago Bears players were winners from Week 2 vs. Packers

Chicago Bears - (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears - (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
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Player three: Angelo Blackson

One of the most underrated players on the entire Chicago Bears roster is Angelo Blackson. While yesterday was not a great showing in terms of being a run stuffer, Blackson showed that he a consistent force as a pass rusher on the inside and was his usual disruptive self.

There is a reason that the Bears run a rotation of players on the inside of the defensive line, but it is clear that Blackson is one of the best options that the Bears can trot out there. While he is a bit undersized at the position, he is very technically sound, and it showed with his ability to get in the backfield yesterday.

Blackson’s stats will not tell the story, as he finished with two total tackles. When the Bears were able to win the line of scrimmage, it was usually Blackson leading the way. He is a savvy pass rusher up the middle and has quietly been a consistent piece in the defense for a couple of seasons now. There is a reason that the Bears decided to bring him back.

While the Bears do lack talent and depth on the interior defensive line, I believe Blackson is the best at the position right now, even more so than Justin Jones who has been just okay thus far. Most people do not know Blackson, and a lot of Bears fans probably are not familiar with him, but he has been about as consistent as they come over the last year and into this year, and a strong effort from him against the Packers earned him a spot on this list.

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The Chicago Bears have a lot to address after the loss to the Green Bay Packers, but they also have some positives to take away from it. The running game and defensive line looked much improved from last week, so hopefully that remains consistent going forward. Other than that, there was not much to write home about from Sunday night.