Oh The Agony!

Who do I hate more, the Packers or the Patriots? I may be put to the test in three weekends because this will likely be the Super Bowl match up.

Can L.T. Play? (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)I would love to see the San Diego Chargers defeat the New England Patriots and get the AFC trophy, but with a banged up LaDainian Tomlinson and gimpy Phillip Rivers the Chargers may have to hope for another miracle from their back ups Michael Turner and Billy Volek. Although, if you told me the fate of the Chargers season would rest on a touchdown drive led by Volek and Turner I would probably tell you their season would end early. Somehow they managed to manufacture a game-winning drive in the face of the NFL defensive MVP Bob Sanders. Is it even feasible to imagine the same thing could happen to the Patriots? I’m grounded by the reality that the Colts defense was missing several key players and had been over performing down the stretch. The reality is with the amount of injuries on the Indianapolis Colts it should have been no surprise that they were ousted by a team using replacement parts.

Now the Chargers are thrust into the same role the Colts played this past weekend. They go into the AFC championship game banged up and possibly missing pro bowl players that are key to their team. When you take L.T. and Antonio Gates off the field, what do the Chargers have left on offense? Chris Chambers is going to lead this team past the Patriots?

Normally I don’t waste my time writing on the AFC but I make the exception because of how much I despise the Patriots. I despise the way they disregarded the old NFL unspoken rule against running up the score against opponents. I despise the way they managed to horde so much talent on one team much the way basketball teams were for many years and contributed to the drop off of the NBA. I despise that Tony Romo gets criticized for taking his celebrity girlfriend on a trip but there is no accountability for Tom Brady dating supermodels and having children with different women. I despise the way they play the game more like a video game than real football.

Randy Moss (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)I already know what all the Patriots fan are saying, if you don’t like it then find a way to beat us. That’s the part that really disgusts me. Even with their bastardized version of football, no one has been able to find a way to stop them. It’s also the reason why it will never be duplicated. The main reason the Patriots offense has been so good is the matching up of a great receiving corps, mostly due to the horrible trade made with the Oakland Raiders to get Randy Moss. Shame on the Raiders for giving up Moss to the Patriots without making the Patriots give up some talent in return. It was a fluke that probably will never be able to be repeated by any other team. They also have a benefit of a defense made up of some of the best defensive players in the league. Somehow Junior Seau has been an ageless wonder and still manages to contribute. Eventually this team will get too old and too expensive to keep together and balance will be restored to the league.

So should I admire the Patriots for putting this team together? I don’t think so, that still doesn’t excuse the way they humiliated teams for their own ego.

Favre Playmaking Ability (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)The New York Giants played a great game against the Dallas Cowboys but you have to admit the Cowboys didn’t look like the Cowboys on Sunday. They looked confused and couldn’t get a balance on offense, mostly due to allowing the Giants pass rush to have their way with Tony Romo. Brett Favre has many more years under his belt on knowing how to avoid a pass rush, plus a Packers offense that has shown they can rely on the pass and spread the field. So as far as I’m concerned the Packers already have their place set for the NFC trophy.

That’s possibly what makes the Packers and Patriots match up so compelling. While the Packers have shown they can take over a game with running back Ryan Grant, it wasn’t too long ago they were winning games by passing the entire game, much the way the Patriots have been winning. The possibility of a shoot out Super Bowl will be exciting and fun to watch. If the Giants upset and get into the Super Bowl, the Patriots defense will be able to confuse Eli Manning and take control of the game. Favre is old, but has a lot of wisdom when it comes to playing the game and the Super Bowl.

So you tell me, do Bears fans root for the Patriots to run the table and make NFL history by mocking the league, or do you root for the hated, rival Packers, even though they may be the last saviors of the league by giving the Patriots their own style of pass happy offense and suffocating defense?

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  • ChrisL

    We’ll get too old?  Let’s look at where we built our team, the lines, and their age for next year. D-Line: Wilfork 26, Seymour 28, Warren 27.  O-Line:Light 30, Mankins 26, Koppen 28, Neal 31, Kaczur 29.  Skill positions? Welker 27, Watson 27, Brady 31, Maroney 23, Moss (may not be back) 31. Our secondary might take a hit with Asante, we might lose Moss, and yes our LBS are old.  But the core of this team is going to remain intact for a long time. That 7th pick wont hurt either. While you wait for us to get old, we’ll be winning more championships.  Sorry it took you guys so long to figure out what any sane football fan knew, Kyle Orton should’ve been playing all along.  And now you’re D is old and not the same.

  • amittai

    Your best bet is to root for the Packers out of respect for the old man.  Then hope he retires and rides off on his lawn tractor to mow the rest of Mississippi.The agony is rooting for the Pack.  The ecstasy is the fact the Bears swept them this year and of course knowing that while old #4 has had a great run, it will soon be a note in history.  The Bears fan salutes Favre the competitor, while hating the Pack, and allowing the egomaniacal Patriots to get their final comeuppance.

  • Bob

    In response to ChrisL: All of the young guys you stated are all great players that will demand large contracts.  Everyone knows the Patriots have a great offensive line, which means they will eventually be too expensive to keep.  As far as the Bears D getting old, who are you referring to?  Tommie Harris?  Nathan Vasher?  Charles Tillman?  Lance Briggs?  They are all young and playing like superstars.  Oh wait, Urlacher is old, yet he still leads his team in tackles. 

  • ChrisL

    Light, Koppen, Neal are locked down.  Capwise, we’re sittin pretty so the most important guy on that line, Mankins, should be locked down.  Warren, Wilfork, Seymour, all locked down.  As for your old guys, Im referrin to Brian "Look Ma No Back!" Urlacher, OGun, and your safeties.  if you can bring Briggs back, good for you.  I dont know enough to comment on that situation but is he comin back.   My whole point is this, don’t hope, you better build a team to beat us cause we’re set for a while.