Bears Reality Shows

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Pittsburgh Pirates recently signed two pitching prospects from India who won a reality show.  With Reggie Bush rolling into town, who is a reality star in his own right, making appearances on E! Network’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it got me to thinking about some possible reality shows that I’d like to see for our own Beloved Bears.

  • Baby Momma – a group of young ladies vie for the attention and affection of Brian Urlacher.  Contests include 40 yard dash, how to shed a block and media relations.  Jay Glazer to host. 
  • Life in the Fast Lane – a group of contestants is put through the paces with Lamborghini expert Lance Briggs.  *Note, the Edens Expressway will be closed during filming.
  • Solid “Gould” – Kicker Robbie Gould hosts a revival of the popular dance show from the 1980′s.  “G-Reg” Greg Olsen to perform a never-before-seen-on-television Miami Hurricanes rap.
  • Party Planner – Martha Stewart meets the gridiron as Rex Grossman hosts a show dedicated to the finer points of party planning, set to debut on the Lifetime network before the Bears’ season finale.  

What did I miss?  What show ideas do you have?  Hit me back in the comments section before I make my pitch to the networks!


  • Fonz

    Good stuff, Boomer! I’m still not over my elimination from our playoffs, but your blog has helped soften the blow.

  • DeCon

    Here are some ideas:

    Anger Management Counseling hosted by Olin Kreutz where people with real anger management problems turn to Olin for help.

    To Cornrow or not to Cornrow hosted by Peanut and Brownie.  20 white guys compete in various activities to earn the right to cornrows for life.

    The Windy City Reader where Devin Hester teaches first graders how to read and succeed in life while learning life lessons along the way.

    i gots me some more material….that’s just a tease :-)

  • Magz

    Since you mentioned the E! series “Keeping up with the Kardashians” I think a spin off of “Sun Set Tan” should be in the works for Jerry Angelo. The series would follow Angelo as he strives to achieve true tanning perfection….Chicago Bear Orange.
    The Style Network is also in talks with Kyle Orton to do a series entitled, “am-BUSHed”. The series would feature Orton ambushing clean-cut guests with neck beard makeovers.

  • Magz

    I predict that an episode of the Brian Urlacher’s reality series “Baby Mama” will include a challenge where contestants compete to see how many times they can show their “vajayjay” while getting out of a Mercedes….Paris Hilton (Urlacher’s former fling) will be providing a tutorial and demonstrations. Set your TiVo!

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