Lower the Boom!!!

Here’s another weekly feature that I’m trying to cram in during the short week.  I’ll tee up someone that has said or done something stupid and Lower the Boom on them.   Feel free to pile on in the Comments.

Since this is my first such post, there is certainly a worthy list of candidates that I have in my sights, but none seems more worthy than U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson, the Minnesota judge who has blocked the suspensions of five NFL players, including two Minnesota Vikings and three New Orleans Saints.  

It’s bad enough that the judge is actually involved in an issue that is collectively bargained with the NFLPA, but he’s now had the case for a week and has not ruled on it yet.  Sounds a lot like stalling to me.  What’s the matter judge, too many fishing and hunting licenses to approve up North there?   How long is this going to drag out?  And how is it that a Minnesota judge is ruling on a case that is so pivotal to the Vikings’ playoff chances.  Conflict of interest anyone? 

The rule sounds simple enough to me: each player is responsible for what goes into their body.  Period.  It’s that simply, Judge Magnuson.  Now step aside and let the NFL discipline their players.  BOOM!!!

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  • danzinski

    Saints 42, Bears 10

  • middlein87


    1st Qtr 7:13 left

    Well, a nice start.  I heard some boo birds after Hester’s stupid backwards punt return – I don’t think we’d have heard those if Manning doesn’t bust the opening kick return.  Maybe Devin will pull his remarkably empty head out of his can and remember how returns are run – up the field, find a crease, and go.

    Saints were moving the ball well on the first possession.  Probably should have stayed with the run more.  Brees doesn’t look like a league leader so far.   Penalty on Graham on the sack could have been a big swing, but we were saved by Brees’ inconsistency.

    Forte.  Fingers crossed on the injury.  We shall see.

    2nd Bears possession – Orton over shooting guys.  Nice pass to the deep flat – but two big overthrows.

  • middlein87

    1st qtr 3:30 left

    Saints have the ball.  Maybe I’m just a Bears fan and have a run-first mentality bred in to me.  Maybe the Saint’s coaching staff is just stubborn.  But if you can run the ball at about 9 yards a clip, I think you should keep doing it – yet they continue to pass.

    Nice play by Graham on 3rd down.  Saints punt. 

  • middlein87

    Forte making his way back out onto the field [wipe sweat from forehead].

  • middlein87

    2nd quarter 13:00 left.  Saints have the ball

    Maybe its me, but we’re not winning this game.  But fortunately the Saints are not doing anything to win it either.  Our defense is pretty porous.

    And as I say that, Alex Brown gets a sack.

    But still, the Saints’ routes are there, it’s been Brees or drops that are killing them.

    Our offense is doing squat so far.

  • middlein87

    Rex Orton fumbles the snap.  And of course its on the FRICKIN ONE YARD LINE.  I guess that’ll negate the kick return, and the actual offenses and defenses will have to decide this one.

    Human stork Colinsworth is blaming Kreutz.  I guess the replay confirms that.  How that guy goes to the pro-bowl every damn year is beyond me.

  • middlein87

    DEVIN WHO?????

  • middlein87

    Finally Hester gets a pass interference call.  I’ve noticed this year how he hasn’t been getting these and I assume it’s because he’s not an “established” receiver.  It’s nice to see him get one.  Why the ball is on the 5 and not the 2 is a good question.

    Touchdown.  Touchdown Bears!!!

    Given that the drive was about 10 yards of offense and 40 yards of penalty – I’m not getting too riled up.  But I’ll take the 7!

  • middlein87


    Good God, is the Bears D Line actually getting pressure tonight?  I think they might be.  It’s just been so long since I such a thing, that I’m not sure I can be certain about what I’m seeing.

  • middlein87

    Play review. 

    Is this Tomlinson – Polamalu commercial , the one where they show them growing up and running around the house, training, eventually meeting on the gridiron, etc., not the most awesome football commercial ever?  Gets me pumped up every time.  Maybe it’s because my boys spend the better part of their existence tackling each other and I have visions of them paying off my mortgage in 18 years or so.  A guy can dream can’t he?

  • middlein87

    Remember a few years back – I think it was the Shoop years – when we ran that dumbass wide receiver screen every third play or so?  It was sort of like our calling card.  Like saying ” Hey!  Opposing defensive coordinator – we’re going to run this play at least 10 times today – figure out a way to stop it.”  And usually, in the Shoop years, the opposing defensive coordinator happily obliged.

    That middle screenish thing to Forte – where he runs about four yards past the line of scrimmage and turns around – is this years Shoop Wide Receiver Screen(TM).  It’s amazing to me that opposing coordinators havent figured this one out yet.  But they haven’t yet.

    The nice difference, of course, is that the Forte Middle Screen(TM) is good for at least 4 yards, whereas the Shoop Wide Receiver Screen(TM) was good for about -1 yards.

  • middlein87

    Either I’ve drank 3/4 of a bottle of wine tonight, or Orton just ran in a touch down. 

    Or both.

    Yeah, it’s both.  Holy #@$&!

  • middlein87

    Well, its half time.  I’d have to call this game “interesting” so far.  The recent touchdown drive by the Bears has gotten my hopes up that we may win this thing.  You know how sometimes you watch a game, and you feel like the Bears are in command?  And sometimes its even when they’re losing that you feel that way?  This is not the direct opposite of that – but its close.  We’re up 14, but I don’t in any way feel that the Bears are in command. 

    Anyway, I’m revisiting the Forte Middle Screen(TM) comment and that really isn’t appropriate, as the O-line doesn’t really brush block and then head down field, like a normal screen.  I guess I’ll have to name this the Forte Middle Flare(TM).  FMF.  I guess that’s a better acronym than FMS.  FMS reminds me of FDS – and who wants a woman who has to use FDS.  I mean, sure, FDS helps, but you never totally mask the underlying scent, do you?

    Did I mention I’m 3/4 into a bottle of wine?

  • middlein87


    Saints put together a pretty good drive here.  Brees looked pretty good.  I think they got a bad spot even after the challenge. 

    OH YEAH!!!!    ADEWLE!!!!!!!!!!

  • middlein87

    ADEWALE, I know.  It’s the wine I tell ya……….

  • middlein87

    Do you get the feeling that our receivers can’t catch anything that isn’t right in their damn hands?  I know there was that circus catch by Booker earlier in the year, and once in a while Olsen surprises, but seriously Rasheid! WTF!

  • middlein87

    11:30 to go in the 4th.

    Porous.  Porous D. 

    Anger stirring.

    Wine almost gone.

  • middlein87

    Note to Ron Turner – when calling a pass play to the running back, make damn sure it’s Forte on the field rather than Donatello (a.k.a. Adrian Peterson). 

    As for the challenge – he had control when he was “down”.  I’m a bottle of wine into this thing and I can’t follow what the hell the Human Stork is saying on the commentary, but there’s no way that’s not a catch.  If this a real rule -then it sucks!

  • middlein87


    Hello????  D-Line????  You guys in this game or what? 

    Hellow??? Babitch??? There’s this thing called a “blitz”.  Generally when your line can’t get pressure, you call a “blitz”.  It’s where a linebacker or DB rushes the passer too.  Can you imagine that?  Could you try it?

  • middlein87

    Holy Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!  Can they just shoot every other running back on the squad so that ONLY Forte is available to run patterns?

    Oh, and nice pick Kyle!  If we wanted to a QB who can’t see shit, we’d put Grossman in!

  • middlein87

    If it wasn’t for the neck beard and the heavily taped ankle, I’d swear that Rex and Kyle had exchanged jerseys at half time.  I don’t think I’ve seen this ugly a combination of batted balls, overthrown balls, and flat out BAD interceptions with Kyle at the helm.  That said, it’s the 2:00 minute warning and the Bears are driving.

  • middlein87

    0:19 left and there’s a timeout.  First down Bears.

    Man, I’m really torn.  Go for the TD or set up Solid Gould. 

    The way Orton’s looked tonight, you set up Gould.  But he’s completed his last 3 or so. 

    This is why I’m an underpaid engineer and not an overpaid NFL coach.

  • middlein87

    After review it’s 3rd down.  I think you run the ball here.

  • middlein87

    Orton ought to file charges, the man was raped.

  • middlein87

    Sorry, I meant Olsen. 

    You know what I meant!

  • middlein87

    Overtime.  Hester just got the (2nd) interference call. 

    It’s a beautiful thing. 

    Timeout right now. 

    No surprises here.  Run Run Run Kick.  No Fumbles, and Bears will win.

  • middlein87

    SOLID GOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BEARS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • middlein87

    Easily the best thing about this game is that I’m attending the Monday night game against the Packers, my only visit to Soldier this year.  And its nice to know that the game will mean something.  Otherwise, all I’d have to look forward to is getting drunk enough to forget the cold. 

    But now, I have some hope.  And hope is great thing.

    Overall, we had two stars in this game.  The first is Manning.  The second is the pass interference penalty.  That pretty much sums up the Bears prowess tonight. 

    The rest of this game felt like a stinking pile of pooh. 

    The Bears D was not good – it was the Saints’ miscues that saved them.

    That’s about all I feel right now. 

    See you tomorrow, dear reader.

  • Boomer

    Thanks for the running commentary Soilee.  I went out to watch the game, so I didn’t get to chime in.   Thank you, gentle reader.