Terrell Owens to the Bears?!?!?!

Fresh off the bye week and tired of hearing about the Viqueens and Bronchodes and how great they are, I stumbled upon ESPN’s RUMOR CENTRAL and saw a rumor about how now might be the time for the Bills to ship TO (Team Obliterator), Terrell Owens to Chicago for a mid-round pick instead of losing him to free agency. 

I mean, TO is smart enough to leave Buffalo, right?  The article goes on to say that the Bears could use a talent like TO to put them in a position to unseat Minnesota for the NFC North crown.

After I read this, I puked in my mouth.  It may have had something to do with the chili I had for lunch, but the thought of TO in the blue and orange should make any Ditka-fearing Bears fan throw up.  Ask San Fran, Philly and now Buffalo how their TO experiences were/are.  Personally, I wouldn’t piss on the best part of TO if he was burning. 

Isn’t it time the Bears try to develop the young receivers they have?  I mean Bennett, Hester and Knox have been fine and have been building a great rapport with Jay Cutler, so why screw that up.  If the Bears wanted a veteran WR, they could have signed Marvin Harrison months ago and not had to deal with the headaches that come with Team Obliterator.

I like my popcorn without butter… OR DRAMA!!!


The DeCon has spoken…so let it be written…so let it be done…or in this case, NOT DONE when it comes to even THINKING about TO wearing the blue and orange…ok, I just puked in my mouth again…

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  • Ben

    You might just be the biggest retard on the internet. Do you know what kind of feat that is?

    ‘but the thought of TO in the blue and orange should make any Ditka-fearing Bears fan throw up.” what does Mike Ditka have to do with this? FORGET ABOUT HIM! he hasn’t been the coach of the bears for 20 years and he doesn’t care about the bears, so stop caring about him. I’m sure you were one of the idiots that said you were going to be a saints fan after he left

    “Ask San Fran, Philly and now Buffalo how their TO experiences were/are” You conveniently leave out the Cowboys. I wonder if that’s because he was GOOD there and it was not his fault at all that they were bad when it counted. Anything to get your “article” across, right?

  • Kevin Brett

    TO wouldn’t be horrible. The Bears would only have him this year which wouldn’t give him enough time to royally screw things up, the guy is desperate to be on a winning team, and he’s been good with the media this year despite being on one of the worst teams in football. He would give us an over-the-middle type receiver who would free up Hester for more deep shots. He’s a risk, but now that I live in Minneapolis, I really want to beat the Vikings more than ever.

  • Matt Plachcinski

    Yes he is a distraction, but like this guy said we would have till the end of the year. Its only a risk for a little more than half a season and maybe for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. TO brings speed strength and experience. We need experience if we want to at least compete in the playoffs.We could sign Marvin as well, but TO takes it to another level where he can draw double teams and open it up for everyone else. The Cowboys are missing TO right now. They were a dangerous offense with TO, now their not even playoff worthy. SIGN HIM

  • Mike Plachcinski

    Having TO would free up Olsen up front and Knox out back. Other than that, I wouldn’t even consider it. TO is a joke. Let him rot out in Buffalo and fade into retirement.

  • BrandonJazz

    There is not a true threat at WR for the Bears. TO may not have the breakaway speed like he used to, but over the past three years he’s averaged almost 1,200 yds and 13 TD’s. Not sure there’s two Bear WR’s that could amass that production. Forget his slow start, Cutler could easily put this guy on track to still hit 1,000 yds and somewhere near double digit TD’s for the season. You gotta get him if he’s available.

  • Green2oo1

    SIGN TO!!! The Bears would be unstopable if they add TO on offence! TO would cement the Bears as the NFC North Champs and maybe even the NFC champs! Yeah he is a wild gun but its only for atleast 11 games. Take the chance and do it!

  • Frank L

    As a Bills fan I can say that, even though he hasn’t done much, pretty much no one blames him or things he disrupted the team in anyway. He’s in no way been Team Obliterator or any sort of distraction at all-it’s everything else that has fallen apart.

  • DeCon

    i appreciate all the comments so far…my point is, i think the Bears have a good thing going now and to risk the development of our young WRs or teach them bad habits is not going to help the Bears in the long run. i am typically a win-now guy, but the risk of adding this diva WR is more than i can stomach. this guy has left a wake of disaster from every team he has been a part of and i don’t want a short-term fix to lead to long-term problems.

  • MC

    I agree DeCon, at 3-1 the Bears are looking decent right about now. No need to disrupt things by bringing a constant media circus to Chi-town.

  • Robert

    “Ask San Fran, Philly and now Buffalo how their TO experiences were/are. Personally, I wouldn’t piss on the best part of TO if he was burning. ”

    Didnt TO help the eagles go to 3 nfc championship gaes and a superbowl?

  • Bears_fan94

    Hester is a horrible receiver, he doesnt even know how to read a defense or run a route properly!!! I think Knox and Bennett will be good. Get T.O.!!!

  • DeCon

    considering he only played there for 2 seasons, he didn’t help them to 3 of anything. and in 2005, he only played in 7 games, so he played there for 1.5 seasons in my book. my beef is not so much on what kind of a player he can be, but on what kind of damage he can do to a locker room given his track record and what kind of distraction he becomes with the media. to me the risk is not worth the reward.

  • BearcatBearChick

    Amen. The last thing we need is TO to shake up what we have going on, lots of young wide receivers who just needs a little polishing and then they will be good to go. TO is the next Milton Bradley, big money, big mistake.

  • Michael Eck


  • Vito Gambino

    Terrel Owens would be an excellent addition to the Bears, a no brainer. GET T.O. FAST!

  • Bear_romper69

    Okay Decon I loved that part of ” Personally, I wouldn’t piss on the best part of TO if he was burning.” Good shit bro! Alrite now wait before we all start rampaging on this so called Rumor of T.O if he does come to Chicago which I may add isn’t a horrific thing mind you. Look, when the Bulls got Dennis Rodman who was litterally a huge distraction like T.O , he wanted to win and be on a winning team like the Bulls, see he got his wish with his antics balanced and won some Championships. My point is that even with his distractions or whatever you may call it, this can actually be very counterproductive for the Bears offense to give them abit more push to excel. I personally won’t mind him coming to Chicago,nor should the haters. We just need someone to keep him chained up like one of Vick’s dogs, so he won’t go wild.

  • Ronald

    I agree, I think IF we were looking for a veteran receiver,..we had our chances with Marvin Harrison, NO need to bring TO here. Hes Garbage and he would screw up any kind of unity our beloved team has now. I think our young group of recievers are doing great. Lets stick with whats working!!! BEAR DOWN!

  • DeCon

    Bear_romper69…i like your angle, but it seems like an apples to oranges comparison. Rodman was a loose cannon but he knew when he came to Chicago, he was playing with the best player in the world and he acknowledged that. if TO comes to the Bears, he will “think” he is the best and most important player. that is a BIG difference. plus, an NBA locker room with 15 players is a lot easier to control than a locker room of 53 players. if TO comes in and starts divding the locker room, the dominos could start to fall and it may be hard to get back. i think the Bears have a strong locker room and i am quite sure Kreutzie would start bashing in TOs skull if he got out of line, but why risk it. i bet SF and Philly thought they had strong enough locker rooms to control TO too and if they could control him, he might have never left SF and certainly not Philly after only 2 seasons. again, the risk is not worth the reward. that said, if the Bears signed him, i would go along with the program and pray he would be a good soldier, but it just makes me very uneasy to consider it.

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  • 85bearscling

    “Isn’t it time the Bears try to develop the young receivers they have?”

    Yeah its always try to develop something in Chicago sports. The perennial playoff teams in others cities luckly have better owners and media