Devin Hester's Ass: Full Moon Fever

The Eagles pulled out all of the stops – including Devin Hester’s pants – to beat the Bears 24-20.  Lots more coverage of another disappointing Bears loss coming up, but I wanted to share this ASAP.

hesters ass

Devin Hester, you are RIDICULOUS!!!

(H/T to yogurteur and adamcbest for the pics)

And just for good measure, here’s the video, courtesy of NBC.


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  • RyanK

    Lol… Nicely done… couple creative jokes in there! =)

  • Kerri

    Did you notice that was the only thing that shut up the commentators. It got uncomfortably quiet.

  • Rhett

    Haha….I’m just glad it didn’t reveal a “Cutler” tattoo!

  • Sooze

    I hope he farted.

  • dan

    im just glad there wasnt a manpon in there somewhere

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  • Scott

    Devin Hester is the man. He adds yet ANOTHER NFL record to his credit. In my 30+ years of watching football, I have never seen this happen in an NFL or college game. His rookie cards are going to SKY ROCKET.

  • Scott

    Somebody should have WARNED Hester that when you are playing the Philadelphia Eagles – DON’T BED OVER to pick up the football.

  • Scott

    Excuse me, Don’t -BEND- OVER

  • Manhattan

    I guess you could say that he’s looking a little “bear.”

    I apologize.

  • Bob

    It looks like the Bear’s offensive plan has a crack in it.

    I wasn’t expecting the full moon until next week.

    I am not going to apologize for being a butt. If you’re reading the comments on this story, you should have expected it.

    The End.

  • mike hawk

    Looks like michael vick has rubbed off on the rest of the eagles. Now they have a thirst for ass, just not prison ass…NFL ass look out whoever plays them next!

  • Boomer

    You guys are cracking me up!

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  • Tom

    This has happened before, but not with a close up. In the early 80′s Walter Payton, of all people, had the whole backside of his pants tore out during a tackle on national TV. He sat on the turf trying to cover his ass. They had to bring him a towel and I believe he changed his pants on the sideline with trainer’s surrounding him with towels or blankets. I could have that part wrong, but i do remember watching the game.

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  • Steve

    I was so surprised and amazed that they didn’t censor it out before it showed. They have a time delay, I think. Well, somebody missed that one. If was funny!

  • stoky

    Don’t let this get on the Joliet webb site

  • stoky

    Devon is going to be the number one ticket on the Big House Rubber Chicken circuit this next summer.

  • stoky

    At first I thought someone knocked his helmet off

  • cyth45

    That’s a tasty butt. I’d love to stick my face between his meaty cheeks and lick his hairy puckered hole.

  • Connie

    I love men that go commando. Hester, you show everyone. Oh, he did that already.

  • Anon.

    Sucks that I stopped watching this game. But as a female, I have to say.. nice ass! xD



  • Anon

    Hahahahaha !!! This leaves me wondering how many idiots called the FCC to complain that TV forced them to watch this “wardrobe malfunction” with their children …oh, their pure virginal eyes :-)

  • mixx

    Excuse me, Don’t -BEND- OVER..

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  • Richie

    I heard that Larry Meyer told Mike Vick “back off, that ass is mine”

  • Brock Landers

    Looks like lovie smith!!!! (The ass that is). By the way I hate Larry Meyer! That guy is a total douche bag.

  • Niko

    To everyone who thinks he went commando, He did NOT!! Stop saying this…he is wearing a jockstrap.