The DeCon's Week 14 Fantasy Football Picks - PLAYOFF EDITION

I am going to try a little different format this week as you likely embark on week 1 of your fantasy football playoffs.  All weekend, the DeCon will be in the little box on the side of the pews to hear your confessions.  That is, send an e-mail to [email protected] with your lineup questions and I will answer you with specific feedback on your given situation.  I am switching to this format so I can make sure to give you targeted feedback that is useful to you in this very important week 1 of the playoffs for most leagues.  I will be checking right up until kick-off on Sunday, so I will do my very best to get back to you in a timely fashion.  We will see how it goes this week.  If you have other suggestions on what would be useful to you in your fantasy football endeavors, post a comment here or send me an e-mail.

Can I get an “Amen” ?

The DeCon has spoken…so let it be written, so let it be done…

I’ll hear your fantasy football confessions at [email protected].

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  • Dan

    Having WR reservations this weekend.

    I have four available: Sidney Rice, Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin, and Donald Driver. I can start three (2WR plus Flex. Not giving flex to RB because my only available backups are Beanie Wells and Larry Johnson).

    Given Jackson’s play of late, I’m thinking of sitting him, but it’s hard to sit a stud in the playoffs just because he comes in cold. My other dilemma is that I also have Visanthe Shiancoe and the CIN Defense (can’t swap out either; out of moves). If I leave Rice AND Shiancoe in, and they both do well, my defense will be worth nothing. On the other hand, if I start both and the CIN-Def kicks butt, I will have negated a WR and my TE.

    Which scenario do I pray for, and how should I line it up?

    Also, Hasselbeck or Garrard? Garrard faces the lower-ranked defense, but the MIA-Def has more sacks and Garrard has fumbled 2 out of every 3 times he’s been sacked. On the other hand, Hasselbeck is a bit banged up and his line is protecting him like a screen door in a tornado.

    Thanks so much for helping me with my playoff questions!

  • DeCon


    I would go with Jackson, I expect the game to be high scoring and you have to go with your studs. By the same logic, I would say go with Austin too, but if the game ends up NOT being high scoring, you could be in trouble. I wouldn’t sleep on Beanie Wells this week…Hightower has been limited in practice and has already been losing carries to Wells. Plus, then you get a Monday night hook! If you are dead-set aganist Wells, go with Driver and Rice , in that order. You have a tough situation with also having the Cincy D, not only because I really DON’T like the Cincy D this week, but for the reasons you explained. If there is any other D on the waiver wire, I would recommend picking them up and using LJ’s spot…you don’t need him, Benson should be fine from here on out.

    As far as Hasselbeck and Garrard??? Flip a coin…My guy says to go with Hasselbeck, beck that game could really be a shootout, considering both D’s are extremely suspect…and I really have never been a fan of Garrard and certainly not at money time!

  • Babak

    I need one of the following 4 WRs

    Devin Thomas

  • DeCon

    Go with Housh…the game should be a shootout and Seattle will have to throw the ball a lot.

  • Mike

    Hey DeCon – long time, first time. I’m a big fan and always heed your advice. Here’s my dilemma – Percy Harvin vs Cinci, Steve Smith (Car) vs NE or Crabtree on Monday night vs AZ? Help me DeCon – you’re my only hope!

  • DeCon

    ahem…cough…Mike…I don’t like any of your matchups…from Pussy’s, I mean, Percy’s migranes to Smity relying on a rook on the road against a pissed off NE Def. That said, I would go with Crabtree for the safest bet and so you can have a Monday night hook. Heed my advice or the playoffs may soon be Over4u… :-)

  • RB

    Which WR should I start Steve Smith (Carolina) or Percy Harvin? Second option Burleson? Please let me know?


  • Mike

    Foiled again DeCon. Curse you! Perhaps we’ll be seeing you in the Finals in 2 weeks, if you get past Big Ditka.

  • DeCon

    RB…i don’t like either option, because of my response to Mike above, but if Harvin is a go, then I would lean very slightly towards him over Smith and Burleson. Smith with a rook is scary and Burleson is too damn inconsistent. If Harvin is not playing, then go with Smith, but neither option is very good in my opinion.

  • DeCon

    hey Mike…you should worry about over4u and GOTBR before you can even begin to think about Ming and his band of Merciless men…