Rumor: Lovie will be back in 2010

Sources in Halas Hall are spreading a nasty rumor – Lovie Smith will be back as the Bears coach in 2010.  Here’s the worst part Bears fans – it’s about the money.  Check out this little video clip from Moon Mullin, who broke the story on his CSN Chicago blog:

I’ve got more analysis on this at my new blog – FIRE LOVIE SMITH – over at Chicago Now.  (Nothing like being direct, huh?)  Be sure to check in there regularly as we build our case to FIRE LOVIE.


Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Rob

    Lovie and his buddy Jerry Angelo have done so much harm to this Franchise it’s going to take another four years to fix this mess. Both of them need to go at the end of this year and for the betterment of the league stay away from any other franchise for good. This isn’t a Chicago Bears Football team this is more of a boys camp then anything else. Practices are a joke, this team is a joke.

    The Best thing this franchise can do to make Papa Bear proud is to tell it to someone who can properly run this organization like a top franchise team should be run.

  • Rosa

    Isn’t it always about the money? Badly run organizations are common in the business world. I’m not surprised at all.

    I still love the Bears, but this is crazy.