More Apologies from Bears

The Bears e-mailed season ticket holders with another  Apology Thank You note, including links to the spin stories, press conference videos and transcripts.  Thanks to long-time “Friends of the Program” at Marconi Foods, I am able to share this nugget with you:

Aren’t you glad the Bears care so much that they actually sent an e-mail?  And with links and everything???  WOW!  Now make sure to get those season ticket renewals sent in.

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  • http://none. Dan

    your an idiot.

  • Boomer

    OK Dan – when you learn that ‘your’ means your and ‘you’re’ means you are, please get back to me. Now back to your Hooked on Phonics.

  • Nick

    I’m going to have to agree with Dan on this one. YOU ARE and idiot. Posting nonsense like this just to make yourself feel important really is childish. Maybe you should go back to journalism school and learn what it takes to be a successful writer. then drop this goofy blog and get a real job.

  • Nick


  • Gavin Tugana

    Hey Nick, real quick question…..if this is such a goofy blog run by an idiot, why are you posting here?

  • Nick

    I was hoping for something with a little intelligence behind it. There IS more then one writer on this site and they do not ALL post gibberish. most of your articles are witty and well written but if you cant come up with something better then bashing a letter to season tickets holders ( and it doesn’t appear that you are one based on your article ) or even worse….

    ” Aren’t you glad the Bears care so much that they actually sent an e-mail? And with links and everything??? WOW! Now make sure to get those season ticket renewals sent in.”

    …..Then maybe you should have skipped your post for the day.

  • Nick

    and I was talking about Boomers blog specifically not the Site in general.

  • Nick

    I mean come on did you want Lovie and Jerry to come to every ticket holders house one at a time and stroke there ego’s a little bit. maybe cook them dinner and watch there kids for them. They sent a letter read it or dismiss it but was it really worth a blog posting or so news worthy that you had to track down a copy from Marconi foods to post it on the internet.

  • Gavin Tugana

    Here’s my take, and maybe phrasing it differently than Boomer did will help you understand the point:

    Think about what Bears management has done this offseason. They’ve taken out two full-page ads in the Sun-Times and the Trib, held an hour-long presser (in which all parties speaking spoke WAY too long), and now they’re sending out letters to sponsors. Maybe that email is sent to season-ticket holders, like you said, but if Boomer got it from Marconi, it would seem that they sent it to sponsors.

    It’s a huge PR campaign, one that hasn’t happened in past seasons. That is newsworthy. It’s interesting to me just because they’re going way overboard to try to soothe fan’s emotions.

    The main thing for me is: What does all of this all mean? What do they have planned? Something is amiss, and I can’t figure out what.

  • Boomer

    Well said Gavin. Thanks for translating for the mouth breathers.

    To clarify, Marconi Foods is a season ticket holder and long time ‘friend of the program’ who forwarded the e-mail to me. I did include a shameless plug via a link b/c I thought non-season ticket holders (myself included)would be interested to see what the Bears are up to and b/c they keep my cupboard filled with Chicago’s best and hottest Giardiniera. (Another shameless plug!)

    I’ll tell you what this big PR campaign means – there will be a ticket price increase this offseason and the Bears brass is trying to get people on their side now before they send them a bill next month.

  • Gavin Tugana

    Three things, Boomer:

    1) If I start plugging for Marconi, do I get some of the good stuff? :)

    2) I’m on the season ticket holder list, and I haven’t gotten any sort of correspondance from the team. Maybe they just sent it to the season ticket holders.

    3) An increase in ticket prices would not be advised. Plus, as the link that I gave DeCon shows, they really don’t need to raise ticket prices. As I recall, they didn’t raise the prices after last season. The outcry for Lovie to be gone wasn’t as loud, but still. I think that would be organizational suicide unless they turn things around quickly.

  • Boomer

    1) I can put a good word in for you with the guys at Marconi.

    2)They only bother to send e-mails to people who will be getting a bill from them.

    3) Don’t forget that they didn’t raise ticket prices last season (—ticket-prices.html). With a work stoppage looming next season, do you really think they’d go three years without bumping their take at the gate? I hope I’m wrong, but my experience tells me to watch your wallet.

  • Gavin Tugana

    Very true on the ticket prices. However, the Bears get a lot of revenue from other sources, including all the HS games. They have a terrific stadium deal.

    I know I’m grasping at straws; I’m just trying to convince myself that they won’t.

  • Angelo Pappas

    There is a sandwich shop, right over there, that sells meatball subs. The best subs I ever had. I like to put Marconi Hot Giardiniera all over them…..
    Utah, GET ME TWO!

    • Boomer

      The biggest bust of your life, and you’re reading a Calvin and Hobbs comic?

  • DeCon

    Marconi giardinera goes good on anything!!!

    Also, most blog writers are a little idiotic, i will grant Dan and Nick that, but the only IDIOTS i ever see writing on blogs are readers who write comments that the blog writer is an idiot. blogs are not supposed to be sophisticated journalism, but judging from the way Danny’s grasp on the English language.

    I happen to personally know that all of the blog writers on BGO are gainfully employed and hold advanced graduate degrees…this blog is written in the spare time that can be carved out of our lives, now….go get one if you don’t like it!!!