Do Broncos Miss Jay Cutler?

I hate to pick on Kim, the blogger from Fansided’s Broncos site Predominantly Orange, but I can’t pass on this one.  Check out her post suggesting the Broncos need a change and go after a big-armed QB while kicking the beloved Kyle Orton to the curb.

“Mistake-free” that McD.  Sure, Jay Cutler may have not been the right puzzle piece to the jigsaw here in Denver, and I trust McD’s evaluation of that scenario. However, the Broncos need to right the ship this offseason by bringing in someone with a powerful arm. It was apparent that last season the offensive coaching staff didn’t trust Kyle Orton’s arm enough to let him throw down field. Defenses stuffed the run, let Orton throw short, and quickly forced the Broncos into punting the ball. Orton wasn’t allowed to pass deep often enough to keep opposing defenses honest.

Josh McDaniels wanted a game manager, and that’s what he got in Orton. Orton kept the turnovers to a minimal level at the beginning of the season, but once teams figured out that his arm only goes for so many yards, they gave him those short passes. More than half of Orton’s passes went for 10 yards or less. When it was time for him to go long, he was out of practice, and I think he got the jitters. We need to complement guys like Brandon Marshall (if he’s back), Eddie Royal (nearly non-existent last year), and Jabar Gaffney.

Isn’t it funny how quickly everything that was said about Orton early last season evaporated once Broncos fans realized how truly one dimensional old neckbeard really is.  I hate to say “I told you so,” but I told you so.  If you want a big-armed QB Kim, look no further than the guy you just dumped.   Oh right, he’s not the right piece of the puzzle because your boy-genius coach didn’t want him.

If there is some solace to this offseason, for better or for worse, it’s that the Bears are not sifting through the has-been list as Kim is doing for the Broncos.   Do Byron Leftwich, Mike Vick or Jeff Garcia do anything for you?  Yeeeshh!

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  • Robert Erickson

    Josh McDaniels is an idiot. Let’s get rid of the franchise QB and then piss off our most talented WR.

    As a Viking fan who respects Jay Cutler, Josh McDaniels is in my dog house.

  • Mike

    Well said Robert. It’s funny how his coach of the year chatter faded as teams caught up to McDaniels and Orton.

  • Chuck

    Josh Mcdaniels is far from an Idiot. What did the Bears do with the so called “franchise QB?” What did the Broncos do when the so called “franchise QB” was on their team?? Hello?? Thats what I thought….Cutler hasn’t won anywhere since he was in High School. The Broncos made the right choice to rid themselves of Cutler…..Its also funny how the Chicago Bears, “Going to the Super Bowl” chatter faded as teams realized Cutler is an interception machine.

  • Kurt

    Well Chuck: I won’t go as far as saying Mcdaniels is an idiot, and I also agree it was a wise choice to deal Cutler, however…He’s living in a fantasy world if he thinks a second tier quarterback like Orton can make the Broncos into an elite offensive team. That guy is just garbage. They are High school quarterbacks who throw better than Orton.

  • BroncFan

    As a bronco fan i would like to say HA HA HA H AH A. What do the Bears pride themselves on… there D. Well Denvers was Far better this year, and for QB? I would take Orton over CryBaby Butler anyday. More Int’s than anyone. Who played better this year? Denver. In fact. They played better in every SINGLE ASPECT OF THE GAME. Tell me.. i dare you… What the bears did better that the bronc this year. Take your clown shoes off, sit down, its bad enough you live in Chicago. Its time to grow up and stop lying to yourswelves

  • Gavin Tugana

    BroncFan…let me make you aware of something: You play in the same division as the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. In other words, you should be good for at least four wins every single year.

    I disagree that you outplayed the Bears in all aspects. If that was the case, you would’ve gotten a wild card berth. Yet, you started off 6-0 and then fell hard and fast. And then you got waxed by the Chiefs.

    Be super happy that you have Kyle Orton. We have the better quarterback.

  • BroncFan

    HA HA HAHHA Gavin. Dumb. Look at which team had the harder schedule. Analyists where saying the Broncos had the thoughest in the league. We played every team to win a super bowl in the prior 5 or so yrs. We played Chragers twice, steelers, pats, ravens, indy……………… which of those teams is even close to as terrible as the bears with cutler. Sheeeet you played better with grossman. And talking about bad cheifs and raiders………bro you have the lions. The potentially the worst team in football history.

    Broncos finished the season better…. not good, but i never even heard the bears mentioned all season for playoff contention. 7-9 to 8-8, stop being dumb.

    And as for the Original topic. Take a look the the twos numbers last season. 76 to 86 QB rating…….. Do the math…… well unless you cant.

    Verdict: Orton, Broncos Win. Keep your Franchise QB, we will draft one in a few yrs

  • dunnobroncos

    i’ll be glad when mcnugget goes to the raiders. then i can start rooting for the broncs again. i hope shanahan gives ‘em heck in washington…

  • Kurt

    BroncFan…Wake Up!! Were you smoking weed while watching the Broncos Play? Your verdict is extremely Misguided: Orton,Broncos doesn’t equal Win. If it did, the Broncos would’ve made the playoffs. To start a season 6-0 and just crumble like they did at the end of the season was embarrassing and I’ve been a Bronco Fan for years. I could care less about the bears. They’re not in the AFC West. I noticed you pointed out Orton’s 86 QB rating. You forgot to mention that 56 percent of his completions were for 10yds or less. Orton has the arm strength of a pop warner quarterback and unfortunately until McDaniels realizes He needs a better QB, Denver’s stuck with him.

  • BroncoMan

    As a Bronco fan…you all got the better deal. Just get Cutler some O-line and receivers and watch the TD’s add up. Broncos fans are just blind….sadly. Orton is a guy who tries not to lose games, Cutler is a guy who tries to win them. I would rather have someone trying to win. Especially when he can throw more than 10 yards.