Bears Should Sign T.O.

I can’t believe I just wrote that headline for this post.  I can’t believe I’m actually considering this.  I’ve been on record before saying there is no way the Bears should even consider T.O., but another lost, playoff-less season has me changing my tune.

Am I crazy? Absolutely.  But before you totally dismiss this, hear me out.

Cutler likes ‘em big

They say size doesn’t matter.  Yeah right.  Tell that to JC (or your girlfriend).  You could tell about halfway through the 2009 campaign that he was sick to death of throwing to the midget – sorry, little people – wide receivers that constituted the Bears’ roster.  The biggest wide receiver on the Bears last season was Devin Aromashodu, at an unimpressive 6’1″ and a scrawny 201 pounds and you saw what he and Cutler were able to accomplish in just a few games when the Bears braintrust finally wised up and got DA on the field.  T.O. is listed a 6’3″ at a stout 224.  As much as it’s the height, it’s the weight that makes T.O. a valuable asset.  He can take that big body and battle for jump balls.  He can be the go-get-it guy Jay Cutler has lusted after since he arrived.

In Remission

Everyone this side of Mike Ditka has called Owens a locker room cancer.  I’m here to tell you that the cancer is in remission.  Did anyone hear a peep out of T.O. last year?  Maybe it was the fact that he was playing in the news vortex of the universe (Buffalo) but I don’t think so.

The free agent market has been open for business for a while now, yet Owens is still on the market.  That’s enough to humble even the gigantic Terrell Owens ego.

Is Owens fully cured?  Like any cancer, there’s always the chance of a relapse.  Add Owens to Cutler and Martz and you’ve got potential for an explosive situation.

What else ya got?

T.O. would immediately step in and become the Bears best wide receiver.  You can spout off all you want about Knox, Hester or DA, but TO has the numbers to back it up.  In his worst season in 5 years, Owens put up 55 catches for 829 yards and 5 TD’s.  And that was with Trent freakin’ Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick tossing him the rock.

The Bears’ management will tell you they don’t want a veteran wide receiver because they don’t want to stunt the development of their young wide receiving group.  Hmm, doesn’t Julius Peppers stunt Jarron Gilbert or Mark Anderson’s growth?  The fact is, if you have a chance to get a better player, you go get him, youngters be damned.

Without a first or second round draft pick, you’re left to pick over late-rounders.  Could you find another diamond in the rough like Johnny Knox?  Sure.  But even Knox made plenty of rookie mistakes, like not finishing routes and giving up on plays.  The Bears need a veteran to just go out and make plays.

Some might argue that Torry Holt is a better fit, especially with his experience in Mike Martz’s offense.  That may be so, but I don’t think Holt offers the same upside as Owens.  Holt is 6’0″ and weighs in at 200 lbs.  That’s not much different than what we’ve got.

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

It should come as no surprise that Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo are on a short leash.  With three straight seasons with no playoffs, the Bears have pulled out all of the stops with some bold free agent moves.  So why not go all-in and take a shot at a desperate and talented, though potentially combustible wide receiver?  With high risk comes high reward.  Go get Terrell Owens.

Get your popcorn ready and go get T.O.!

Should the Bears sign T.O.?

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  • City

    Boomer, Boomer, Boomer… {shakes head}

    T.O.? Really? You know you’re just putting yourself out there to be abused by conserva-Bearland. We don’t like hired showboats. We like ours homegrown. We don’t like players that we KNOW have agents. Look at our ideal football player: Sweetness. Did he ever do anything outrageously self-promoting? No, never. He did some outrageous stuff but it was always to support the team or his teammates. Bearland is too conservative for a TO. He’s too “AFL”. We would rather hover around .500 than make the playoffs with a showboat like TO.

  • Boomer

    City, City, City…

    Let the conserva-Bears come and get me. You know what I hate more than hired showboats? LOSING! How many of Cutler’s 26 interceptions could have been avoided if he had a solid, go-to receiver who knows how to run routes?

    I couldn’t agree more that Sweetness is the model Bear and one of my own personal heroes. But don’t forget another of our other favorite Bears from the glory days of ’85 – Jim McMahon. Jimmy Mac was a total sideshow.

    The other thing you’re forgetting is that I believe that TO isn’t the same ass-clown that he was when he was in Philly and Dallas. You never really heard anything from him last season.

    Finally, if you’d rather hover around 0.500 than win, it’s time to re-visit your priorities.

    Thanks as always to a frequent contributor.

  • City

    LOL! I’m with ya. (I’d rather sign TO than be .500!)

    You know why signing TO would be also good. The fireworks of seeing JC try to argue with TO that he ran the wrong route! Can you imagine those two on the sidelines after a pick!

  • Boomer

    Don’t forget Mad Mike Martz into the mix. It will be a combustible situation that would give me plenty to write about.

  • Sam

    If Cutler could handle Brandon Marshall then he can certainly handle TO. And I can’t imagine anyone crossing Martz.

  • Josh

    Singletary crossed Martz. Martz wanted to go for it but Singletary made him kick the field goal. It was funny stuff. Singletary is just awesome that way though.

  • DaBears

    Why not? He played for a horrible team last year in Buffalo and was brought in to be the #2 guy to Lee Evans, yet TO became their leading WR and didn’t cause any problems in the locker room. It may be late, but I think he’s finally matured. I think he still can be a 1000+ yard guy on a decent team.

    I’ll take the playoffs with TO over missing them again any day. You are missing some screws if a guy showboating bothers you so much you rather see your team lose.

  • Nick

    We need a big receiver and having a veteran that can help develop the younger receivers would be a plus. hey I agree, he’s no jerry rice, but we don’t have the draft picks to get anyone who would be productive any time soon. We got Knox to help get us to the red zone, we need T.O. for Culter to have a big target in the end zone. pay him a small salary with bigger bonuses on touchdowns and actually catching the ball, make him the number one receiver and let the guy show us just how good of a player he really can be, and let him know if he runs his mouth and doesn’t check his ego, they let the fans come after him. chicago will tolerate some of his crap if he is productive, otherwise he’s gonna have to hire some thick earmuffs to kill the noise for the fans.

  • http://yahoo Shann

    We and know T.O. was the mouth of the south, but the bears should give him and Darren Sharper a look.

  • http://yahoo Chi town

    Darren Sharper is also a good safety to look at along with T.O. If T.O. can keep his mouth shut like last season i think he’ll be a great addition to the windy city team. Devin Aroushado should remain #1 W.O. he played good the last 2 games. T.O. should be #2 W.O. and then Johnny Knoxs should be #3 thats how i would playit next year.

  • DHunter

    According to T.O.’s agent, he wants $5MM per season. That is way too steep for him. But if you can get him at half that amount with a bonus-laden contract – then do it.

    You are only as strong as your weakest link. Who is our weakest link in the receiving corp – Davis? Iglesias? Hester? Okay, I won’t go there. So ask yourself, would you rather have T.O. over Davis or Iglesias? My answer is yes. And its not that I really care about spending the McCaskeys money, but its the principle of paying him $5MM.

    BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY THEN T.O. IS WE NEED A PLAY-MAKING SAFETY! It’s a lot easier to spend once you’re already at the market.