Let's Talk Some Bears

I know, I haven’t been around in a while. I’ve been a little busy with my real-life job, school, and life happening. But, since I’m back, let’s talk about some of the Bears’ moves:

- Why on God’s green Earth did the Bears sign Tim Jennings? He’s another undersized corner, one that will get dominated in the Cover-2. Now, I realize that Nathan Vasher was awful and deserved to get cut, especially with his ridiculous salary. Yet I still can’t figure out why they signed another undersized corner. Find someone who actually fits the Cover-2 instead of someone who might be able to play.

- Look, Jason McKie sucked at running the ball behind our horrific offensive line. But he still had value as a blocker and as a receiver out of the backfield. Why the Bears are running everyone out of town who doesn’t fit into Martz’s system (except for Greg Olsen) baffles me. What if we miss the playoffs again in 2010 and Halas Hall is cleaned out? We’re stuck without a decent fullback and with a tight end who really can’t do anything BUT block (Manumaleuna).

- Chester Taylor = great pickup. Getting 7 million guaranteed = not so great. Regardless, I can’t complain about this. Taylor’s a hard-nosed running back and should be able to help a ton.

- Julius Peppers. Do I need to say anything else?

- Finally, where was Jerry when Anquan Boldin was shipped for a 3rd and a 4th? And the Cards got a 5th in return! Toss in Greg Olsen and you’d probably have to just give up a 3rd. I don’t get that non-move either. Having Boldin, Aromashodu, Hester, Knox, and (maybe) Bennett? That’s a lot more dangerous. I’m of the opinion that the Bears don’t need to address WR in the draft, but still….when you have a chance to better yourself for cheap, you take the deal.

Regardless, I want to know what YOU think. Drop a line in the comments and tell me what you agree/don’t agree with.

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  • brickben

    Pretty obvious the Bears shot their wad on day one of FA. Looks like all these other deals will have to be “paid” for by releasing guys like Vasher and McKie. As for overpaying Taylor, that’s what you do in FA, overpay players that have proven themselves instead of overpaying draft picks (especially Jerry’s) that have not. I also think they got the best OL available in FA this year, he just happened to be a TE. My biggest fear is that Jerry and Lovie totally redeem themselves and save their phony- baloney jobs. You have to draft sooner or later…

  • bearsblitz

    Who wants a FB who can’t run the ball??Lots of competent FBs out there who can run block and catch..It was time to let Mckie go.Chester Taylor along with Forte gives us an instant upgraded running game..Maybe the best we have had in many years..Jennings might only be a cheaper corner than Vasher not better..Indy couldn’t stop the pass and Jennings was probably part of the reason..

  • clif

    Give the draft away this year and get marshall and otogwey.

  • bears1321

    i wouldve liked to split up the julius peppers cash and got vandenbosh and antrel rolle and still have cash left over. taylor was a good signing and if manumaleuna can almost act like an o lineman on either the left or right edge then i like that signing too. didnt the bears say there #1 offseason priority is safety? and they still havent made any moves there. that annoys me, cuz it looks as if were going to sign another rookie or 2 to compete at safety. whoever wins the starting safety battle is going to suck compared to most safeties in the league. at this point, olsen is expendable and it wouldnt bother me if he was traded for a good safety, preferably young.

  • Bears1977

    I don’t mind the moves to release Vasher and McKie, I actually agree with them. Vasher has under performed (and that is an under statement)and lets bring in some younger talent and the FB position. I do believe that we need a Veteran WR to help our young WR’s progress. Hester is NOT a Number 1, at best he should line up in the slot position and utilize his speed and also help with PR and KR. The Bears WR’s lack size not speed, if that means we sign up Tory Holt to mentor than that is what we need to do. Why we didnt give up a few picks to attain Boldin still confuses me since Jerry went after him last year! Lastly the Bears stated Safety was their Number 1 concern, but they have yet to address that need. I do not believe Sharper is the answer, but Otogwey from the Rams could be the long term.

  • Chitown 53

    Bears made some good moves, some not so good, and some bad moves. One, they should have saved the Peppers money and signed Aaron Kampman for much less. Two, they should have signed Darren Sharper last year, but since they didn’t, they should sign him this year for around 3.5 per(half of what Atogwe would cost for an all-pro.Third,they need to sign Torrey Holt, to have a legitimate #1 receiver. Taylor and Malaleuna were good pick-ups despite the fact that they are overpaying Taylor somewhat. Draft needs are O-line, cornerback and Safety, also possibly linebacker ( veteran LB’s seem to be getting more prone to injury). Go Bears!

  • Boomer

    Chitown – thanks for your comments. Here’s my problem with your suggestions: Kampman and Sharper are both coming off injuries. Could you get them for less $’s? Yes. But with their asses on the line, Lovie, Jerry and Teddy busted the bank to get what many believe is the best money can buy.

    I would have hoped they addressed the safety position with Rolle or Atogwe by now, but we’ll see what the draft or a possible trade brings.

    As for Holt, dude, I think he’s done. If you bring him in, he’s not a #1 wideout any more. They should have been knocking down Arizona’s door with their 3rd and 4th draft picks to get Boldin. So what if they don’t have a draft this season when you bring in that kind of talent.

    If you’re going to get someone, go get TO for the right price (read my post on it: http://beargoggleson.com/2010/03/16/bears-should-sign-t-o/.)

    BEAR DOWN!!!