Peter King Ranks Bears Behind Lions, Armageddon Upon Us

Last season, SI’s Peter King made headlines when he picked the Bears to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl in his preseason playoff predictions.  This year, he goes the other way – BIG TIME – and ranks the Bears as the 25th best team in the NFL.

Here’s what he has to say about the Beloved in his blurb that accompanies the ranking:

25. Chicago. The Mike Martz-Jay Cutler marriage could work, or it could explode. The defense will be solid, assuming Julius Peppers comes to play, but he can’t solve everything on a unit that allowed 375 points last year.

To make matters worse, he ranks the Detroit Lions – yes those Detroit Lions – 24th, one spot ahead of the Bears.  Are you ready for the cherry on top?  His #1 team?  The Green Bay Fucking Packers!  Arghh!!!

If King’s prognostication skills this season compare at all to last season, we should start printing Super Bowl tickets.  Yes, the Martz-Cutler marriage could be volatile, but no matter where he’s gone, Martz has improved the offense.

The bigger question surrounding the Bears lies with the defense.  True, Peppers can’t do it al0ne.  That’s why the return of Chris Harris and healthy linebackers Urlacher and Tinoisamoa should have a positive impact.

I’ll say this, CBS Sports had the Bears ranked 24th in their Preseason Power Rankings, so if nothing else, there’s some consistency out there from the national perspective.

I’ve told anyone who will listen that the Lions are a team on the come this season.  They’ve had a solid offseason both in Free Agency and in the Draft.  Stafford showed flashes of what you want to see out of a quarterback last season, so we can’t take the two dates against the Lions for granted.

That said, if the Bears have really fallen behind the Lions, have we reached Football Armageddon here in Chicago?  We won’t have to wait long to see how the teams compare.  The Lions visit Soldier Field in the 2010 season opener on September 12th.


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  • Frank Hughes

    Peter King is fucking idiot…….

  • silverhoyt13

    Granted, Peter King and all others that try to predict the NFL’s 2010 Regular season ranks aren’t the smartest in the world. Especially when the teams have only entered into the OTA phase of this season. ….

    But, look at what they are trying to say. How drastically the Detroit Lions have changed their entire Organization….and how little the Bears have done. (Noticible pickups: Detroit- Van Den Bosch, Suh, Best, Wade, Williams, etc. Chicago- Peppers, and….and….oh yeah…. no one)

    For all you Bears fans, be prepared to continually see more and more rankings with Detroit ( Yes, Those Detroit Lions) more than one step better than “Da Bears”

  • Windy Cynic

    Pundits don’t respect the Bears because of Lovie Inc.

    I wrote this days ago boys, the lions have a plan, the viqueens have a plan with or without the drama queen #4 and the packers have a plan.

    Do the Bears have a plan? Oh yeah, failed coaches hoping to resurrect their reps with essentially the same players and on defense, the same failing scheme.

    What I think is most prophetic about King’s assesment….. Peppers will help, but the unit allowed 375 points. The loss of ABrown and Ogunleye will hurt too, negating Peppers.

    You can’t ask for respect with the offseason debacle like the coaching carousel Lovie rode. Dude had no choice but Martz and Marinelli. That’s all the evidence one needs, NO ONE wanted to coach here….. no one.

  • DeCon

    can we all just sit back and think how cool it might be in LeBron comes to Chi-town??? see, i knew you’d feel better and the something else on the plus side if that happens is the whole city will be drunk with LBJ fever that no one will even notice the Bears this season…

  • City

    DeCon, I respect the effort at trying to distract us from our Beardom Reality, but the truth is that the truth hurts.

    There are a lot of questions about this Bears team. There are too many switches that have to turn on to make this team a contender (Urlacher, Harris, Anderson, the corners have to step up, the safeties have to step up; and that’s just the defense). On the offensive side, will Martz’s playbook enhance or confuse, will the line hold up, will they protect Cutler if he has to go through multiple reads, will the young receivers improve their recognition… the list goes on and on. If you look at the top 20 teams. They have guys they know they can rely on.

    The Bears will compete in that 7-9 to 10-6 range, but the odds are not good that they will make the playoffs. And those last four games… man, that gauntlet will drive many of us to the brink!

  • PapaTBear

    Who cares? It’s not even the preseason yet. Peter King is a good sports writer with insight that very few other writers have, true he is a Favre homer and has a love affair with the Patriots, but his articles, particuraly MMQB always seem to shed a new light on a story and new perspective that no one else has come out with yet. He admits himself that he is no good at picking which teams will do what, the guy is just calling it as he sees it. I’m a die hard Bears fan but the games are won and lost on Sundays, or mondays, or thursdays… I’m just saying, the season changes so much every year, maybe the Bears will go 6-10 and finish behind Detriot, maybe they will go 14-2 and represent the NFC in the superbowl. Our guess is just as good as his, only our guess is biased because most of us are Bears fans. Now that said my belief is that Peppers will help the secondary, and having Chris Harris back there and a finally a true free safety we should be able to support the pass rush as well. Let the season starts, who cares what these sports writers say is going to happen, if they always got it right don’t you think they’d be playing their odds in Vegas?

  • Windy Cynic

    PapaTBear, you’re premise is right, but the speculation for next season represents the impression of what our management did or did not do to improve our team.

    City listed our questions, and we have more questions than answers. That is what our ranking reflects.

    That is why they play the games, but as a pragmatic Bear fan, I have a major conflict that many may share. Once the kick off airs, we all will root for our guys, but the memory of Dick Jauron’s miracle season haunts us all. Do we root for one better season at the expense of a Lovie/Jerry extension that will doom our future? None of us will bring ourselves to root against every win, but does each win separate us further from an eventual change of course to better times?

    When we read such negative prognostications, realize that the league insiders were probably very entertained by the predicament of keeping Lovie and his salary. The coaching debacle is not a sign of cohesion, continuity or conviction…. it was a sign of desperation and cheap ownership committed to a continued fleecing well intentioned “fans”.

  • Joe

    As a Lions lifer,I console da Bear’s fans after having just had their beloved mentioned in the same paragraph as the hapless. Are the Lions for real this year?… after hearing that for the past dozen, we have to say… prove it! The organization has a long sorid history of turning what could have been a decent team and season into embarassment… who would have thought when Wayne Fontes was fired that we’d really be elated with a 8-8 season and a good ass whippin and out in a 1st round playoff game. Hey, I even like Chicago… and I hope this disease doesn’t happen to them.