Fantasy Preview: Jay Cutler

ESPN’s Tim Hasselbeck previews Jay Cutler’s 2010 fantasy value and doesn’t paint a pretty picture:

UPDATE: Apparently there is some trouble with embedded video, so click here to go to the video.

I’ve been as critical of the Bears as anyone, but I think Cutler will improve under Mike Martz.  Part of the reason that Cutler was under assault last year was the predictability of Ron Turner’s offense.   You wont’ have that under Martz.   You’ll see multiple formations, tons of motion and probably won’t see the same place twice.  OK, maybe I’m exaggerating with that last part.

The other thing I’m sick of hearing is how quarterbacks get hammered in Martz’s system because of the 5- and 7-step drops.  If Martz is supposed to be some offensive genius, doesn’t it stand to reason that he can adapt his offense to work with the Bears personnel?

My predictions for Cutler (assuming he stays healthy): 33 TD’s, 18 INT’s, 3900 yards.  What do you think?  Give me your predictions in the Comments.


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  • City

    Heya Boomer!

    I couldn’t see the video in your post, but I went to to look at it. And I have two thoughts: 1) this is a good example of a commentator who really doesn’t do any homework and just says what happened last year will happen this year. And 2) I agree with you. Defenses were able to pick up Turner’s offense too easily, and when the Bears began to struggle, Turner simplified his offense even more. That won’t happen with Martz.

    I’m in line with your expected stats too. The only issue not listed in there is fumbles. Cutler had 9 fumbles last year. If he cuts that down to 3, his INTs to 17-18… well, then we go from a sub-500 team to an above-500 team. How far above .500? That’s the question, ain’t it.


    • Boomer

      Thanks for the heads up. I added a link to the post. Good point about the fumbles. I didn’t get a chance to look back at the stats b/c I’m not sure all of those were lost fumbles. Didn’t seem like he had that many. I mean, he’s not Grossman!

  • Neal

    Having watch Jay for his time with the Bronco’s and with the Bears, I see a lot of wishful thinking. The Cry Baby is only good when he doesn’t have to be. Forth quarter comebacks, doesn’t happen. Strong arm, No Brains.

    • Bearsfan75

      @Neal…a couple of thoughts:

      1) You should be more worried about your Broncos then about trolling on a Bears site to lay another ridiculous smack on Cutler.

      2) I would be hesitant to comment on anyone else’s intelligence when you misspell “fourth” in your posts.

      3) No fourth quarter comebacks…hmm I can think of a few key drives in the 4th quarter against Green Bay, Seattle, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Minnesota. We didn’t win all of those games but the drives were there.

      4) The only cry babies that I see are McDaniels and the whiny Bronco fans that post stupid remarks on Bears websites because there is nothing to say positive about their own team. Enjoy finishing behind the Raiders in third or FOURTH place…

  • Jeff

    Neal who has watched Cutler for years should have know that his last year in Denver his QB rating was the highest in the 4th quater. I think he is the real deal and even though has left denver I will always pull for him.

  • City

    Awesome response Bearsfan75! Too bad Neal is too busy watching Glen Beck call Urlacher a neo-nazi to respond!

    Course, don’t think there’s anything he could say!

  • Broncos7god

    Before Jay Cutler got traded he had 8 fourth quarter comebacks. And saying he’s only good when he doesn’t have to be is laughable considering he had to be good-to-great in 99% of the games he played for Denver.

    You are a whiny, bitter and biased excuse of a witness of anything that Jay Cutler did in Denver.

    As for Hasselbech, he’s no better than the jilted ex-lover types that have whined nos-stop since Cutler told McDaniels to pound sand: He’s making the mistake of assuming that the 4 games in which Cutler had 15 Int’s and 2 TD’s absolutely defines Jay Cutler, while at the same time insisting that the other 49 career games mean nothing.

    Ignore it Bears fans, the denigration you’ve been hearing out of Denver is exactly what Josh McDaniels and the Denver Broncos want you to hear. But before Josh McDaniels came to town, Cutler’s character was unblemished. Bearsfan75 hit it on the head, the real cry-babies are McDaniels and the butt-hurt Broncos fans…….