Glenn Beck Called Urlacher a Neo Nazi

I didn’t expect to be writing that headline today.  It’s a weird story, so let me see if I can give the right context to set this up.  A website called The Root put together their list of The Blackest White Folks We Know.  Some who made the list were slam dunks – Eminem and  “White Chocolate” basketballer Jason Williams make sense to me.

But apparently they also included Glenn Beck and Brian Urlacher on this list along with a bunch of other nonsense names.  So Fox News put a big board in front of Glen Beck to see if he could name any of his colleagues on the list.  Weirdness ensues:

How is Brian Urlacher “the blackest white folk you know”.  Here’s what The Root listed along with his picture:

In an era when most of the notable white NFL players are quarterbacks and kickers, Urlacher stands out as one of the most well-known and successful linebackers in NFL history. Since the start of his NFL career, Urlacher has been invited to six Pro Bowls, and was the 2005 Defensive Player of the Year. Urlacher’s jersey sales rival those of Brett Favre and Michael Vick.

Did I miss something?  Oh… I get it, because he’s white and a Pro Bowl caliber linebacker and not a QB or kicker, that makes him black.  Really?  Are you kidding me?

I know for a fact that Urlacher is not a Neo Nazi.  Here is his favorite scene from The Blues Brothers:

When reached for comment, Urlacher called Glenn Beck a pussy and went back to drinking his bottle of Old English in a paper bag.  Where do people come up with this stuff? I don’t know which is more ridiculous – The Roots for coming up with the list or Glenn Beck for spouting off such nonsense about people he doesn’t know.


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  • dregav

    “….Glenn Beck for spouting off such nonsense about people he doesn’t know.”

    My God, he was being funny. His sense of humor has always been a little off and if you don’t get it, then so what. He also referred to James Carville as a space alien I believe… he must be ripping on Urlacher NO DOUBT! Gimme a break! For what it’s worth, check out some mugshots in the media of neo-nazis…..Then maybe you will see the humor in what Beck said.

    • Boomer

      I don’t think calling anyone a Neo Nazi is funny. Maybe I just have a bad sense of humor.

    • Paulo

      News casting isn’t a place to be funny.
      Comedy Central and SNL are the right places for shit like that.

  • jimmyinnernets

    What a terrible human being. Racist topic leads to racist comments from a racist asshole. Please get him off the air.

  • Paulo

    Seriously…Fox news is THE most decadent disgusting news channel in the Whole World.
    I always had a sensation that my IQ SHRANK when i watched E!.
    But Fox News manages the not so impressive task of being the most pathetic thing ever to come out of the US.
    The Bias in that network is so ridiculous that the fact that anyone would give it credibility is amazing…or terrifying, actually.

    Keep going Fox News…You’re making Al-Jazeera lookin’ mighty fine!

    Anyway, Brian, buddy…

    • Boomer

      Think Brian should have a face to face with Beck. Wonder if he’d call him that to his face? Url would bend him into a pretzel.

      • Paulo

        That would be good TV.

  • dregav

    Wow. Too much “sensitivity” on here….and you guys are football fans? And just for the record…when Urlacher called Cutler a pu**y….was that a term of endearment or maybe sexist in some twisted way? Do you think Butkus ever called anyone names? I hope not, because the PC police and Sensitivity Patrol on here would eat them alive. Lighten up people…if you wanna cry about Fox News, go to their site and whine. I’m a big Urlacher fan and I thought it was hilarious. Oh my God….is Urlacher REALLY a neo-nazi? Come on! Let’s get a grip.

    • Paulo

      Well dude, i just put myself his position.
      And if i were urlacher i’d be pretty pissed off.
      Like i said, there’s a place and time to be funny.
      And Beck missed both marks.

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  • Ben

    Glenn Beck’s show is sort of like a live blog. He includes news that nobody else has, he adds his own opinion on things, and he includes sarcastic humor(like every other blog out there). If you can’t sense the sarcasm in his comment, then get out of your cave. He was KIDDING, and for as many shots as he’s had to take, he’s earned that right.


    • Boomer

      Ben – thanks for the comment. As I’ve said before, calling someone a neo-Nazi is not funny. Period. In case you didn’t get it from my tone – including the clip from the Blues Brothers and comment about Urlacher at the end, I too was kidding, but it’s news and it’s about the Bears so I’m running with it. I am FAR from a liberal. No go back to watching cars go around in circles.

  • Windy Cynic

    You guys see the small picture…. what if Beck’s every assertion was just as wrong as it was with 54? The guy is feigning a “news” show while projecting wild “opinions” about things he knows nothing about….

    And paid well…. why? How many more gaffes can the guy survive?

    Is he the Teflon Jim Grey?

    Wealth consolidation includes information dissemination… probably the most important tool of corruption, they control the image and hire morons like Beck to distract the real debate.

    When opinion is regarded as news, propaganda becomes the writer.

  • dregav

    Sorry to break up the amateur, political debate hour that broke out on here, but……

    “One of my buddies called me and told me that I was going to think it was funny, and it was funny,” Urlacher said. “It’s dumb. I think people blew it out of proportion.”–20100727,0,3654841.story

    • Paulo

      Glad brian has a better sense of humor than me.
      Doesn’t mean i have to find it funny and i won’t. Probably ever.

      But you can find it funny if you want to. That’s your right afterall.