Isn't it ironic that the screenshot of Urlacher is against the Packers, the only game he played in '09? If the real Bears want to compete this season, he'll need to regain his Pro Bowl form.

Madden '11 Rates the Chicago Bears

It is almost time for the second Christmas Eve in my world and that is the night before Madden ’11 is released!!!  Now, I don’t go and wait in lines at midnight and take the whole next day off to play the game.  I do have a day job.  However, on my way home from work on August 14, I will make a stop to pick up the latest installment of the greatest video game franchise of ALL TIME!!!

So, how do the Bears rate???  In a word…SHITTY!!!  I guess the Bears will have some work to do to improve their ratings when updated rosters and ratings are released during the season.  Here are some highlights after the jump:

Jay Cutler contols the huddle in this screenshot from Madden '11.

QB – Jay Cutler checks in with a respectable overall rating of 83.  His toughness is rated at 85 which is 3 points lower than rookie QB Dan LeFevour.  This makes NO SENSE.  Apparently, the Madden geniuses weren’t watching JC take a freakin’ beating last year due to inept OL play for most of the season.  One thing you can say about JC is he can take a lick.  LeFevour is a rookie who hasn’t taken a shot in the NFL yet and let’s hope we don’t need to test his toughness during the 2010 campaign.  Caleb Hanie, the Bears backup QB actually rated 2 points lower than LeFevour in his overall rating (66 vs 64).  I repeat, let’s hope we don’t need to see if the Madden geniuses were right about this either.

WR – Devin Hester and Johnny Knox check in at 78 and 75, respectively for overall ratings, but their speed is right on at 98 and 97, respectively which is lights out speed in the game.  I, for one, expect their overall scores to be adjusted upwards when rosters and ratings are updated during the season.  Let’s face it, for the Bears to have a shot this season, those ratings better go up!

RB – Matt Forte and Chester Taylor are rated at 86 and 79 overall, respectively.  Not bad ratings.  In fact Forte’s rating is higher this year than last year.  I hope the Madden guys know something we don’t, because Forte’s sophomore season left a little to be desired.  I think he will bounce back, but I won’t be drafting him on any of my fantasy teams this year.  He killed me last year.

In case you were wondering what Julius Peppers looks like in a Bears uniform.

Defense – Free agent stud, Julius Peppers has an overall rating of 95, which seems about right.  At least it better be for the paper Pepp scored in the offseason.  At LB, Lance Briggs has surpassed Brian Urlacher at his overall rating of 92 compared to Urlacher’s 90.  Although Urlacher’s toughness rating of 97 seems high considering he missed all but 2 quarters of last season.  Briggs has a toughness rating of 92, even though he has been a stalwart on defense for the last few seasons.  Our SLB position seems to be one the Madden guys don’t like as the 2 likely candidates to start at that position, Pisa Tinoisamoa and Nick Roach have subpar overall ratings of 73 and 70, respectively.  If the Bears D is going to get back to form, we need production from whomever starts at SLB.  Charles Tillman and Chris Harris are the only 2 DBs to have ratings in the 80′s at 85 and 81, respectively.  For a team that prides itself on takeaways, we need these guys to play WAY above these ratings for the D to succeed.

Special Teams – Robbie Gould has an outstanding overall rating of 95 and this one seems nuts on.  Solid Gould is the most accurate kicker in NFL history and this season should do nothing but cement that achievement.

Overall the Bears rank as the 20th best team in the video game which would likely put them out of the playoffs if you ran a season on autopilot.  Fortunately for the Bears, the season is not decided while I waste time and brain cells playing the game and there is time for them to improve ratings in the game and change the minds of the many pundits who think the Bears will finish no better than third in the division.  You can check out all the ratings HERE.


The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done!!!

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  • Windy Cynic

    Madden was a poor announcer, now hosts a game for morons with too much time on their hands to revolt against the money that controls their economy. Unemployed? It’s not by accident… follow the money and stop playing “fantasy”.

    Your sister gave childhood fantasy up, why can’t you De con?Maybe the easter bunny will run our next draft with the tooth fairy our head scout? Couldn’t be worse.

    • DeCon

      Cynic…i usually like you, but i will kindly just say F**K OFF for this minor indiscretion and get on with my day…

    • Predatorian234

      Was this really necessary?

      • Predatorian234

        Note: I’m referring to Windy Cynic, not De Con

  • Dct

    WOW, you obviosuly have no life and no time in your life if you use that much time to write something that stupid on someones blog.

    Couldnt be worse then getting a life and getting out instead of writing stupid shit like that.

  • DeCon

    i appreciate someone taking the time to read such a stupid post…

    i would submit to the class…who is more stupid??? someone who writes a post that someone thinks is stupid or someone who reads a post they think is stupid and then takes the time to comment on it?

    for your information DCT, this is a hobby and i am a successful professional who doesn’t waste time commenting on blog posts i think are stupid. perhaps you would like to discuss this offline in an alley somewhere? wait, you might just be stupid enough to think i am serious…in any case, thanks for reading…

    • Dct

      Actually I enjoyed reading your blog, since Im a huge fan of madden and the bears are my favorite team. I wasn’t talking to you at all, I meant the idiot to replied that stupid shit about madden but whatever

      • DeCon

        DCT…my sincerest apologies…

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  • Windy Cynic

    Idiot DCT? While you backpedal? Dude, you’re so talented at retreating that you struggle to remember from what…. you might make the best Bears Cover 2 safety we’ve ever had!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!

    DeCon, there wasn’t anything wrong with your logic, but fantasy leagues are like the stock market… much to do about speculation and not the real product. If it keeps you involved, good on ya, but you have written truths well…. keep your eye on the prize or you may wake up staring at Larry Mayer in the mirror.

    We need the truth DeCon…… and you’re the author.

    • DeCon

      Cynic…appreciate the sentiment, but this was a puff piece…to look at it as anything more would be a shame.

      i do play fantasy football and i enjoy the hell out of it…unlike the stock market, i actually make money on it, so as long as it’s payin’, i’m playin’!!!

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