Brett Favre Retires?!?!?!?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…for the third time in his career, Brett Favre has retired or shall I say, allegedly retired.  Favre, from here on referred to as Gramps has decided to hang up his cleats again as the vicious beating he took in last year’s NFC Championship game proved to be too much for him to return.  Click here for two of my favorite pictures of Gramps.

As a God-fearing Bears fan, I can honestly say I HATE Gramps…always have and always will.  As a football fan, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a tougher S.O.B.  To start 285 consecutive games is a record I don’t think will ever be broken.  That said, I think this roller coaster ride he took the Viqueens on, while amusing (and equally annoying) to me, was a complete screw job.  The Viqueens could have gone in many different directions at QB, but he kept their collective nuts in a vice, because he is also one of the most selfish S.O.B.’s to ever play this great game and I don’t think his ability is worth it at his advanced age.  Sure, he had a great season last year, but when you get behind the wheel of a brand new Cadillac, you’d expect it to drive right, which is similar to the situation Gramps fell into with the Viqueens last year.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the Viqueens with Tavaris Jackson are not nearly as formidable as a Viqueens team with Gramps, so as a Bears fan, this is a GREAT DAY!!!  However, this is the third time Gramps has retired, so I guess we will have to wait and see.  Hopefully, the third time is the charm!!!


The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done!!!

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  • Windy Cynic

    #4 is a drama queen.

    I hate Green Bay, but what he did to them was ridiculous…. what in the f^*K could they do but install a new pro bowler. Favre turned that into poison…. 16 years of iconic service.

    Minnesota should not feel so abused… until they are when he returns. Or leaves again. The “Childress Denial” after practice today was a study in circular logic.

    Flip Flop.

    I hate Green Bay, but they made the right move.

  • Predatorian234

    I never understood the mentality behind “Favre screwed over the Vikings”.

    The Vikings screwed over the Vikings by putting all their eggs into one very old basket. I’m sure Favre wasn’t sitting there saying “Hey guys, pass on Clausen and McNabb because I’m sure I’ll be back”. I don’t see how he had “kept their collective nuts in a vice”.

    Also, I blame most of this fiasco on the Media then on Favre. If the media wasn’t so eager to report every little word he said, this wouldn’t be a problem. Something about the Media just loves to air anything Favre might say or do, even if its just a fart.

    • DeCon

      Favre screwed over the Queens, by being selfish more than anything else. Why is Gramps the only player who gets a pass for showing up whenever he deems it necessary. The Queens along with 31 other teams have training camps going on where 80-ish guys are beating the piss out of each other daily. Gramps isn’t so special that he should get a pass for this. I agree the Queens are at fault for putting their faith in a flip flopping wishy washy prima donna. we shall see now that the Queens have allegedly offered him more money if his ankle suddenly feels better…if that indeed is the case, Gramps is who i thought he was, a selfish prick.

      • Predatorian234

        Again, unless Favre has some kind of ownership in the team that I don’t know about, it’s the Vikings fault for allowing him to get away with it. It’s the Vikings fault for not making him go out to practice. It’s the Vikings fault for giving him all this room and leeway. It’s the Vikings fault for not securing the QB position.

        If the Vikings are screwed, it’s because of the Vikings.

  • Doshi

    I love the mentality of the NFC North foes. We all hate on each other, and we all bash each other mercilessly. However, whenever anybody tries to screw with one of the teams up here, we all tighten up and defend each other. It’s the weirdest sibling rivalry I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

    The Bears, Queens, and Slack all hate each other, and that’s shown by the very colorful nicknames we give each other (I used two of them in this sentence). Yet we all defend the organization when some asshat like Gramps decides to screw with them. I think Windy Cynic demonstrates this perfectly:

    “I hate Green Bay, but what he did to them was ridiculous…. what in the f^*K could they do but install a new pro bowler.”

    I just enjoy watching us piss in each other’s faces, then wipe it up with Clorox wipes. Very entertaining to watch ^_^

  • Windy Cynic


    I’ve hated the Pack since that moron slammed Mc Mahon to the grass, ending our repeat campaign effectively.

    As for #4, he left the Pack hanging a couple years running and they finally had to make the right decision, which 4 turned into a drama and went ballistic over. In no way do I make excuses or “cover” for the hated Pack, but as an observer…. they had to do something and Rogers was a very easy decision.

    Why that turned into a scorned diva (4) getting ugly against the city that made him their icon is a peek inside the “man”.

    BTw… De Con…. WTF is a captcha code anyway? PS… Tavaris might surprise given the shot.