Was Bears Trip to Super Bowl XLI a Gift or a Curse?

Sometimes a reader’s comment is so good, it deserves it’s own post.  That is the case with one of our regulars here at Bear Goggles On, Windy Cynic.  In response to my post about Brian Urlacher and his latest injury, Windy posted this Comment:

May I ask this of you Boomer and your readers?

Was our Super Bowl run a gift or a curse?

First, we signed Lovie and Jerry to extensions that still plague us.

Second, several players “earned” new contracts…. #54, Vasher, THarris, and Tillman come to mind. Peanut has played, though not at his previous level and the other three haven’t lived up to their new contracts, one failed completely.

Third, we lost names like Thomas Jones, Alex Brown, Ogunleye, Mike Brown, Ron Rivera and staff, Chris Harris…. you know, Leaders.

Fourth, and to think there was debate over whether to pay Briggs!?! Best player we have and the anger generated by his payday was ridiculous.

Maybe Brian should concentrate on football and stop arguing with Hall of Famers who see things differently than he does… and mix in no pregnant strippers to boot.

Finally, injuries must not allow Lovie or Jerry any wiggle room in their complete incompetence.

Was the Super Bowl a gift or a curse?

Follow me after the jump to discuss this great question and vote in the poll.  (Yes, when a question is that good, you not only get a post, you get a poll too!)

WOW!  That is quite a question Windy dumped on us.  That Super Bowls seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it?  That’s what three straight seasons of missing the playoffs will do.

The 2006 season provided some of my favorite sports moments of all time.  Would I trade those in for a better Bears team today?  I don’t think I would.  The Bears haven’t been good since the Super Bowl and I think that falls entirely on Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo.  So much so, that I actually have another blog dedicated to it – FIRE LOVIE SMITH.

The triumvirate of Teddy, Jerry and Lovie feathered their nests with big, fat contract extensions that as if they had actually won something and we’re still paying the price.  Drunk with power, they moved out anyone who challenged them (Ron Rivera) and brought in their buddies and players they liked (Adam Archuletta = buh bye Chris Harris!).

On the flipside, if the Bears organization hadn’t picked up the tab on some new paper for Lovie and Jerry after the Super Bowl, there would have been an outcry from Alsip to Zion and throughout Bears Nation.

So help me answer Windy Cynic’s question and vote in the poll and back your vote up with a comment.  This is a great topic, so let’s see some discussion.

Was Bears Trip to Super Bowl XLI a Gift or a Curse?

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  • Windy Cynic

    Wow, thanks Boomer

  • Mr. Pickles

    While it certainly feels like a curse now I still vote gift. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have seen my team play in the Superbowl, some a lot of fans can’t say. I would have preferred a win but just getting to the Bears compete for a championship was worth it in my opinion. I also feel the Bears were playing well enough at the time to have warranted extensions all around without the SD appearance. Then we would have been even worse off as we would have the crap we do today only without the fond memories of a SB appearance. Certainly can’t disagree that Jerry and Lovie have got to go. Jerry has shown that he is unable to build a franchise for the long haul (I will give him credit for the Cutler move which I think was worth it and will pay off). Lovie has been unable to make an adjustment since some time in about 2004. The league has picked his defense apart and he is unable to readjust from one season to the next, let alone one half to the next. My biggest fear now is that the Bears will play up to their potential this year, make the playoffs, earn a whole new round of extensions, and well start this whole nightmarish merry-go-round all over again.

    • Mr. Pickles

      While I’m ranting I also wish people would stop talking about how great the Bears D is, cause it’s not anymore. Hasn’t been good since the Superbowl. Every time I read that or hear someone say it it makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Also realizing a plethora of typos on my last post, sorry bout that, complaining about Jerry and Lovie got me so fired up I forgot to proof read.

      • Boomer

        Mr. Pickles, while I won’t credit you with giving me the idea, I can tell you I have been working on a post that will very clearly show the Bears’ defensive decline complete with bar graphs and all. Be on the lookout either here or at FIRE LOVIE SMITH. Cheers!

        • Mr. Pickles

          Oooooohhh, that makes me feel better, actually might have just made my day. I will be looking forward to this.

  • Windy Cynic

    Thing is Mr Pickles…. We “made” the Super Bowl but didn’t compete and as you state, that was entirely a matter of making no adjustments and not continuing to run the ball.

    The Colts knew our every next move and the following offseason was not the time to stand pat and lose some vets, but the critical time to make the next adjustments to WINNING that game.

    Like someone famous once said… “Second place is just the first loser”.

  • http://0 Troublemaka

    Well all of those thoughts make sense. Being a RAIDA’S Fan I know all too well how things can change from the end of 1 season to the beginning of the next. And with that can come a steady drop from the Throne to toilet dweller. Always remember it starts at the TOP. The #1 issue in this game with teams in this situation is that there are far too many players who when they have 1 season of success think that this is their destiny and they will always be at this level for the entire time they spend in the NFL.
    Now many of these teams–from the top– start to cut some big names players to save $– Other teams have the big ego syndrome take over with way too many players. Look at teams such as the Patriots– Colts. These 2 teams in decades past were Purgatory. Now they are 2 of the most balanced teams in the league. #1 reason why is they draft and free agent, quality character as a componant as high on the list as talent. #2 is when they come to camp the next year, the 1st thing coaches make clear is that there is a target on the teams back and as far as this year goes it is going to be tougher than last year. You are starting at zero just like the rest– and NO JOB HERE IS ETCHED IN STONE!!!! That is how so many problems start–1 good year–big new payday– I am the man, and loose the hunger. That goes to CHARACTER for the most part. Hence you see and feel my pain being a RAIDA fan. Grandmama Alice MUST GO!!!! It starts at the top. Case closed on that 1!!!!!

  • Footballer

    Windy Cynic is a genius. “Da Bears” suck right now and will continue to suck as long as Lovie is around. The defensive scheme they employ with the personal they employ only ensures “Da Bears” will allow the other team to march up and down the field at will. Their offense is a mess with no protection for Cutler. He has to make things happen which will only increase his interceptions. Have a great season Bear’s fans. It is going to be a long one.

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  • Boltbearer

    Okay, youse Barse fans. First of all ANY trip to the Super Bowl is neither a gift nor a curse. If anything, it’s a JUST REWARD.

    For working hard.
    For playing harder.
    For enjoying the reside of design, which is, of course: LUCK.

    I’m a Charger fan, so let’s get that out of the way. We gots our own problems down Californny way to fill a book,
    so I ain’t sticking a fireclaw into a Bear’s nest here with my comments.

    But you know, I had already forgot that, as Windy Cynic (cute moniker, by the way) posted, that the Bears were the 1st Place Loser that year. I mean really. I freakin’ had to look it up and say that the Colts hung one on Da Barse 29-17 under Manning and overwhelming a 13-3 Chicago team that took the NFC outright.

    So, I had to ask myself—did I miss that game ‘cos I sure don’t remember it? But I musta seen it because I do remember Peyton winning his first ring and MVP of that game and then I scrolled down and suddenly it all clicked back into solid recall—–Rex Grossman.

    Oh, yeah. Dat guy. Da guy with the doting penchant for throwing the ball to da other guys wearing a different uniform all day long. Da Chipmunk. Da scourge of Cheekago, yeah, DAT guy!

    Listen, my friends in Windyville—-anytime your team goes to the Super Bowl it’s a good thing. Even if you’re the 1st place loser. So was it a curse? Yeah, sure. But only if bräts and beer and big boobies are a curse, too.

    And they’re not.

    So, quit whining in the rearview mirror, put a few on the grill, pull a couple of frosty keg handles, call the fun gals and settle in for . . . a long drought. You’re still gonna watch. After all, it’s NFL! Just don’t whine so much when you come up 4th or 5th place losers.

    Your time will come again.
    And hopefully in your lifetime.

    Meanwhile, be of good cheer and let the bra-straps fly, baby. We’re a week away from the 2010 season and there’;; be plenty of company to share in your misery.

    Take my team for example.
    You don’t see me weeping and whining.

    Just because we fired the one coach who stood on the precipice of Super Bowl glory and cut some fine players who stood there with him and coddled our share of underachieving whiners as they tantrummed on the sideline and and and . . . . dammit. There I go again.

    Take my advice; apparently, I’m not using it.

    • Boomer

      This is a bit, right? Which one of my friends is clowning me because there’s no way this is a real person who really writes like “dis and dat.” Either way, thanks for reading and if I sifted through all of your dis and dats, I think you said that it wasn’t a curse going to the Super Bowl and I actually agree “wit dat.”