At 2-0, History Says Bears Will Make Playoffs

After a surprising win in Dallas over the Cowboys, the Bears are 2-0.  That’s where the good news starts.  As NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert points out, since 1990 64.1% of teams that start 2-0 make the playoffs.  That’s nearly 2 out of every 3 teams.  There are eight 2-0 teams:









From that list, history says at least 2 will not make it to the postseason.  Do the Bears stand with the majority and make the post-season or do they fold like a cheap house of cards?  Which of these teams will not advance to post-season play?  Pick 2 teams that will miss the playoffs in the poll below:

Nearly 2 out of 3 of 2-0 teams make the playoffs. Which TWO of the current 2-0 teams will miss the playoffs?

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  • Windy Cynic

    Please Boomer, the hyperbole is deafening….

    WE are 1-1 in real space.

    2-0 in the newspaper.

    Good win against a struggling Cowboys. Poor loss against a struggling Lions with a backup qb.

    Can we please wait until mid October to start running through all the fantasy scenarios?

    The Bears are who we think they are, no need to apologize for your candor. One game does not confirm a juggernaut.

    The offensive line and defensive Backfield are still very suspect…. lets see how this plays out.

    • Boomer

      I am not sold on this team either for the reasons you mention especially when you consider that last year we were 3-1 at the Week 5 BYE. I am just telling you what the history books say.

    • Predatorian234

      Everyone brings up that “in all actuality we are 1-1″ argument and it makes no sense to me.

      It’s a rule that lots of teams have been shafted, and benefited, from. There are lots of other rules that royally screw and benefit teams. Do we go through every team and say “well, they ended 10-6 but in all actuality that was that stupid third quarter call in week 3 that could have cost them the game as well as the call in week 8. So really, they are more 8-8.”.

      No, we know that every rule has the ability to effect every team. The bears have been shafted by that call twice I believe.

      Sure you can say we blew the cover on Johnson. But if Hester had pulled a Johnson on this one handed TD catch this week, they would rule that incomplete too. And we’d lose the game.

      In short, every team was told that they must hold onto the ball throughout the entire process. Johnson did not. That’s his fault.

      (note, I’m not arguing that the rule is a good rule or anything. Just saying that the rule was in place and Johnson broke it.)

  • City

    To Cynic’s point, the question is really, can the Bears at 2-0 hold off the Vikings who are 0-2? Are the Bears really this good and are the Vikings really this bad? This week’s game against the Packers is a major step in establishing the answer (if they win). If they lose, the Bears still have two shots at beating the Vikings and gaining even more position over them for the post-season.

    I think the reality is the Vikings had to play two REALLY good teams, and the Bears got to play two average teams.

  • Windy Cynic


    When you evaluate a situation, you evaluate what actually happened.

    The score is the final verdict, but not the story to study.

    The Lions’s game was won on a technicality. We can enjoy the standing, but must investigate and adapt to how we “lost”.

    Or else we will. Or Lovie will.