Bears/Packers Game Review

Tears?  Check

Drunk?  Check

Bears 3-0 and in FIRST place in the NFC North and last Undefeated Team in the NFC?  CHECK CHECK!!!

It wasn’t the best played game I have ever seen and the 62 penalties for 534 yards on the Packers are one reason why, but the Bears EARNED that victory.  They never gave up and as I mentioned in my rivaly blog, they showed PRIDE!!!  Whether they earned respect is another question entirely.  After the game, ESPN Analyst, Steve Young was the first to comment on how the Packers gave the game away with penalties and mistakes.  NO MENTION whatsoever was made of how the Bears fought and fought and fought some more when the Offense couldn’t cash in on golden opportunities and the Defense stepped up and proved why the Bears belong in the discussion of one of the best teams in the NFC through 3 weeks.  I am ecstatic, elated, a little drunk and tired after cheering for the Beloved from a foreign land where I thank God almighty He saw it fit to have a sports bar showing NFL games!!!

Boomer will have some deeper, better thought out analysis of the game once he gets back from Soldier Field, but here is what I saw:

  • Tommie Harris was a healthy scratch???  WTF???  Lovie will need to explain this one or does he have to?  The Bears D looked fine without him, but why he was held out of the most important game since Superbowl XLI is a mystery to me at this point.
  • Respect for Chris “Boomer” Berman (not to be confused with our very own Boomer) was knocked down quite a few notches.  Not because he picked the Packers to win, but because he referred to Julius “Giardinera” Peppers in the pre-game show on ESPN and commented on how it tastes good on brats…uh, Boomer, Chris, whatever, in Chicago, giardinera (Marconi Giardinera to be exact) is loved on Italian Beef, Sausage or Combo SAMMICHES, NOT BRATS!!!  Get a clue, then get a life…your routine is old and I know I could do better, but I would never leave you fine people to suck from the teet of the Corporate nipple.
  • Devin Hester…where ya been Soulja Boy???  Nice to see Devin pop a punt return for a TD as predicted by OUR Boomer in his pregame blog.
  • Clay-mation???  Who are you and did you play in this game???  The Bears O-line while shaky at times held up well and limited the Packer phenom to 2 tackles and NO sacks!!!  Could the O-lines problems just be a result of Martz’s 7-step drops and something we need to accept as a fandom???  Well, we’re 3-0 and I’ll take it.
  • PRIDE!!!  The defense could have easily folded on the Packers last drive when it looked like Rodgers could throw the ball wherever he wanted to, but they hung in there and Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher turned in what was the play of the season so far when they stripped the Packers WR James Jones of the ball allowing for Tim Jennings to make an outstanding recovery IN BOUNDS which lead to Solid Gould’s game winning FG.
  • On the negative side, the running game never really got going against a Packers D that has given up a ton of yards in the run game.
  • APB out for Devin Aromashodu…Martz…this guy’s a playmaker, but what the hell, you’re the genius, so I will give you a pass.
  • Lovie…questionable 4th and goal call AGAIN, but I FIRMLY believe it was the right thing to do.  You’re at home against your archrival with the crowd behind you, not to mention the D was playing well and if Dez Clark used one more tube of stick ‘em, he makes that catch.  In the end, the defense held and the rest is, as they say, history!!!

All is all, a GREAT night to be a Bears fan…not the best game they have played this season, but the goal is to win the game, which they did.  Now…on to RESPECT…have the Bears earned it from the pundits???  Does anyone really care???  I know I don’t…


The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…

P.S. To those Packer fans I saw at the bar south of the border who wouldn’t know a footbal from a futbol…SUCK IT, CHICOS!!!

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  • DeCon

    By the way…I will continue my reporting from South of the Border and NO, I am not in Mexico…further south…next week, when I head to the local American Sportsbar to see if I can make it through the early games, the late games and the the Bears Sunday night tilt vs the NY Giants and still make it back to my hotel. God love the power of satellite TV!!!

  • Shaun Landry


  • Mr. Pickles

    AMEN! Again. Screw all the “Packers lost the game” BS. I seriously have so much disdain for ESPN these days, there’s always a line all their anchors tow, one of them this season was “Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are a superbowl team”. At one point when Gruden was blabbering on about Clay Matthews his opinion was lifted directly from another article by someone else on the ESPN website. Championship don’t commit a bagillion penalties. Lets give some credit to Peppers for being a beast and drawing all those offsides and holding penalties. Speaking of beasts you gotta admit Clay Matthews is one, where was he last night? Line wasn’t pretty but you gotta give those guys credit for keeping Matthews in check. Hell holding him to one sack would have been an accomplishment and he had only 3 tackles period at the end of the night. I’ll take a win any way I can get it against a solid Pack team, try not to get too pissed at all the “Packers gave the game away” coverage we know is coming.

    • pchav

      I agree ESPN needs to give credit where credit is due. 3-0 top of our divison.

      Damn I thought Clay Mathews was gonna kick the crap out of Jay all night. The kid is a beast! But the O-line came through kuddos to them as well as Tice and Martz for the adjustments.

  • pchav

    Arogant Cheeseheads! There is nothing better than beating the Packers! People can say what they want but the bottomline is the Bears are 3-0 and at the top of our division!


  • Windy Cynic

    Guys, Aaron Rogers picked us apart at will. Every break went our way and several huge Packer plays were brought back by penalty.

    Celebrate the win, but consider that ESPN may have gotten it right.

    Jay played like a man, especially the runs, but he was getting killed and could have thrown several more interceptions.

    We won on penalties. In the standings, it looks great, but we have to start beating people without the referee’s help.

    Fools gold.

  • Boomer

    A-freakin’-men DeCon! Being at the game, I didn’t hear all the “Packers lost” instead of “Bears won” comments until I turned on the radio this morning. From where I was sitting in Section 443, Row 32 (where tickets are discounted because we can actually change the light bulbs out in the light tower high atop Soldier Field) it sure looked like the Bears won. They persisted and fought even when it looked like the Packers were going to march down for a decisive score.

    Did the Packers lose that ball or did the Bears take it away??? It ain’t always pretty, but a win is a win and this was a big one!

  • Chi Mik

    I don’t care what Packers fans want to say. All that matters is getting the “W”!! Don’t matter how, just tell me how many!!

    I am getting a little tired of the sideline shot of loving looking like the dumb kid in high school when the teacher is explaining Algebra. You know the lights are on, just no one is answering the door.

  • Chi Mik

    I also want to thank Vegas for the Bears +3 last night!!!!