Bears Behind Packers? Power Rankings are a JOKE!

ESPN came out with their weekly Power Rankings today and their ranking of the Chicago Bears shows that they and their rankings are a complete and total joke!  The Bears, after a 20-17 win over the Green Bay Packers to move to a 3-0 record atop the NFC are ranked 5th.  Not bad you say?  Well consider who they’re ranked behind.  Yup, you guessed it.  They’re two slots behind those same Packers.

To make matters worse, here’s the blurb that ESPN puts under the Packers’ #4 ranking:

It’s hard to beat anyone when you’re committing 18 penalties. (Walker)

They can keep talking about how the Packers beat themselves or how they lost more than the Bears won, but riddle me this ESPN – how can you rank such a sloppy and undisciplined team #4?  Isn’t their careless play a factor in the rankings?  Last time I checked, you don’t qualify for the playoffs based on yardage or time of possession.  You get there based on WINS and right now the Bears have 3 of them, more than any other team in the NFC.

I’m not going to stake out a position that the Bears are the best team in the NFC or the NFL for that matter, but I will not sit idly by while they rank a team that is looking up in the standings at us ahead of us.

CBS and Fox get a little closer to the mark, with the Bears one spot ahead of the just-beaten Pack.

The Power Rankings are a snapshot in time.  They should reflect the relative merits of each team at the time of the ranking, removing pre-conceived notions and biases.  What really takes the cake in the rankings is how the 3-0 Chiefs get a #15 ranking from ESPN.  15?  They’re among the handful of unbeatens and they can barely crack the Top 10 in the polls?  Gimme a break!


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  • Kerri
  • jer

    Funny how Bears fans believe they have a great team. Beat the Lions due to the refs. (Everyone knows that was a td.) Beat a flailing and overrated Dallas team that hasn’t been to a SB since 95 and barely beat a team that gave up 18 penalties for 152 yards. (More than half the Bears total yards). But, everyone likes to enjoy their 15 minutes.

    • Don

      Remember it’s not our fault who we play, it is our job to win!!!!! What is our record? you can disrespect us all you like but we believe that we are on the right path.

    • Boomer

      Funny how you can’t read. I never stake out the position that we’re the best team in the NFL or NFC. Go back and re-read the post. I’m saying we shouldn’t be ranked behind a team that we just beat and is looking up at us in the standings. You get to the playoffs based on the number of WINS.

  • Don

    To all of you people that are whining about “the Catch” from week 1 I have got two things to say to you, first read the NFL rule book regarding a catch, you must maintain posession of the ball all the way to the ground which he did not,poit blank. Second thing week 1 was 2 weeks ago get over it!!!!
    Last thing is for all of you people who don’t believe in the Bears and like to keep disrespecting them regardless of who we beat,
    keep it up , and when our team is playing in the playoffs then you will realize we are not the same teams of the last 3 years.
    RESTORE THE ROAR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DeCon

      Don…I agree with everything you said, but I did want to point out that I believe “Restore the Roar” was an old catch phrase for the Detroit Lions…please don’t ever use that on this blog again…in these parts, we prefer BEAR DOWN!!!

      Haters…keep hatin’…there are 29 other teams who would love to be 3-0 right now!!!

  • Tj

    Yeah… You tell them.. internet tough guy.. you tell them…

  • Monster

    And we know that shithead Don Banks is gonna trash the Bears in his power rankings, too.

    • Boomer

      He already wrote up a piece saying how they’re lucky. Working on a writeup for later today.

  • pchav

    The Bears aren’t getting to much respect and I like it. It’s great being the underdog!

    We are 3-0 and we keep finding a way to win. As Brian Urlacher said “It’s better to win ugly than lose ugly”


  • Derek

    Bears win over Packers… Bears should be ranked above the Packers – at least at this point in the season with a 3-0 record and no mutual opponents to compare. The ranking is not about who has more talent or potential – and yes the Pack probably has more of both than the Bears – it’s about winning first and foremost.

    Also, I’m tired of reading comments about the Packers beating themselves in that game. While I agree with the mindset, “teams beat themselves with penalties,” I don’t think enough is mentioned about the other side of the penalty story. Holding, PI, offside penalties also indicate that the man committing the foul was beat on that play or previous plays. They are committing the foul to gain an advantage or prevent a big play. The foul story to Monday’s game shows that Bears’ players were winning their battles, and that allowed them to win the war.

    • Monster


      And about the negated interceptions:
      They never happen in the first place if the Packers don’t commit penalties. Cutler takes a helmet-to-helmet shot as he throws, the throw is off (woulda been a bad throw on a legal hit, sure, but maybe not as bad). Bennet is held on a deep throw, can’t get to the spot to make a play on the ball, Packers are free to pick.

      These picks weren’t negated because of unrelated penalties, these picks were caused by penalties in the first place.

      • Mike

        That last Pass interference wasa bad call, both guys looking for the ball, both guys hold each other. Its a simple no call. Bears bailed out at home. Whats new? Cutler’s luck and lack of talent was evident with is off balance back foot lobs to GB players.

        • Mr. Pickles

          Couldn’t possibly disagree with this opinion more. Burnett mugged Bennett on that throw, you must have been viewing that play through your green and yellow tinted glasses, careful they tend to distort you view a little bit.

        • pchav

          Cutler’s QB rating is 109.7 not bad for someone who throws off his back foot and has no talent!

        • Derek

          That scenario is called against the defender every time.

  • Vince B

    Anyone who watched that game Monday night KNOWS that the ony reason the cubs won were the 18 penalties. It’s too bad that the cubs won’t be in the playoffs, again.

    It must be tough knowing how few championships your team has won.

    • Boomer

      In my lifetime (which is all I really care about) Bears and Packers have exactly the same number of championships – ONE.

    • Dave R

      How few championships we’ve won? You do realize that football existed prior to the Superbowl era right? Since the NFL was formed the Chicago Bears have won 9 championships. Packers have won more, granted, but 9 is by no stretch of the imagination a few.

    • BeastMode

      Hi. you’re stupid. Just thought you should know.

    • waybackbearsfan

      Come On Vince B – What game were you watching? Did the Cubs beat the Packers too?

      The 18 penalties were not invented by the refs, they were committed by GB. When you hold to avoid a sack, you get a flag. When you jump before the snap, you get a flag. When you throw the ball to the sidelines and your WR is not within 20 yards, you get a flag. (that’s 8). When you hit the QB in the head with your helmet, that’s a flag, when you body slam the opposing RB after the play, that’s a flag, and when you hold a WR in the open field so that he cannot run to get the ball – that’s a flag. (13) The other flags were the typical kick return blocks in the back, etc. I would say that GB committed at least double the number of infractions that they were flagged for! That is not the sign of a well coached team, or a very good team, or a dominant team, or a winning team, or a team that should have won the game. GB led the NFL in flags last year, and I think the year before. This is not a fluke – it is a way of playing. It is called breaking the rules to gain an advantage – but where I come from, they say that it is CHEATING!

      If you think that a team should win because they are good at cheating, then I understand where you are coming from – otherwise STFU – That’s Shut The ? Up! :-)

  • Mike

    They are ranked lower because they are not even close talent wise. Pretty simple, if you watched the gamMonday you would have seen that Cutler is stilll a horrible decision maker and got bailed out of 3 turnovers. They got lucky as they have in all 3 games and it will show when they finish 8-8.

    • steve

      Clearly your not a bears fan? So why do you have time to come onto a bears blog lol? is your life that boring?

    • pchav

      Cutler last year made a lot of bad decisions not doubt about it. This year through 3 games his QB Rating is 109.7, good for 3rd in the NFL. This is only behind Manning, and Vick. So bad decisions or not he is still #3 for quarterbacks in the NFL and the Bears are 3-0.

      Those are Facts!

    • WayBackBearsFan

      C’MON MAN,

      The media does not believe the Bears are good – not based on this team, but last year’s team.

      I watched the Bears throttle the Lions before giving up too many yards in a final drive.

      Calvin should not have been show boating with the ball. The Bears have lost two games on that rule when the ball did not even come out. I have no sympathy.

      I watched the Bears pass deep and often against Dallas. If your receivers catch the ball and score, your offense deserves the credit. That’s true if your uniform is green and gold or blue and orange.

      If three refs all throw the flag on you for interfering, it is likely that the call was correct.

      If your offensive lineman grapples for a living but only gets called three times, you likely got away with a few.

      If a QB is at or near the top of the QB ratings after three games, he is clearly making good decisions.

      Good Luck is the residue of hard work!

    • WayBackBearsFan

      1) If you cannot run the football, and you hold to keep from giving up sacks, your talent level is suspect.

      2) If a QB is at or near the top of the league in his rating after three games, and over 100 for 5 straight games, then he is clearly not making horrible decisions.

      3) Good luck is the residue of hard work!

  • Windy Cynic

    Wow, two gift wins and a struggle over a perrenially over rated Cowboys and the rose colored polyanna’s dressed in Bears retro gear are dancing.

    By the time the playoff’s roll around, these other teams will have their act together and there will be no more gifts.

    I think the Bears are ranked incredibly high for a team with so many questions.

    Dick Jauron taught you fools nothing.

    • Mike

      Finaly some honesty instead of delusion

  • Vince B

    9 titles, over how many years. Vince Lombardi had 5 in 8 years.

    Too bad no cubs coach ever did or ever will come cloase to that record.

  • Big Mike

    When teams constantly make mistakes (like the Lions, Cowboys, and Packers) against the same team (da Bears), guess what? It’s not luck. It’s the Bears doing what the Bears do, making other teams look bad.

    • WayBackBearsFan

      True Dat!

  • Unanimous

    Here is the truth, plain and simple. The Packers are rated higher than the Bears even after their loss monday night. And its because of this. The Packers did beat themselves, not the Bears. When any team commits a franchise record 18 penalties for 152 yards, it will be extremely difficult to beat ANY other team. Talent wise, the Packers far outshine the Bears at almost every position. And to all you Bears fans that want to keep thinking that this 3-0 start is not a fluke, think again. Look at who you have played. As mentioned before, you barely beat a Lions team that wouldve beat you had it not been for the incomplete pass call. You beat a struggling and inconsistent Dallas team. And you beat the Packers 20-17. Thats a 3 point margin of victory. Had it not been for the Packers beating themselves, we wouldve had anywhere from 2-4 interceptions of Jay Cutler, and that alone would have changed the entire outcome of the game. Against the Packers, Cutler looked like the same Cutler that played the Packers last year. Only because of the Packers mistakes did half of those interceptions not count. And Jermichael Finleys touchdown catch called back on holding, that would have made the final score 23-20 Packers win. The Packers have by far the most talented secondary in the League, with playmakers all over the field. And behind Aaron Rodgers, this offense can be as deadly as any. When the Packers finish 12-4 and the Bears finish 8-8, well, that will say it all. If the Packers hadnt committed any of those penalties, it could have potentially been a 27-7 blowout. Those are the facts. The Bears are definitely different than last years team, but the Packers are still the class of the NFC North, if not the entire NFC.

    • pchav

      Here are the real facts that you left out!

      QB Ratings:

      3rd Jay Cutler 109.7
      13th Aaron Rodgers 93.3

      Bears 3-0
      Packers 2-1

      I just thought I would help you out with your facts.

      • WayBackBearsFan

        I have not been on this thread in the past. Iave not blogged about the Bears since the season began. As I read the comments here, I have a few of my own.

        1) Nobody mentions that the Bears totally dominated the Lions in that game, and played prevent during the final Lions possession.

        2) Nobody mentions that the Bears have given up less than 50 yards on the ground to three straight opponents, and less than 30 to the first two.

        3) If you hold to prevent a sack, it is a smart play when you have been beaten, because holding does not always get called, but a sack is clear to the world!

        4) If the O-line gets 8 penalties that include 3 holdings, 1 intentional grounding, and 4 false starts, it is a good indication that they are outmatched.

        5) If you cannot run the football (GB had an empty backfield after giving up on the run totally), you cannot tout your overall talent at each position

        6) If a team is undisciplined, cheats and holds receivers, wwf throws RB’s after the whistle has blown, takes cheap head shots at the QB to knock him out of the game, and gets flagged for it – shut up all of your whining and recognize that your team does not merit a win.

        7) A hold to prevent a sack gets you a 10 yard penalty and a do-over. If you ground the ball, you lose the ball AND the yards. I think you should get a 10 yard penalty AND a loss of down if you hold, tackle, block in the back and fall on the legs of a defender when he would otherwise get a sack.

        8) When I was growing up on the South Side of Chicago – we had a saying…… CHEATER’S PROOF! Your team cheated – and the loss is ADDITIONAL PROOF!

        It’s too bad that Green Bay fans cannot show the same sportsmanship as your QB. He is a great talent, and he has the right attitude about the game. IT IS A GAME! PLAY HARD – WIN SOME – LOSE SOME – BUT DO BOTH WITH CLASS

    • Derek

      You’re living in a fantasy world. Shoulda, coulda, woulda… DIDN”T!!! When game time runs out, the numbers on the scoreboard are all that matters. If this was a playoff game, guess what? Bear move forward, Packers watch the rest of post-season from home. The NFL doesn’t give teams a free pass because they “shoulda” won.

      Super Bowl caliber teams don’t give themselves their own worst beatdown in 50 years (I’m talking the penalties). Discipline is part of the game, if you forget to pack it into your gear bag you’ll lose ugly in this league.

      I can see the excuse headlines beginning to stack up:

      Lions lose to Bears on technicality.
      Bears win, Dallas isn’t as good as predicted.
      Packers lose to Bears by beating themselves.
      Mounting injuries cause Giants loss to Bears.
      Easy schedule allows Bears to win 2 more.
      Playing in Canada disrupts Bills mojo in loss to Bears.
      Experts agree, crown Bears if you want – they are what we thought they were.

      When do the excuses stop? When do we count a win as a win (or a loss as a loss)? The Bears brought enough to win on game day, the only time it matters. The Pack didn’t this time. Per the current REAL situation Bears sit ahead of Packers this week.

  • StarkyLuv

    The media WANTED the Packers to win. They are the darlings. They hate having to praise the Bears. Any other team wins that game the exact same way and it’s a “gutty performance”. The Bears win and “they got lucky”.

    Nevermind coming from 10 points down and winning…

  • Mr. Pickles

    Here’s another reason to get fired up about this rivalry, all the Pack trolls that come out crying when their team fails to live up to expectations. Shouldn’t you guys be under a bridge picking bugs out of each other’s hair or something?

  • City

    Wow, Packer fans, you guys are crazy if you think the Packers look like a Super Bowl bound team. There offense hasn’t been that good. Why, because your offensive line STINKS. Rodgers is incredible at getting rid of the ball quickly and moving out of the pocket, but all those penalties are the result of weakness.

    The Packers defense committed a ton of cheap shots which were not called as penalties, and their secondary is suspect. The thing you should be worried about the most is: what if the Bears aren’t that good? What if they are just an average football team. If the Packers looked this bad against the Bears, then how bad will they look against other good teams?

    To Boomer’s point, the truth is the Packers should not be rated above the Bears because their season-long performance has NOT been better than the Bears. In fact, the Packers QB and Receivers look they’re ready to go to the Super Bowl, but the rest of your team is HIGHLY suspect.

    • WayBackBearsFan

      Not only is the Packers O-line suspect, but they have lost their RB.

      The GB defense that was supposed to dominate the Bears did look good at times, but a lack of discipline and coming unglued under pressure is a sign of a home grown team that is NOT QUITE READY FOR PRIME TIME. Pre-Season rankings are based on potential – regular season rankings should reflect performance – otherwise it is just FANTASY FOOTBALL!

  • matt

    Power Rankings are based on team strength and potential–not record. If you just ranked teams on record alone then anyone could write “power ratings”, or they could just be computer generated. If the Packers destroy the Lions next Sunday and the Bears lose to a middling Giants team then what does it say about the two teams? Neither team has faced a particularly tough test yet.

    • WayBackBearsFan

      Green Bay just had a tough test – they failed.

      Playing Dallas in their home opener coming off a loss is a tough test – The Bears passed.

      Beating Green Bay, who was allegedly the best team in the NFL was a tough test – The Bears passed again.

  • WayBackBearsFan

    Isn’t it funny that the same RB that the Bears held to 28 yards in week 1 racked up 240 the next week against a winning team.

    Isn’t it funny that the (not as good as their rep) Cowboys went down and knocked off an undefeated Houston team that had handled the Colts in week 1.

    • matt

      Green Bay’s tough test is a game in which the Bear’s momentum was a gift from the refs missing the blatent holding call on the Hester return–the ticky-tacky roughing the passer call on Zombo–and those are just a few. Don’t get me wrong–they deserved most of those penalties–and penalties are part of the game, but to say that a game in which the Bears scraped by is a total domination is poor judgment. And beating Dallas is not a huge feat anymore. People have this image in their head that Dallas is some amazing team because they won a lot in the 90′s. They haven’t won a meaningful playoff game in well over a decade.

      And losing one game certainly doesn’t mean you aren’t the best team. I wouldn’t have said they were the best, I wasn’t aware everyone was saying that–they’re a popular pick because they have a solid team. If you think the Bears won’t have an off week then you’re kidding yourselves.

      People are giving Green Bay credit because, like it or not, they are the better team, before the game and now. The Bears are surprising a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean their accomplishments count for more. Like I said, if they lost to the Giants and the Packers convincingly beat the Lions then you don’t have any consistent variable besides the one shaky game. The Bears are playing good football right now, all I’m saying is that right now isn’t the only thing that matters. So crow while you can, because when the Bears miss the playoffs again this year you’ll shut up like all the other Bears fans that only like to rep their team when they win.

      I haven’t really had that problem in the past decade or so–so I really can’t empathize, sorry.

      • City

        That “ticky-tack” foul on Zombo cost him $7500. Doesn’t look like anyone other than you thinks it was a ticky-tack foul!

      • waybackbearsfan

        Hello Matt,

        If the two teams that you are describing had played the same opponents or played an entire season, the stats that you cite would make more sense. If you play Buffalo and rack up yards while giving up very few, then that snapshot might not be a complete picture.

        To be honest, GB has a very good team. The defense is good. The offense is good except for a left tackle that has to hold and a non-existent running game. To be fair, GB had a good RB, and may be able to run on other teams.

        You are counting defense by yards (which I admit is the measure the league uses), when the Bears philosophy gives up yards BY DESIGN.

        I argued over the off-season that the Cowboys are not as good as people think, but we must recognize that they won the NFC East last season. They also beat the Texans this past week. You might argue that Houston is not good, but they were 2-0, and it is not easy to win in the NFL.

        For the record, I don’t think of my post as crowing. I thought I made a factual point about a factual event.

        If a team has 8 penalties consisting of 3 holdings (he held on nearly every down) and 4 false starts with a grounding, then that team (whoever they are) was using the rules to avoid giving up a sack, and getting their QB mauled. That was obvious to me, but it is nothing to crow about. I think an offensive lineman should hold rather than getting his QB killed – he won’t get called every time and you get the down over.

        Green Bay may prove to be the better team, but if they cannot pass block and cannot run, they cannot go far in the NFL. The same may be said of Chicago – but they do not look like they have yet committed to the run.

        I don’t know if the Bears will win in NY, or if GB beats Detroit. I do know that arguing that the Bears should not have won the game makes no sense to me.

        I did not see a hold on the punt return for a TD. You are the first that I have hard talk about it. They say holding happens on nearly every play in the NFL – so I would not argue with you. I would not say that the refs cheated.

        If you hit a QB with your helmet, and hold a WR in the open field, and body slam a RB in front of the ref, and so on, then you will get flags thrown. Three of the refs threw flags on the last pass interference call.

        I have been a Bears fan for a very long time, and I always support them. Last year, they were the best damn 7-9 team in the NFL! LO

        These two teams will meet again in GB the last game of the season. I hope that game is for the division title. May both teams play well. May neither cheat. May the best team win.

  • WayBackBearsFan

    Just for the record, I wrote last summer that this Bears team would beat the Cowboys in Dallas and Green Bay in the Monday night game on their way to a 7-0 start.

    I cannot tell you how much flack I took, but now I hear the TV analysts quoting my prediction! HMMMMM!

  • someyahoo

    The Packers were an undisciplined team for ONE game. They were assessed more than twice as many penalties in that ONE game than they had in the two previous games, combined. They were assessed more penalties in that ONE game than any previous Packer team in the history of that team. And they have had some horrible, undisciplined teams (Forrest Gregg era, anyone?) in the past. Of course, even committing an all-time team record for penalties and committing a late 4th quarter turnover, the Bears only beat the Packers by a last second field goal. Maybe if the Bears had crushed the Packers, or even outgained them in yardage, the rankings would be different.

    I understand that, with Bear Goggles On, one could be upset with the rankings; but, any rational fan would admit that the Packers have a better team than the Bears. Any rational fan would understand why it is possible for the Packers to be ranked higher than the Bears, at least right now.

    Let’s see if the Packers need the officials to bail them out against the Lions or if they lose outright. If either of those things happen, and the Bears continue their winning streak at the Giants, I am sure that the Bears will be ranked ahead of the Packers. If not, I will join the howling chorus.

    • Monster


      The Packer’s commited the most penalties in the league last season for the second most yards. Year before that they commited the second most penalties in the league for the most yards.

      I am sensing a trend…

      • Monster

        And to expand on that a little bit:

        Here is a list of previous Super Bowl participants, along with their rank in penalties commited:

        2009- New Orleans: 20 Indy: 31
        2008- Pittsburg: 12 Arizona: 5
        2007- New England: 25 New York: 26
        2006- Chicago: 5 Indy:26
        2005- Pittsburg: 25 Seat:30

        Green Bay might have a problem on their hands.

      • someyahoo

        And the Packers were in the playoffs last year. But that was last year and we are talking about this year and the numbers for THIS year are a tad more relevant than the numbers for LAST year. Unless you think the Packers are going to still make the playoffs while being assessed that many penalties.

        In any case, you might want to know how a trend is defined prior to “sensing” one. Oh, wait – I am on the internet and people don’t have to know what they are talking about before or after posting something.

    • Boomer

      Hey yahoo – Packers were the most penalized team in the NFL last year. I think the first two games were an aberration, Monday night was back to the normal Packers team.

  • Ken

    This is the way I see it. BOTH teams are rated to high, that’s right both teams. Chicago has won three games, two that they should have lost (Detroit and Green Bay)and against an over rated Dallas team. Green Bay is not much better. They beat a good Philly team and then the sub par Bills. Then lost a game that they should have one against Chicago.

    Every one is talking stats, so lets talk stats.

    #1. Chicago is ranked 1st in total offense in the NFC North 11 in the NFL. Packers are ranked 2nd in NFC North and 12th in the NFL. Advantage Bears

    #2. Chicago ranked 3rd on total D in NFC North and 15th in the NFL. Packers #1 in NFC North and 2nd in the NFL. Advantage Packers.

    #3. Points Scored Bears 2nd and 13th respectively. Packers 1st and 4th overall. Advantage Pack

    #4. Points Allowed, Bears 3rd and 10th. Packers 2nd and 7th. Advantage once again to the Pack.

    Pack wins. That’s why They should be higher in the rankings than the Bears. I think The rankings should be Packers around #7 and Bears around #9 or #10. The reason for the slide is easy.

    I will start with the Bears.They are in the mostly in the middle of the pack when it comes to Offense, Defense, Points for, and Points against. They also had trouble beating a really bad Detroit team. Then another close game against a way over rated Dallas team. And then finally have a game handed to them from the Packers a game that they should have lost. They have looked really sharp at times and other times look like it is still preseason.

    And now for the Packers. They beat a good Philly team which played their second string QB first and their first string QB second. If Vick would have played the entire game the outcome would have been different. Then they beat down a bad Bills team that is going to finish the year in the cellar once again. Then they give the game away with their undisciplined play against Chicago. If they only get half of those penalties they win the game. Packers also have looked great this year but in the Bears game looked like a 8 and 8 team.

    Both teams have a real chance to be a really good team this year if they fix some minor things. Bears have a great D line and not so good secondary. Also there QB needs to step it up. He cant look like a Rookie QB like he did last year. Packers need a running game and work on the O line and special team situations. Packers have a great defense so that should carry them to the playoffs.

    I also have a question for the Bears Fan Nation. As a Packer fan I would like to try to understand why Devon Hester has not been on the punt and kick off return teams for two years. That guy is a beast. What is Lovie Smith thinking.

    Final Record

    Pack 12-4
    Bears 10-6
    Vikings 8-8
    Lions 2-14

    • Boomer

      Ken – first of all, the one stat you forgot was record, where the Bears have a 3-0 to 2-1 advantage PLUS they have a head to head win in the tiebreaker.

      As far as your argument about “If they only got half the penalties…” I’ll simply say that if grandma had balls she’d be grandpa. The Pack committed those penalties because they were undisciplined and scared of J Peppers.

      Last point about Hester – he has been on punt returns the last two years. They took him off KR’s last season. He hit a dry spell but I’m hoping he’s got his groove back.

  • someyahoo

    How about the rankings now?