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LOWER THE BOOM: Jay Cutler - A History of Violence

Jay Cutler was cleared to play after suffering a concussion a couple of weeks ago at the hands of the New York Giants.  But how long will he last and more importantly, will his next big hit be his last?

Brad Biggs proves yet again why he’s the best in the business, citing at least 4 other concussions that Jay Cutler suffered prior to joining the Bears while in college at Vanderbilt and with the Denver Broncos.  Everyone had always lauded Cutler’s toughness, but toughness and brain damage are two very different things.

I said right after the concussion, the Bears need to be extra-cautious with the Franchise QB but I had no idea that Cutler had come to Chicago pre-concussed.  Jay admitted himself that “those second concussions are kinda tricky.”  I guess he was speaking from firsthand experience:

Cutler denied having previous concussions, but a Nov. 13, 2004, story in the Tennessean said he suffered three concussions playing at Vanderbilt. He suffered another in the Broncos’ 2006 season finale at San Francisco, making the hit against the Giants — and he’s not positive it came on the final sack by nickel cornerback Aaron Ross that knocked his head into the turf — Cutler’s fifth known concussion.

So here’s the multi-million dollar question: Did the Bears do their due diligence before bringing Cutler in, knowing he had a history of concussions?  Did they bother to do any research before ponying up millions of Virginia McCaskey’s not-so-hard earned dollars to Cutler in a large extension last season?  Who is running this team?

To make matters worse, the Bears continued to neglect their offensive line, failing to bring in any seasoned free agents or invest any high-round picks on an offensive linemen.

How about the cherry on top of this brain-bruised sundae?  They hire Mike Martz, known quarterback killer, to run Cutler and the offense through enough 7-step drops to assure that he gets killed.  The Bears’ plans are completely and totally in-congruent with their actions.

Before you make a large investment (unless you’re Mike North) you do a little homework, you identify pros and cons, you decide what your next best alternative is and you make an educated decision.  Once you decide to invest, you do whatever you can to protect that investment.  Based on Cutler’s history, does it sound like the Bears did any of that?


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  • DeCon

    Boomer – while I agree concussions are no joke, the fact that you are surprised JC was previously concussed is like saying you’d be surprised to know Cavallari took it in the anchor hole…

    the fact is these guys are playing a violent game and I don’t see how you could ever eliminate the possibility of getting a concussion, nor do I think a team should not go after a talented player just because he had a concussion before. i do agree that the Bears should invest in protecting him…Logan Mankins anyone???

  • dennis

    Before everyone blows this out of proportion once again when it comes to Cutler, I’d like to see the Tennessean article. No one has yet to produce it, find it, post it. And if he have 3 concussions at Vandy, would that not have been something teams would have known about or looked into, or the media reported prior to Cutler being drafted? See that’s the thing about rumors…people assume they are true just because someone said so.

  • dennis

    Thank you Boomer for the links. However, no where in those articles does it state that Cutler was taken out of the Vandy or Denver games because of concussions. On the contrary, it clearly states he missed a little out of each of the games and then returned to finish out both of them.

    I would like to see the actual story written on 11/03/04 by the Tennessean that states what Brad Briggs is claiming. No one can seem produce where that info is coming from…the actual Tennessean article. Until then, to me it is just a rumor from a rumor told by Mr. Briggs.

  • DeCon

    Concussion-gate 2010….dun-dun-dun-dun!!!!

  • dennis

    But I do agree with you Boomer, Bears are not protecting their investment. They are desperate to get to the playoffs …unfortunately it may be at the cost of their QB investment.

  • windy Cynic

    Invest two first rounders on anyone, protect them adequately. Yeah Dcon….. Logan Mankins sounds real good, but not for a single draft pick.

    Maybe trade NE Garret Wolfe for Mankins straight up! If Bill balks, throw Rashied Davis in as good measure…. yep, that’ll do it. Who knows, maybe Bellycheck will settle for a blocking tight end! Anyone in mind?!

  • Mr. Pickles

    Heh, McCaskey’s not so hard earned dollars…I like that. Boom you’re spot on as usual. I dreaded the idea of Cutler taking a beating both this year and last, and that was before a history of brain damage came into play. It’s been said before but it bears repeating, over and over, Logan Mankins is looking for a new gig isn’t he?

  • deez

    How about the bears develope some young guys like webb and williams. Its been a revolving door for the past few seasons and the few veterans keep getting older. I think the coaching has been lacking. An o line needs to have cohesion with repetition, look at guys like gandy and colombo who the bears gave up on.