Payton Robbed in NFL Network's Top 100 Ranking and the NFL Network announced their Top 100 Greatest Players of All Time.  Many Chicago Bears were on the list of the Top 100 players and two were named in the Top 1o.  Dick Butkus checked in at #10 but the biggest miss on the list is their ranking of Walter Payton.  Sweetness was selected as the #5 of the all time greats.  #5?!?!!  Seriously?

Here’s the NFL Network’s tease of the conclusion of the Top 100 series featuring Payton.  As crazy as Jerry Glanville is, you’ve got to love his view of Sweetness.

It’s not so much that Walter finished as #5, but it’s who finished ahead of him.  Take a look at the top of the list:

5. Walter Payton

4. Joe Montana

3. Lawrence Taylor

2. Jim Brown

1. Jerry Rice

First of all, as good as he was, that coke-head, rapist Lawrence Taylor should be disqualified from this list.  Next, Payton topped Jim Brown’s rushing record, so Payton should finish ahead of Brown.  That leaves the two 49ers – Montana and Rice.  Neither one of these guys makes the list without the other.  Montana made a career out of a lucky wounded duck caught by Dwight Clark but because it was over “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys, it becomes legendary.

So you see, there is a case for Walter Payton to be ranked the #1 Greatest Player.  That and a career of hard nosed running, killer blocking, outstanding pass-catching and an overall performance that none of these other players ranked ahead of him could conceive.  Walter Payton was robbed!

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • http://google instantmessa

    where is randall mcdaniel? did he get robbed to?

  • http://google instantmessa

    randall mcdaniel did not make the list,i can name 5 players that dont belong here,WOW!

  • billy

    Sounds like Boomer made a boom boom and needs his diapy changed. Make your own list if you want and see if anyone cares. Maybe someone will cry on their blog about it. Grow up kid. Hope no one invites you to a buffet in a locker room.

  • Kenne

    I believe this list is close to accurate, but LT shouldn’t be in the top 3, regardless of his recent controversy.

    • Tony Demara

      This isn’t a life 100, it’s a NFL 100

      • Justin P

        Apparently you don’t know what the word ‘regardless’ means.

  • Mike Denali

    You are wrong sir. Walter Peyton is a phenomenal player but he wasnt cheated at five. Joe Montana is a 3x superbowl mvp. He has the best post-season qb rating, most post-season touchdowns. He is mr.clutch. So your arguement about him is just wrong. Even if he didnt throw bombs down the field all the time. He was a great qb who won and thats whats important.

    Your whole issue with LT is also moot. You said yourself he’s an amazing player in fact he’s the best defensive player. Just because he’s had off the field issues doesnt change his talent and quality of play.

    Your issue with Jim Brown has some merit but ultimately Walter Peyton wasnt as dominating as Jim Brown. Jim Brown averaged over 100ypg whereas Walter only averaged 88ypg. Plus he had a 5.0 ypa career average. I know its hard for you to see as a Bears fan but its clear he’s better.

    And as for Jerry. He literally owns every statistic for a wide-receiver. He was the most dominant player of all time. Ask anyone who played with him through the two eras he played and they will say the same. In fact if you want to check out all his records go here its ridiculous (

    • Tony Demara

      Well Mike,i can partially agree with you, Rice has every record because he was most definitely the hardest worker in football considering his off season dedication. But to put him ahead of teammate Joe Montana is saying that Montana couldn’t have done it without Rice, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

      • Kenne

        They both won Super Bowls without each other, but I believe that Montana is the better overall, though Rice has the records.

  • Tony Demara

    Majorly agree! Im a life long Giants fan and tyhink that L.T. is right where he belongs at #3 behind Jim Brown and #1 Walter Payton. Sweetness, you we’re robbed!

  • Tony Demara

    To NFL Network: Make a list for the fans to vote on… just to see?

    • Kenne

      They had a fan list also

      1 Rice
      2 Montana
      3 Payton
      4 B.Sanders
      5 P.Manning
      6 Favre
      7 Marino
      8 Elway
      9 J.Brown
      10 E.Smith

  • David G

    Payton was robbed? What about Doug Atkins…not even on the list? Randy White over Atkins, give me a break!

  • NYJ

    1. Taylor’s drug histiory has no baearing on his accomplishments and he changed the way the game is played. Next.
    2. So he topped the record. By that rationale Emmit Smith should be far ahead of Payton. The fact is Brown played a shorter sched and had a shorter career; he was still better (and so was Barry Sanders).
    3. Montana had already won two Superbowls (and 2 SB MVPs) before Rice was on the team, genius, and if Payton passing Brown’s record makes him the best you can’t argue with Rice because he broke EVERY record…by a lot.

    • Bill W.

      I’d say Payton was a more complete football player than all of those players. Phenomenal runner, outstanding blocker, threat as a receiver (was the Bears all-time leading receiver for a long time), played quarterback for a few games because of injuries, backup punter, backup place kicker, also played 13 seasons Rice played 20 seasons, and Emmit played 15. I give Payton props over the other guys for his versatility while being an incredible player.

      • North Dakota Bears Fan

        I gotta go with this rationalization… like John Madden used to say…. if you were gonna start a football team from scratch, who’d be the first player you’d pick? Madden always said ”Walter”. Pure and simple, far and away, the greatest all-around football player ever!! I’d even go so far as to say that most players and coaches of his era or any era would say the same thing…. ”put me on Walter’s team”. They make these lists to generate interest through controversy… and they’re almost always tilted towards the more recent athletes…. football folks can argue on and on (and rightly so) but my kids will be brought-up knowing that #34 is the real #1 of All-Time.