Trent Dilfer Thinks Bears Have No Chance for Super Bowl

It’s been a while since I fired up a LOWER THE BOOM post, so this one’s long overdue.  This entry is brought to thanks to the clueless wonder, ESPN’s own Trent Dilfer.  On his Countdown Daily segment, Dilfer assesses the Bears chances of making it to the Super Bowl.  Rather than me trying to re-hash it, give it a view after the jump.

So Dil-bag thinks the Bears have NO CHANCE of making it to the postseason, huh?  This coming from the guy who took a magic carpet ride on Ray Lewis’ coattails all the way to Super Bowl XXXV back in 2001?  From the guy who led Ravens’ 23rd ranked passing attack that season.

Dilfer’s Ravens team went FIVE GAMES WITHOUT AN OFFENSIVE TOUCHDOWN during their run to the Super Bowl.  FIVE GAMES!!!  This revelation from the guy who finished Super Bowl XXXV an astounding 12/25 for 153 yards and a TD while he team scored multiple defensive and special teams touchdowns while holding the Giants to a mere 7 points?  Seriously?!?!?

Dil-weed doesn’t think Jay Cutler’s got what it takes?  Has he seen this Bears offense the last few weeks?  Has he seen them converting third downs?  Has he seen Jay Cutler (mostly) taking care of the football?

I don’t know which makes me angrier, Dilfer’s analysis or the fact he’s not working at a car wash.

Trent, you’re a moron who should count your blessings and go back to waxing Ray Ray’s Bentley and kissing his ring.


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  • Chicago Bears STH

    Boom – You took the words out of of my mouth. I just thought he’d be picking up garbage. I hate that dude. He’s such a douche. Awesome post.

  • deez

    Yes Boomer, you are right on with this one. Dilfer is a moron and shouldn’t be telling people a thing about football. He threw more INTs than TDs in his career and the Ravens dumped him right after the Super Bowl. Here is another great Dilfer TV Moment.

  • Michael Robert LeDuc

    He is right! Just because he wasn’t a great QB doesn’t mean his opinion are worthless. It’s specious argument.

    • Mr. Pickles

      Ha, Dil-bag, that line probably just made my entire day. I’ve been wondering for a long time why anyone pays this guy to be an analyst, almost as head scratching as Matt Millen getting paid to be an analyst after singlehandedly ensuring that the Lions will suck for generations to come. However, I love this story for the single fact that Dil-bag gets everything wrong all the time. His admonishment has to bode well for da Bears.

    • Jim Nasium

      The fact that he was average at best is irrelevant. The formula he is describing is the same one his Ravens won with. I can’t stand Trent Dilfer. Awesome Post. Way to Lower the Boom on this beat off.

      I hope he gets attacked by a real live Bear.

  • Doshi

    If Dilfer actually, idk, WATCHED some of the Bears games recently, he’d have noticed that Cutler is doing a fantastic QBing job at the moment. He’s reading the field pre-snap, making adjustments at the line, and throwing to the correct receiver, generally in stride and away from defenders. He has been as good as any QB in the NFL over the last 5 weeks, all Bears victories. He was the reason the Bears beat the Hello Kittens this weekend, rather than riding on the coattails of one of the most insane defensive seasons this side of 1985. He has won football games, gotten offensive TDs, and minimized the mistakes he made last year. Yes, our offensive line is crap and won’t let us perform the 5 and 7 step drops that Martz seems to love. As long as they rely on the 1 and 3 step drops, I’m fine with that. Recognize your own weakness, and do your darndest to hide and/or negate it as much as possible. The Bears have done this over the last 5 weeks. I don’t see this trend changing. I’m not saying that they’ll absolutely make the SB. But to say that they have zero chance of making that game is ludicrous and flat-out wrong.

  • venomlash

    Did he not see how the offensive line has improved? The only liability on that five-man squad now is J’Marcus Webb, and even he’s been stepping up. The only thing he got at all right was that Jay Cutler’s been having some trouble scanning for open receivers.

  • Clark


    GET OUT OF MY HEAD! How do you know what I am thinking!

  • Rakeem

    OK what a DUMBASS!! I agree totally with this boom buster or whatever lol but arre D is playing really good especially if you forget the first half of that lions game. But remember when we made it to the superbowl in 06 we had sexy rexy n a good D. Now here we r With a better qb in jay n a good d n we have no chance.. he retarded n hes a shitty excuse for ah qb

  • DUH

    btw boomer, did you recently go on yelp with an account and Boom some peoples?

    • Boomer

      No DUH, I keep my BOOMING to Bear Goggles On.

  • beernutts

    i never like that guy ….not at all …im glad you took a dump on this old toilet mouth a$$ Kat…..he aways talking sh*t on the bears.

  • steve cefala

    just wait and see . its gonna be like 86 all over again . coaching , defense , and special teams looking good . good running game. decent passing game. i think tons of talent and explosiveness will compensate for any tactical errors.
    will need a new super bowl shuffle soon
    dilfers analysis was just completely out of line man
    he gets no xmas presents from santa this year!

  • The bear