Brian Urlacher doesn't care who hates the Bears. (photo courtesy of Allen Eyestone/Palm Beach Post/ZUMA Press/Icon SMI)

Drivin’ Deez Nuts: They All Be Hatin’

Since when did the whole world start hating the Bears?  I know the Packers and Vikings hate the Bears, that’s a given.  But every week the Bears win, it seems like more people want us to lose.  Every article about the Bears these days is someone either ripping on them or making excuses as to why they are winning games.  I understand that the Bears have had a lot of things go their way, but what good teams don’t catch some breaks?  The 13-3 Super Bowl champion Saints played the four worst teams in the NFC (St. Louis, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Washington) last season but no one mentions that.  It’s pretty funny that everyone chose the Bears to hate this year.  Let’s take a look at a few things that people have been hatin’ on.

The Bears are a good team and I think that that mass hatred started once Jay Cutler came to town. This guy just seems to rub people the wrong way and it seems like all his haters have spread their dislike to the whole Bears team.  Or maybe it’s because of the Bears defense, which has been consistently good for a long time.  I know for a fact that opposing teams hated to see Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton win a game because of the Bears defense.  And I’m sure they can’t stand to see Cutler win.  Or what about Devin Hester doing his thing again this year.  We saw how much anger came out of Dennis Green a few years back because of Mr. Ridiculous.  I’m just not sure, but fans and media around the world just don’t want to see the 2010 Bears succeed.

So we lost to the Patriots…okay, maybe lost isn’t the right word…we got plowed by the Patriots.  The Bears are 5-1 in their last six games and the Patriots are 5-1 in their last six games and a win is a win no matter how many points you score.  The Browns had a good week and beat the Patriots, so you never know what can happen on a given day.  The playoffs are one game at a time and we have seen mediocre looking teams like the Cardinals in 2008 play well enough when it counted to get to the Super Bowl.

So, I guess haters will hate no matter what, but the only thing that matters is getting to the big dance at the end of the year.  The Bears will keep taking it one week at a time and hopefully fix the mistakes they made last week.  I’m not going to apologize for catching breaks like a referee enforcing a legitimate (yet absurd) official rule against the Lions because we’ve had our share of seasons where nothing went our way.  Championship seasons always seem to have some greater forces working in your favor and this year feels like their is something special in the air.  Bring on the hate, the Bears aren’t cheating like some teams (Jets), they’re just winning games.  That’s good enough for me.

And that’s what’s Drivin’ Deez Nuts this week!

If you are one of the haters, feel free to tell me what you hate the most about the Bears.

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  • windy Cynic


    Cutler has had 3 different systems in 3 years, the last two with no offensive line. Name another QB that has “succeeded” in that scenario? The only reason Martz is here is because no one else would be. That’s not hate my friend, just information.

    We have a nice record. The ball is bouncing our way…. currently, but we just got an ass whipping at home. Optimism is fun, but we need a change.

    New executives and coaches, there is talent and possibly draft picks. But if the Mc Caskey’s can spin success, there is NO incentive to fire the organization.

    Do you support the battle or the war? Yeah, tough question. Go Bears.

  • Halford

    I would rather see the Bears at 9-4 then 4-9 … so who cares about the critics and everyone else… I think it’s more fuel for the fire. If the Bears end up making the second round of the playoffs I will be happier then a pig in sh*t. All I know is that we live in a technological age where everyone has an opinion on everything… which bring me to my next point… opinions are like a$$holes, everyone’s got one and they all smell like sh*t! GO BEARS

    P.S. I hope to God Lovie is gone after this season… I’ll take Wannie back before I have to see Lovie’s emotionless face one more time in a press conference!

  • Mr. Pickles

    Cutler does seem to get a lot of undue criticism. I will preface that I am a Cutler supporter and perhaps even a Cutler apologist but I think most would agree he has been playing in less than ideal conditions so far in Chicago. Everyone seems to argue that he is a whiner, a complainer, that he loves to point fingers; however, I have yet to see any of this in Chicago. Let’s face it if he were even half the diva most make him out to be we should have seen a meltdown around the time he got his face busted open against the Browns last year. Sure the Bears have gotten more breaks than probably any other team in the NFL this year but you don’t get to 9-4 with a chance to clinch the division in week 15 purely by luck or coincidence. What team in the NFC has really been dominate and set themselves above everyone else? I read an article on ESPN a few weeks ago where the gist was “why not the Bears?”. Still haven’t heard a good reason.

  • City

    Heya Deez:

    I have NOT been “hatin’” on the Bears, but as everyone knows I’ve been extremely skeptical. Here’s some things I have to say though. Bless Mike Tice! Our offensive line is weak. When I watch the Vikings, Packers, Jets and even the Ravens in last week’s “win” over Houston, I see “weak” offensive lines. The 3-4 and blitz-happy D-Coordinators are gonna make ANY line look weak, as well as false start and holding prone.

    Our line is not great, but they would be significantly worse without Mike Tice here.

    Injuries: The Bears have been extremely fortunate to be free of any major injuries. {knocks on wood}. But this makes me VERY concerned about this Monday Night’s “Concrete Bowl”. I would rather the Bears played ANYWHERE but on that college field. In fact, I’ll take a loss over any major injury to a starter.

    Finally, Lovie is not a good coach, but for the first time, I think he’s realized the value of having STRONG voices / football minds with his assistants. He’s not good enough by himself, and surrounding himself with “yes men” highlights how ineffective he can be. But, he’s not totally ineffective. Look at Dallas and the horrible job Wade Phillips did. Look at what happened to Minnesota: Childress’s allowing Farve to be a diva and to “not practice” sent a horrible message to the team. When injuries started happening to other key guys, what was the message that they heard: “team-first” or that the “individual is greater than the whole”? Lovie’s guys respect him. They have ALWAYS played hard for him and you don’t read tweets or hear stories dis-respecting him. Say what you will, and I know we all wish we had a better game management coach. But, what I’m saying is: it could be a lot worse. And, at this point, I don’t expect the Bears to fire Lovie this year. I think this coaching staff will stay intact next year (and I think they’ve earned that). But, the expectations next year will go up significantly with the existence of draft picks and a stable coaching staff. That means they will then be judged for their ability to advance in the playoffs.

  • thtone

    Mr Picks,

    Couldn’t agree more about Cutler. He’s good with the possibility to be great. But it’s damn hard to do that with an o line that fails miserably the majority of the time!(Race for your life charlie brown!) Plus all the different systems…

    Every press conference I’ve watched he hasn’t passed blame around. People just don’t like the way they THINK he SEEMS to be, **** em! GO Bears!

  • randyb4

    Hating is right, we have gotten no respect this year. Philly is awesome at 9-4, and the Bears beat them. If you listen to the “experts” the Bears have not won 1 game this year, they just had 9 opponents that lost.