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Create a Caption: Bears Deliver Knockout Punch to Favre and Vikings

Corey Wooten may very well have become the answer to a trivia question.  The question?  Who ended Brett Favre’s career?  Here is Wooten’s sack that knocked Brett Favre out of Monday night’s 40-17 Chicago Bears win:

Corey Wooten takes Brett Favre down hard in the 2nd quarter of the Bears' 40-14 win (AP Photo via NFL.com)

But that one doesn’t do it justice.  Hit the jump for my all-time favorite picture. 

You know what this latest Favre stunt and subsequent knockout reminds me of?  This classic scene from Rocky IV with Favre playing the role of the washed up Creed and Brian Urlacher playing the role of Ivan Drago.

Have your own creative or funny caption?  Hit it in the comments.


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  • Susie

    Wooten whispers in Favre’s good ear. “It was either me or Peppers. I won paper, rock, scissors. Sorry grandpa.”

    Urlacher “I told them to kill you. I didn’t mean literally. (kicking lifeless body) Get up man, crap we killed him. Wait that’s a good thing.”

  • MBM

    Woo Woo….Wooten puts Farve on the express train to retirement.

  • DeCon

    Urlacher, “Well Brett, you’ll always have more Wrangler commercials you can do…”

  • Windy Civic

    ” Maybe now you’ll understand the term ‘retirement’ drama queen.. any chance you can take Lovie and Jerry with you?”

  • farfegnugen

    Favre-n-Wootten: The pleasure of driving Favre to the turf

  • sparky

    Urlacher: “Who let the old man out of his wheelchair?”

  • City

    Pic 1: Now when I accelerate your cranium into the turf like this, your cerebrum accelerates faster than your the cerebrospinal fluid can insulate its movement causing a concussion or “neurological trauma”. At Northwestern we like to call this “crushing your skull”!

    Pic 2: {spits}

  • Doug

    Looks like you guys are gonna need another quarterback. Tell Joe Webb to bring a shovel out with him so we can peel this one off of the turf.

  • Doug

    Brett, remember this moment in August when you are thinking about making another comeback. Ah forget it. He’s out cold and won’t remember a thing.

  • MBM

    Another movie reference….

    A Bronx Tale….biker fight at the Chez Bippy

    Urlacher as Sonny
    Farve as Biker

    Urlacher before the snap, “Now youz can’t leave”

    I will never forget the look on their faces.
    All eleven of them…their faces dropped.
    All their courage and strength was drained from their bodies.
    They had a reputation for breaking up the Bears
    But they knew that instant they made a fatal mistake.
    This time, they walked into the wrong stadium.

    (After Wooten’s sack)
    Urlacher to Farve, “Look at me. The Bears are one who did this to you. Remember us.

    Urlacher,“He ruined my f@%&ing lunch! Get him out of here! Leave him there like the dog that he is.”

    • Boomer

      That is absolutely OUTSTANDING WORK! Got to dig up that movie clip!!!

      • MBM

        I’m glad you like that bro. I watched the clip like 4 times. You know that its my favorite movie.

        The Vikings are jerkoffs…look at me, jerkoffs. And Farve is the biggest jerkoff.

    • DeCon

      MBM…Let me second Boomer’s comment and add that that was BRILLIANT!!! It is one of my favorite movies of all time too…just wish I would have thought of it :-)

  • Mr. Pickles

    Favre: “I’m good here guys, just go ahead and play around me”

  • Terry

    Wow, this is really cool! If I close one eye I can see Ted Thompson in Hell.

  • Doug

    Farve; The bears are who we thought they were, and they kicked my butt!

  • Sean

    Wooten delivers a VKO: Vikings Knock Out

  • Bearsfaninkc

    First pic- Wooten: And it is air time for yo…(farve hits the ground making the fans go quite)

    Second pic- Urlacher: You got knocked the f*uck out.