Is Jay Cutler the Goodest Quarterback in Bears History?

I’m sorry but I just can’t use the other G-word when talking about Chicago Bears quarterbacks (yet). If Jay Cutler continues at the pace he is on and wins a Super Bowl in the near future, he may become the goodest in Bears history. Looking at Jay on paper, he has already performed better in two seasons than most Bears quarterbacks did in their entire Bears careers. Sure, the QB competition isn’t exactly eye-popping, but the Bears are a team that has been around for 90 years and has had what seems like 900 quarterbacks. I know Jay hasn’t won a Super Bowl (yet) or even played in a playoff game with the Bears, but despite his dissipating occasional bad play, he’s the best guy I’ve ever seen behind center in a Bears uniform.

With one game left this regular season, he already ranks 8th in passing yards (6,772) and 6th in touchdown passes (50) as a Bear. His back-to-back seasons with 3,000+ passing yards and 20+ touchdowns passes is the first time in Bears history that a quarterback has accomplished either of these feats, let alone both, in consecutive seasons. He has also had some very good single game performances. The Bears record for TD passes in a game is four, which had occurred only nine times from 1960-2008. Cutler has already tied that franchise record three times. Of the 30 games Cutler has played for the Bears, he has had a QB rating 96.0+ in 14 games and has thrown 0 or 1 INT in 20 games. Not great, pretty darn good.

Now, I’m not saying he’s as good as a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady or even a Phillip Rivers, but he has the potential to be the best that this town has ever seen. Sid Luckman did lead the Bears to four championships and put up some good numbers, but that was in a different era. Jim Harbaugh and Rex Grossman are the only guys that have led the Bears to a Super Bowl, but they weren’t exactly pro bowl caliber players. Cutler has had to deal with two different offensive systems and once he gets settled, looks to be smart enough and physically gifted enough to prosper.

Even though Cutler has shown to have “improper” mechanics and to make some wild throws in the red zone, he does appear to be maturing. He has only thrown multiple interceptions in a game three times this season and has performed well enough to win seven of his last eight starts. He is even showing that the Bears can win because of him, not in spite of him. Winning is what counts and his numbers are impressive. When it comes down to it, the guy is only 27 years old and people can call him Jeff George all they want. He doesn’t care what the critics say. All that matters is that Jay is our quarterback and he looks to be sticking around for a while. That’s goodest enough for me.

Who is the Goodest Bears Quarterback of All-Time?

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  • Mike

    Jim McMahon and Rex Grossman are the only guys that have led the Bears to a Super Bowl. Philip Rivers is just turning into Jay Cutler of the Broncos. Lots of stats, not enough wins. The Bears have had like 900 quarterbacks since Brett Favre started for the Packers right? Go Bears!!!

  • Gary

    There is no such word as GOODEST. The correct word is BEST.
    First GOOD… then …. BETTER…then ….BEST.

    • deez

      Me words is bad? Not “punny” enough for you?

    • Boomer

      Thanks for the grammar lesson Gary.

    • City

      I am with Deez on this one. The word “goodest” completely applies to this post and here’s why: The Bears have NEVER had a “great” quarterback. We’ve had a few (emphasis on the word “few”) “good” quarterbacks. So, is JC the “best” of the “good” Bears quarterbacks, or “goodest”. Makes total sense to me!

  • sdw2is

    You missed his career passer rating- now the highest in Bears history- 82.5. It’s still too soon. Followed Cutler in Denver. He is the real deal. His second year in the one system he’s had two years in he went to the pro bowl. Many Chicago fans don’t even know what a real quarterback looks like. They listen to the radio heads who Cutler doesn’t cowtow to. Do a search on Jay Cutler with fans and you will se hundreds of fan taken photos of Jay- usually with sick kids. Not in a bar or group PR stunt. He’s genuine.

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  • Fan since b4 most of you were Born

    It would have been helpful to show the same stats for each QB, however….

    Luckman stands out for his 4 rings and much higher TD count. He gets my vote. Cutler hasnt done anything yet and hasn’t been around long enough. If he gets 2 to 3 rings he gets my vote. Harbaugh and Kramer were average at best, but fair enough that puts them near the top of a list of good Bears QQs. McMahon was a star, if he could see out of both eyes he may have been one of the leagues best ever, but he cant and he “only” got one ring.

  • Thtone

    Last year I was saying, “He’s good. If he can make better decisions and get actually have a decent receiver he will change things.”

    This year I said, “If he gets ANY protection and Knox, Hester and Olsen start running their routes right, things will change.” Forte is good whatever he does and always has been so I leave him out of that comment.

    Well, since the bye week look what’s happened.

    The next couple years I say watch Jay and Co. get more and more comfortable with the Martz offense. The sky is the limit.

    I raise a beer to Jay Cutler, the only Bears QB in my three decades of life that makes me believe in a Bear’s offensive PASSING threat! Slainte!

  • Doug

    The only reason Sid Luckman isn’t the hands down top choice is because none of the voters actually saw him play. Luckman is the hands down best quarterback the Bears have ever seen. Cutler will have to go a long way to match Luckman’s career. McMahon had a great season in ’85 – but one season doesn’t make a career.

  • Chicagobornfan84

    Luckman completed 51.8% of his passes for 14,686 yards and 137 touchdowns with 134 interceptions.[15] He averaged 8.4 yards per attempt,[15] second all-time only to Otto Graham (8.6). His career touchdown rate (percentage of pass attempts that result in touchdowns) of 7.9%[15] is easily the best in history IN 1943 one game that year, Luckman threw for 443 yards and seven touchdowns, still tied for the most passing touchdowns in one game; it was also the first 400-yard passing game in NFL history. 12 SEASONS WITH THE BEARS 1939-1950 THOGH GREAT AS A ROOKIE AND IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS CAREER SAY 1943 HE DID TRAIL OFF DRASTICALLY HIS LAST 3 SEASONS … BUT OVER ALL TIME WILL TELL AFTER 12 SEASONS IF JAY CUTLER WILL BE BETTER THAN SID LUCKMAN AND I ALSO AGREE WITH THE ARGUEMENT OF JIM MACMAHON ONE SUPERBOWL RING DOESNT MAKE YOU GREAT OR EVEN GOOD BUT HAD HE BEEN GIVEN THE CHANCE TO STAY HEALTY WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED OH WELL THUS IS THE PARITY OF THE NFL