Rick Reilly Nothing But a Distraction to Jay Cutler and the Bears

ESPN’s Rick Reilly hates the Chicago Bears.  There’s no better explanation I can give after he popped his Jay Cutler story on Thursday.  Here’s a sampling:

If he’s [Cutler] not The Most Hated Man in the NFL, he’s in the running. His expression is usually that of a man wearing sandpaper underwear. He looks everywhere but into your eyes. It’s a tie as to which he enjoys more — smirking or shrugging.

It’s hard to say what interests Cutler, but it’s definitely not you.

Why would you stir that up a couple of days before, as Reilly puts it, “a huge moment for Cutler,” his first postseason action since high school?  I can only explain that he is trying to serve as a distraction, a double agent for Pete Carroll or the ghost of Vince Lombardi. 

Reilly is in town covering Cutler and Chicago Bull Derrick Rose.  Rose gave Reilly all the time in the world; Cutler could barely muster a fart.  Does Reilly have any sense about the timing of his visit?  He’s asking Rose for access during the middle of an 82-game season; he’s asking Cutler for precious moments in a win-or-go-home sudden-death scenario with a chance at the NFC Championship within reach.

Besides, Cutler doesn’t owe anyone outside of Halas Hall anything. All Jay owes the Bears and fans is a solid performance.  What he does after hours is up to him.  This isn’t a popularity contest, so boo-freaking-woo if Cutler doesn’t want to hang out and make nice with a member of the media.  You know the media, right?  The guys that have villified Cutler and micro-analyze every expression, smirk, sigh and groan.  The guy just wants to keep to himself.  What’s wrong with that?

It’s up to Jay to block out Reilly and all the other distractions and deliver a playoff performance for the ages.

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  • drans

    Playoffs or not, Cutler is a tool. I ran into him earlier this week at the local grocery store and asked him if I could take a photo for my 5 year old son, who is a big fan. Cutler said “no” and turned away. I don’t always agree w/ Rick Reilly, but in this instance he’s right on target.

    Correction: my son WAS a big fan.

    (To be fair to Cutler, he did agree to one of my requests at the grocery store: after he said “no” to my photo request, I asked if it would be okay with him if I TOLD my son that I saw Jay Cutler at the grocery store. The Truly Punky QB said “sure” and walked away. Prince of a guy.)

    • Tom

      Sounds like a guy who wants to be left alone and kept to himself.

      He may be a dick, but I don’t blame the guy. I’d probably be the same way. You think “oh, I just walked up to him and asked him for one single photo graph” but you fail to realize that you may have been then 20th person since walking into the store that has bothered him.

      Some people love the fame. Some people go into football/movies/sports simply for that fame. They want you to come up and bother them.

      Jay doesn’t seem like that type of guy. Which may make him come off as an asshole, but I highly doubt anyone really cares.

      On a side note, someone I know ran into him at a bar and said “Oh my God, you play for the Bears right? Do you know Caleb Hanie? He is SO FREAKING COOL! Do you think you can get me his autograph? Please?” To which he said Cutler just burst out laughing and said “Sure man, I’ll see what I can do”.

      • Tom

        Whoops, edit.

        I don’t HE really cares.

        I know some people care that he’s a dick. But I doubt he cares that they care.

        • drans

          All good points, Tom. Thanks for your comments!


    • Boomer

      Hey drans – thanks for your comment. Let me ask you, will you be cheering for Cutler to get sacked and throw INT’s because he didn’t take a picture for your son? If the Bears win the Super Bowl, is it diminished for you because Jay isn’t particularly fan friendly?

      • drans

        Good question, Boomer, and my answer is simple: No. I am a BEARS fan first and foremost, and I will always root for the team to win!

    • Dbl J

      On the occasional time where I see a “celebrity” out in a public place, I almost always cringe and or laugh at the flocks of people that insist on going up to them and ask them for a picture.
      Let’s just put this in perspective for a moment, and keep in mind we live in a digital world where anything and everything can be documented on the web with the potential to “go viral”….How should Jay Cutler decide with whom he should take photos with. I mean, if I were Cutler, and I was at the store picking up a few things, and some random dude came up to me with his cell phone and said he wants my picture for his five year old son…I’d tell him to get lost too.
      If refusing to take the picture makes Cutler a tool, asking for it in the middle of a Grocery store makes DRANS a douche.

      • drans

        Dbl J,

        I agree with your point about today’s digital world and the potential for anything to “go viral.” That’s something I should’ve considered a little more before asking for Cutler’s photo.

        Perhaps something you could consider a little more is whether or not it makes sense to call someone a “douche” when you’ve never even met them.

        Just trying to keep this debate civil,

    • drose1

      Bears will never win a superbowl with that guy at qb. He’s just a bad qb sorry to say, He’s a bum he lacks the “it” factor that determination and leadership, He has no intangibles he is sadly to say the next JEFF GEOrge , but just a bigger piece of diabetic shit!! Bears will beat seattle but will lose in the nfc championship, Cutler is just not a winner he doesn’t have it. This is his first winning season in what 10 years!! What does that tell you. The guys a piece of shit and a piece of shit qb watch him lose the game for the bears, probably another red zone pick.

    • muhangis

      So you’re bitter because he wouldn’t take a picture w/ you and your son?! Shut up.

      There is not enough time in the day to satisfy those millions of requests like yours, prince of a guy?

    • muhangis

      So in your lame mind, your 5 yr old son is a tool for entitlement to take pics with celebrities?

    • muhangis

      So you’re blaming JC for being a bad sport? Hypocrite.

  • Eve

    oooohhhhh booohoooo cut shut you down at the grocery store??? during the play-offs??? get real hahaha at least he acknowledged you n your son its the play-offs baby sheeeeit! REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • drans

      Eve, you’re funny.

  • sbbz

    long time reader, loving the work done here, thought I’d share a bit.

    Reilly should just keep his trap shut. “Most Hated Man in the NFL?”. Hey, maybe his next article will be about the dog killer? the rapist? the countless drug users? The in-game brawlers? The hit-and-runner? The I-gots-an illegal-gun-down-ma-pants-er?

    No. Of course not. Write about the guy who is giving up his free time to talk to a d-bag like you.

    However, I want to point out that this is nothing. I’m from the UK and we get shown 3 games a week. But we still get clowns to analyse. And of their “analysts”, who had the audacity to rip on Cutler and the bears throughout the season….?

    …..Bradlee Van Pelt.

    Yup. That one.

    Finally, drans, while that’s a shame and all, how would you feel if you got asked for your autograph when all you wanted to do was a little shopping? Not ripping on you, but give him a break.

    Sorry for the long message. Keep up the good work lads.

    • Boomer

      Thanks for your readership sbbz. Great comments!

  • Chemaster

    Boomer, you’ve got it exactly right; Rick Reilly’s got it all wrong. I don’t care if, as Reilly puts it, “Cutler could have his name on half the billboards and all the jerseys… [but] he has zero endorsements and doesn’t want any” – all I care about when it comes to Jay Cutler is whether or not he is winning football games. If he wins and sulks, I’m happy.

    Let Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers, Hester, Forte, etc., get the billboards and autograph sessions and interviews. I just need my quarterback throwing TDs and winning games.

    • Boomer


  • brdwn26

    Usually I enjoy Reilly’s comedic input to sports every now and then. In this case, he dropped the ball big time. I can only imagine how nervous JC is right now even if he says he’s not. Your 1st playoff appearance and it’s against a team who beat you earlier in the year who also just beat the defending champs.
    Either way Reilly should have shown some respect. You seriously cannot expect to get open loving arms from every athlete because you work for ESPN. I mean good god, have you ever thought that JC never wanted all the attention. Yes playing QB is a high profile position, but for a guy like JC that’s why Da Bears are such a good fit because we already have our faces of the franchise. Mr. Reilly you owe JC and apology if you have half the guts any man does.

    As for drans, if you were asked every day all the time if you could take a picture with someone or sign an autograph for someone, would you do it every single time? Sorry your kid didn’t get a real life picture. Have you ever heard of Photoshop? and to add to that, you should always be understanding to any athlete that has their sport currently in season. They can do autographs and take pictures in the offseason when they are stress free. Not when they are on edge preparing for the next game.

    JC if you read this (which all of us die hards so hope we do) don’t worry about the haters. The true fans got your back win or lose!


  • drans

    To answer your questions, brdwn26, yes I would take a picture or sign an autograph every single time because, even if I’m “in season,” I know that ultimately the fans are the ones who give me my job and my money.

    • Tom

      And when he leads his team to the SB he is doing exactly what the fans want.

      His role in life is to not take photographs and sign autographs whenever anyone asks. If he did that he’d never be left alone in Chicago. We’d flood to him and wherever he was asking and begging for a chunk of his time.

      Sure you say now you’d do it. But after a few years of it you’d probably get sick of it too. Lots of stars and athletes do. They get sick and tired of the fame and just want to do what they are paid to do. Play football.

      Not to sign footballs, but to throw footballs. We pay him to entertain us on the field, he does that and we are happy. If he has a few more years like he did last year, I’ll ask for his head too. But that’s because of his play, not because he wouldn’t sign an autograph.

    • thtone

      LOL you say you would but you have ZERO clue what It would be like to be approached like that ALL the time.

      Like others have said here, wait till he does an autograph session or something. Your also not as important as you think, there are millions of other fans out there as well. Your special because you saw him in a store and deserve personal time?

      Ok, Rant over and asshole or not, I’m a Cutler fan. First truly capable QB for the Bears I can remember, literally.

      GO BEARS!!!

  • http://.. marty loff

    Cutler does drugs too, his girlfriend is one of the biggest cokeheads on earth. Cutler is a TOOL and a bad person.

    • Tom

      In this post, Marty Loff basically says “If one person is a user in a relationship, they both are”.

      So tell that to all the families with a single parent who abuses alcohol and say “oh, you’re mommy abuses the bottle too. Have I ever seen her drink or have proof of this? No, but because daddy does it so does mommy.”

      Seriously, from your post, it shows you’re no better of a person.

    • Boomer

      Marty – I think you’re off base. Does Cutler ever look like a coke-head to you?

    • drose1

      I totally agree with you. He’s just an ugly person I can’t wait to see him fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Pickles

    Nice to see ESPN retaining their title as “Kings of taking themselves too seriously” (which I believe was bestowed by this blog a while ago). Cutler keeps to himself, who cares? That affect his play on the field how? He doesn’t kowtow to the same sports journalists that vilify him constantly? Shocking. More schlock about how Cutler is a d-bag because some member of the media doesn’t like the facial expressions he makes. I usually like Rick’s stuff, thought he would be above filing another “Cutler is a dick” story full of baseless accusations. Snubbing a kid in a grocery store doesn’t sour me on Cutler one bit, dude’s in the store, he wants to shop for groceries not take pictures with a stranger’s kid, don’t really blame him.

    sbbz has got a great point too, only difference is most of those guys play nice with sports journalists.

    • Mr. Pickles

      Actually let me do you one better. I live in Denver currently and have a friend here who started rooting for the Bears over the Broncos after the Cutler ordeal because she met him once and found him to be the exact opposite of what is frequently reported.

  • http://shitjaycutlersays.wordpress.com bronumber6

    Of course he didn’t want to talk to Rick Reilly. Reilly’s own wife probably doesn’t want to open up to him. Still, as a fan I’d love to see Jay be more outspoken. That’s why I made a blog with stuff that I’d like to imagine Jay Cutler would say if he talked more. Check it out at http://shitjaycutlersays.wordpress.com

  • Dbl J

    I just called it the way I saw it….much like you did when you called Cutler a tool.

    • drans

      Dbl J,

      Your point is well taken. You’re right that I don’t know Cutler nearly well enough to call him a “tool.” I still believe he should’ve agreed to the photo, but I should not call him a “tool” for his decision.


  • chrstn41

    I ran across this site, looking for the original Reilly story. It seems we at least one comrade in arms against Rick Reilly. http://firerickreilly.com

  • City

    Love all the comments! Here’s a cent and a half of my thoughts:

    1) Reilly calling Cutler a D-bag is definitely the pot calling the kettle a d-bag!

    2) Cutler is a Type-1 diabetic who has taken care of himself to the extent that he can play professional football. Do you really think he’s going to mess with cocaine? During the season? Puh-lease!

    3) Look at Ditka, Buddy Ryan, Jim McMahon, Ryne Sandberg with the Cubs, Dennis Rodman of the Bulls, AJ Pierzynski or even Ozzie Guillen of the Sox. The media has all bashed these guys as prima donnas, mentally unstable or worse. But WE DON’T CARE. We want them to perform and give us their best effort. But WRITING a story calling them out, is a cheap way to garner attention to yourself.

    Go Bears!

  • http://www.theblogmocracy.com Rob Cooper

    Hey knuckleheads, Cutler has a right to go about his life without being harassed. And yes, asking him to take a picture is harassing him, especially since the guy wanted to take a pic for his son WHO wasn’t there!

    Yeah, he’s public figure, but so what?

    My wife and I sat at a table next to Billy Williams and his wife at a restaurant in Lombard in 1985, and although I’ve been a fan of his since I was a little kid, I wouldn’t and didn’t interrupt them while they were eating. But Billy obviously knew that I knew who he was, since he saw me telling my wife.

    After they paid their check and were leaving, I said to Billy “Excuse me, Billy, but I’ve been a fan of the Cubs and you since I was about 5 years old, and I wished the Cubs had been in the playoffs when you played.”

    Billy said, laughing, “And so do I”. And I just shook his hand.

    • Boomer

      Well done Rob. I’m with you on your approach. Let these guys be ‘normal’ people and enjoy a nice dinner. You don’t need to run up and ask for an autograph or picture to have a cool experience with a player or former player. On the rare occasions that I’ve had to meet someone famous, I prefer to have a nice conversation with them and shake their hand.

  • Peter

    I can’t believe the first guy is complaining about Cutler not wanting his picture taken in the grocery store with some strange guy with a cell phone. Have you ever heard of photoshop?

    Also the comments about his Diabetes are disgusting.

    Fact is if he wins a Super Bowl he will be a God in Chicago and the NFL.

    Jim McMahon, Steve McMichael, Brian Urlacher, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Frank Thomas, Ozzie Guillen are all kind of asses. nobody cares.

    • drose1

      We will all see the true Jay Cutler and his true colors will be shown this sunday vs the packers. His true asshole self and horrible decision maker will be seen all across america. CUTLER’S GOIN DOWN at least 6 times and I’ll say 2 picks very important ones i might add. I hate to be the realist here, but the bears ain’t winnin this game not with that qb. Sorry to speak the truth I know it hurts.

      • thtone

        Even if they lose they are in the playoffs AHEAD of schedule. Mostly because of Cutler making the O actually pose a threat for first time in many years….

        But thanks for your bull**** thinly disguised packer homer LOL

        • drose1

          Cutler’s true colors have been revealed just as i predicted. Well except for the 2 picks, but if he would of played the whole game he would of thrown at least 4. Ive been saying he’s a bum for a long time. He’s just not a winner never has been and wont be like i said the bears will never win a championship with that guy at qb. He’s a loser and a quitter basically a piece of shit. Sorry to state the obvious.

          • Boomer

            Drose – you’re a piece of shit. Sorry to state the obvious.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbzjmlCMvD0 Dan

    Like the video I made of Cutler?

    • drose1

      I Know, but at least i’m an honest piece of shit!