Watch Idiots Burning Jay Cutler Jerseys

I’ll keep this short and sweet, these people are MORONS!!!

More stupidity after the jump. 

And these guys:

I am embarrassed to be a Bears fan because of these idiots:

But these people are up for Parent of the Year with this lesson.

At least they took the Halas logo off the jersey before they burned it.  Someone get DCFS on the line!

Each of these people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.  Just pathetic!

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  • Hayden

    calling yourselves fans… you should be ashamed i have yet to see my team win a superbowl yet i still watch everygame! i stick through the rough! havent even seen his MRI results and you still rag on him. to call yourself a bears fan you should be ashamed of yourselves just go trash all ur stuff. these idiots here are a disgrace to the NFL fanbase!

    • Live

      And what would you be saying if those MRI result come back in negative? It really didn’t look like he was in any pain or anything but the way he was standing a lot during the game and he wasn’t even limping at all. Its like he didn’t even want to help the backup QB’s on the bench when they took his place. Only time I saw him sit beside Hanie was after he threw a TD pass. Even than he only said a few words, he just wasn’t into the game.

    • Cut Cutler

      Cutler looked like a thumb sucking baby strolling on the sidelines. Both legs was moving! Awwwwww Geeeeeeee
      OOOOhhh Cuttie did you get a widdle boo boo on the knee knee? Pathetic.

      • nicole

        You guys are all idots you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Dont call your self a Bears fan. Your a sad excuse for a Bears fan. Pathetic.

    • tom mccarthy

      What a buncha babies. I’m a Lions fan and a Jaguars fan.

  • scott

    I wont even try to rip these people and the people who say he wasn’t trying or anything. You people are so far up your own a$$ with ignorance that its futile to even try. Ill leave it at this you don’t know anything about his injury, and form your comment you don’t know much about football. To even type the notion that he was scared is ridiculous HE IS A PRO! You where watching TV he most def. was talking and helping the backups you just didn’t see it on TV so you naturally think he isn’t. I was at the game he was going up and talking and helping the Qbs. He took 52 sacks this year and never complains than he rips his knee and people call him a coward…..just ridiculous.

    • Jay Cutler

      Thanks mom you’re a peach…wuv u…will you kiss my booboo and make it better?

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  • Jonathan Carroll

    I am beyond speechless. I feel like this is Sox Fest in a nutshell. These idiots should go back to US Cellular Field and watch the Chicago Cardinals. I do not want them supporting my team. Jay Cutler is a tough SOB.

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  • NFL Fan

    What a bunch of pathetic losers! Jay Cutler is AWESOME! He took Chicago all the way to the playoffs you morons! Out of all the teams he was one of the top 3 quarterbacks. He did better than Peyton Manning! He beat a LOT of teams to make it to the championships. I’m willing to guess these morons burning jerseys can’t say they’ve accomplished as much in their entire lives much less one season. They give football a bad name when they do idiotic things like this. People in Chicago need to get a grip. Oh! And by the way…the guy you sent us for President sucks a lot more than Jay Cutler…just sayin’!

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  • Zaggs

    Guy has a MCL tear in his left leg (aka plant leg to throw). Which means his passes would have been floaters had he stayed in with no zip.

  • chicagoirish5

    I seem to recall last year when Urlacher went out/down with his wrist a large percentage of the Bears fans said he should just tape it up and play with the pain. Then the results come out stating it was so severe that it potentially could have cost him his career. There are times when proclaiming how tough Chicagoans are is appropriate, and then there are times ‘banging on your chest’ just proves your stupidity. Stop reliving your highschool footballs days and fantasizing about how you would have ‘taped it up’ and played. Have any of you meat head fans ever injured your knee? I have – torn ACL, MCL and a tendon. It hurt like hell just to walk. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a bad knee trying to play at a level of speed we cannot comprehend with a guy 6′+ and 250lbs+ trying to rip my head off. All you meat head Bears fans…go become Packer fans and stuff your colons with cheese to match the meat occupying your brain.

    The only thing that really pissed me off was the tweets by the Seahawks players (I now live in Seattle and have to deal with these jag-bag fans). The players were tweeting about how they would have been dragged off the field before they stopped playing. Really? First, your at home because your team sucks. And second, if your so tough then why didn’t you tell your teammate Carlson and the other guy that got carted off the field to tape up their necks and play.

  • not an obaMAO zombie

    What do you expect from a city that voted for the communist obaMAO and Rahlm.

    • chicagoirish5

      A political comment on a sports blog? Seriously!?! Go back to Yahoo.

  • Nancy

    YOU ARE KIDDING? This is a PRO PLAYER. This is a self righteous jerk. he blew DA BEARS chances, you only get ONE SHOT..You burn YOUR GREAT QB’S JERSEY? That is like spitting in your own faces. If Ditka had been the coach THIS would NOT have happened..check MIKE&MIKE in the AM. You get one time and he stood there and was even trotting around. He got paid to play and he balked and ANY PLAYER can over ride the COACH..wanna bet?. BRETT FAVRE would never have done this..WHO is laughing now..THE WHOLE NFL, every player and the VIKINGS and every team out there. It doesn’t even matter what the injury is the PEOPLE have spoken. SO SHUT UP AND GO HOME.

    • chicagoirish5

      Cutler self righteous? And to support your comment you use Favre as your example..? Thats a little bit of strecth when you take into account the past few years. Let’s recap…

      >Favre throw INT against Giants costing the Pack, to quote you, their ‘one shot’.
      >Favre retires
      >Favre un-retires and plays less than standard for the Jets
      >Retires again…
      >…then un-retires.
      >Throws INT against Saints costing Vikes, to quote you, their ‘one shot’.
      >Retires again…
      >Then holds Minn hostage until three teammates fly out and kidnap him
      >finally retires after having a miserable season.

      If you want to comment on Jay not playing injured, then that’s your opinion. But to say Jay put himself before his team…you might want to really look at Favre’s recent career before you make that statment.

  • Nancy

    And further, I am born and raised in Chicago, I know DA BEARS. LAUGHABLE? Embarrassing, HORRIFYING? These words aren’t even close, so I am not FAIR WEATHERED..I live in Minneapolis and in the long and short of all of this, WE HAD the real HERO. So good luck trying to change what this is really about..LOVIE/CUTLER and even TICE and the whole show=LOSERS..HAHA..go HOME. Go FARVE, who played beat up and all. He’s jersey gets retired, he gets the HALL OF FAME..Cutler’s got burned and will be remembered for this no matter what. Hall of Fame, Jay..YOU ARE THE WHOLE WALL of SHAME and Chicago has dumped you, rebuild a career? Good luck.

  • Moo

    Get a life…it’s just a stupid football game.

  • http://poopoo Matt

    Your an idiot. Have you ever had a knee injury? It freaking hurts. Cutler did his team a favor by removing himself from the field so the bears could have a chance to win, with a QB who is 100%

    • Boomer

      Matt – besides the fact that it hurts, the knee doesn’t work properly. When you go to throw, the leg buckles. He went back into the game at the end of the half after the Briggs pick and promptly made a bad throw that got intercepted. He got treatment and went back AGAIN to start the 3rd quarter and wasn’t effective, so the medical staff sat him down.

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  • BestDadEver

    Hey, this is the Dad who burned Jay’s jersey with family. I know it’s hard for some newbie half-arse Bears fans and liberal homojournalists to understand, but Sunday was more than a game. This was our family’s way of dealing with the loss, personally. I sent this video to family and friends and then it got out to the media. I made it private now, so no more BS. Jay Cutler’s injury was not what we’re mad about. His attitude and dopey carelessness did him in for me. This game was just the last straw. I supported him and gave him chance after chance, but he gave up (far before the injury), so we “let him go”. I hope he heals up, finds peace and moves on, out of Chicago. The Bears are the most storied, winningest, Hall of Famed and PROUDest team in the history of Football (long before the NFL), so without looking back at that history and knowing our personal situation, it’s hard for you to completely understand what we did. I know Jay is a good man and will be fine, but we’re done with him, personally. By the way, if you have something spiteful to say that somehow your keyboard and monitor give you extra courage to say, please send me your number and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss it face to face. And to my fatherhood, I am actually the best Dad in the world. My kids are all at the top of their class academically, athletically, intellectually and are very spiritual as well. They love their parents, God, our Country, and Da Bears.

    • BestDadEver

      Oh, and to all the Fudge Packer fans, just remember, there would be no Vince Lombardi if George Halas didn’t introduce him to the Green Bay management. The rivalry used to be civil and GB was respectful at one time. But the little brother has to win sometimes…

    • Boomer

      First of all, I’m glad you are all in one piece after the big fire! I don’t need to share my Bears fan credentials with you, but any reader of my blog knows that I’ve been following this team for over 25 years through thick and thin.

      To come out and take shots at my political or other ‘leanings’ is laughable and you only strengthen my case for the type of person you are. I’m glad you made your video private to spare yourself and other Bears fans any further embarrassment.

      I don’t care what your beefs with Cutler are, it is reprehensible to burn his jersey in effigy and to make your children a party to it. That is not how civilized people act and it frightens me that this is the example you set for your children. I am a father too and I wouldn’t set that type of example for my son. I am glad your children are at the top of their class in school, but they also need to learn class and that comes from you sir.

      I don’t need a history lesson about the Chicago Bears or an explanation of Bears pride. I write this blog because I LOVE this team and am one of the most passionate fans you will find. I invest countless hours during the entire year -in season and off season – reading and writing about this team. You couldn’t fill your gas can with the amount of money I make for doing this – it is done out of LOVE.

      Finally, you can take shots at me, but I didn’t post that video to the Internet – YOU DID! Maybe the next lesson you can give your kids is the lesson of consequences.

      BEAR DOWN!!!

      • BestDadEver

        I respect your fanhistory, and do not doubt your dedication, etc. I’m proud of what I did, as it was intended to blow off steam and served its purpose to close a chapter for my family and I. You made alot of journalistic assumptions, but that’s your job. Take a stab, make a point, call someone out, get a reaction.

        It’s my opinion that Cutler is a failure as a QB, and his behavior (not injury) was the nail in the coffin for my respect of him. His jersey was useless, so we “got rid of it”. It was all in fun, a symbolic event for us personally, not serious or hateful in any way. Not even personal to Cutler. We as our small group of die hard Bear fans, are moving on and this is how we dealt with it. You (and other journalists) blew it out of proportion and tried to make a media feast of it, so I removed the video from your plate. But like I said, that’s your job so I don’t really blame you for it.

        I see no embarrassment or classlessness in how we dealt with this at all. He gave up (long before any knee injury), so we did too. This game is serious to us. Hopefully there will be a better future ahead for Cutler and the Bears, whether separate or together. But since when is pro football a civilized tea party? They’re the gladiators of today, not little girls at a tea party. Jay Cutler is one of the toughest QBs in the NFL, so this won’t bother him at all.

        Finally, I am not taking shots at you personally sir, only the assumptions in general that the media jumps to to get a rise out of people. I do not respect that. I’m sure you’re a great man and father, and excellent Bears scholar. But saying “Parent of the Year” or “Call DCFS”, I believe puts you in a lower category of anyone you are frowning upon. See, it’s hard to be objective and not react when provoked isn’t it? We all react differently, but some of us use fire rather than a keyboard.

        Seriously, I mean no harm, and thank you for your dedication. Bear Down Chicago Bears. Onward.

        • Advice to a Moron

          BestDadEver …let me put this delicately, STOP TYPING IMMEDIATELY..PUSH AWAY from the keyboard…NOW BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!

          You have provided enough posts for anyone to easily conclude that YOU SIR ARE AN IDIOT!

          PS: BEARS are a great team, with a great history, but Cutler is not part of that history!

          • BestDadEver

            Wow, you’re a tough guy. Well, behind a keyboard maybe. Get well soon.

          • Advice to a Moron

            BestDadEver my last post was stating the obvious.
            Perhaps YOU shouldn’t be talking about “being a tough guy”…
            YOU apparently don’t even have the “stones” to keep your video up…kind of wimpy doncha think??

          • BestDadEver

            Advice to a Moron: No, like I told you before, I removed it from your plate so you couldn’t chew it, spin it and puke it out to the lonely “keyboard tough guys” out there. It was a personal display, not to be made public by morons like this, so I made it private. I’m just correcting all the loser assumptions about my video.

            I really do wish we could discuss it face to face, as it’s unfortunate people like yourself feel stronger hiding in their basement. By the way, your writing style and mannerisms look verrrry familiar. It’s probably best that you created a new screen name so as to not mess up your good reputation.

            It looks like you’re the only one who cares about this anymore, so I suggest you give it a rest.

            Have an awesome day, and I truly wish you the best! Let’s agree to disagree, and move forward with what really matters, the Bears in 2011. Go Harvey Unga!

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  • Jared

    GO PACK!!!!!!

  • 49er Tickets

    LOL, very stupid to do.