Chicago Car Salesman Fired for Wearing Packers Tie

I saw this on the Trib’s website this morning and just had to post it.  John Stone, a car salesman in suburban Oak Lawn was fired for wearing a Packers tie to work.  Get the scoop after the jump. 

Stone said that when he showed up at work, general manager Jerry Roberts called him over to his office and then ordered him to take off the Packers tie or else he would be fired. Stone said he thought Roberts was joking and went back to work.

An hour later, Stone said, Roberts came to the showroom floor and again demanded he take off the tie. When he didn’t, he was fired, Stone said.

Stone said that he wore the tie to honor his late grandmoether, who was a huge Packer fan.  Ya, right.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  Stone wanted to rub it in to all the Bears fans.  Well you know what, I agree with Roberts.

If your job is to sell things in Chicago, and you’re trying to do it on one of the darkest days in Chicago sports history, it’s not a good idea to alienate a majority of your customers.  If I were in the market for a new car, I wouldn’t buy it from some dude in a Packers tie.

I’m sure that some law suit is forthcoming and I hope that the judge in the case is a Bears fan!  Good for you Jerry Roberts.


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  • kparis

    Cmon Man! This is a game, we’re firing people for supporting a different team now. Maybe this media attention will land Stone a better job. The Packers are a better team than the Bears, and Stone is a better man than Roberts.

    • Dbl J

      I gotta side with management on this one. Wearing a packer tie in Oak Lawn when you are trying to sell something directly to the public is going to lose you more customers than it will gain you. Plus….it is in direct contrast with a marketing campaign. This person was given the opportunity to remove his tie and he did not. The article doesn’t mention anything about his past performance either, maybe he has a history of insubordination and poor performance, and this was the last straw.

      This article is a crappy puff piece by the trib, which is beating incessantly the now dead horse of the ‘storied bears packers rivalrly game of the century’
      We get it Tribune.
      And Mr. Stone…..tough nuts pal. Maybe at your next job you’ll listen to your boss when he tells you to do something.

      • Tom

        I unfortunately have to agree with management too.

        When you work at a company you represent that company. And if anyone here has a facebook account, they’ve seen the THOUSANDS of status updates for the past 3 days talking about this game. If any one of those people went to that store to buy a car, you better damn believe that they will turn around and walk right out.

        The man wasn’t protecting the bears, he was protecting his store.

        There is a difference.

      • ross m

        “This article is a crappy puff piece by the trib, which is beating incessantly the now dead horse of the ‘storied bears packers rivalrly game of the century”


        Remember when the packers hoisted the halas trophy? in soldier field? that was awesome

        • Dbl J

          You guys missed the point. Shocker.

  • Mike Ditka

    Wah, wah. Whatta bunch of sore loser babies!! Lose with some dignity. You’re acting like Viking fans.

    • Boomer

      Hey “Coach”, shouldn’t you be selling some Levitra or wine or something?

      • Mike Ditka

        Let me tell you…Levitra works great!! But at least I’m not trying to push Vagisil or Tampax. Stop the bleeding and start building for next year. Losing in the NFC Championship game is a great season. Next year.

  • chicagoirish5

    Just wait until Rev. Jackson gets involved. It’s been a while since either him or Sharpton (spell?) were threatening with marches. A march by Jackson in Oak Lawn…that’ll go over well!!

  • jwhite

    “…one of the darkest days in Chicago sport’s history,”. Give me a break!

    • Boomer

      Name a darker day in Chicago SPORTS history. Game 6 when the Cubs lost to the Marlins? The 1919 Black Sox scandal? After the Bears lost to the Colts in SB XLI?

      This was the most hyped game in years against the Bears’ most bitter rival with a trip to the Super Bowl at stake. I can’t think of any day that was darker sports day in my lifetime.

  • Garry

    This whole thing has to be one big joke! people just have to grow up…….

  • C Napes

    I work at a car dealership, and I have to say if your boss asks you to change something about your appearance or uniform within reason, you have to be an idiot to tell him or her to stick it. Probably not the best way to keep a job of any capacity. Having said that, if you’re the boss, throw the guy out for the day and you’ve made the same point. Going from zero to firing him didn’t make a whole lot of sense, if that’s the extent of it.

  • Nana

    How can we as Americans criticize this man right to express himself. Just becuse I am not for a certain political party does not give me the right to go out and show physical anger against them. The owner reports that they loan out a vehicle to one of the players. Look at the business side of things, the salemsan sold 14 cars last month alone. I believe that a smart business man would rather bring in the money instead of ‘Loaning It Out For Free’. Someone please do the math for him. We as citzens of the United States are to ready to control others life for the wrong, when they to have the same rights as you and I. God help Us All if this is what our future holds for our children.

    • Dbl J

      Nana, your an idiot. God help us that there are so many people like you raising children. No one said this person doesn’t have a right to wear his Packer Tie. Just the same as the car dealership has the right to hire and fire whoever they please. If you don’t like the way this particular Chevy dealership is operating, by all means, don’t buy a car there. And if that still isn’t good enough for you, i suggest you buy your own car dealership, and you can be responsible for selling cars, and keeping people employed.

      And to specifically answer your question how can we as American’s criticize this man’s right to express himself?
      Its my right as an American to criticize whoever I want. Just like I’m criticizing your idiotic opinion right now.
      Why can’t you understand normal thinking?

  • chicagoirish5

    Nana – the problem is too many people are incapable of differentiating between when its appropriate to “express yourself” and when its time to follow guidelines. You want to express yourself, fine. But do it on your time. When your on the job, your on the job and must abide by your employer’s guidelines. I work in a sub-division of a national retailer, and they tell us up front that we cannot wear logos or apparel that we do not carry. If you do, you can either go home and change or just go home. Do it more than once and your terminated. If I had my way and was able to express myself at work, I would wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops every day. But I don’t because I have respect for they guidelines my company has put in place.

    As for your comment about the 14 units sold by the employee verses the free loaner to the player…its apparent you also need a lesson in business. An NFL player driving around town in a car provided by the dealership is a marketing wet dream. I would safely assume the amount of business this NFL player indirectly creates for the dealership outweighs the production of this one employee.

    • chicagoirish5

      Nana – I forgot to mention one thing…I agree with Dbl J…you’re an idiot. Wasn’t going to say it in my earlier post, but after re-reading your comment about “our children’s future” I just couldn’t remain quiet.

      Kids today have entirely too much freedom for “expressing themselves”. This is why many kids today are snotty nose little brats. Many of them actually need is a swift kick in the ass to teach about respect. But, if you discipline your child, then another adult “expresses” themselves about how you shouldn’t do that.

      Sorry fellow Bears fans. I got off on a non-football tangent. I apologize. I just have zero patience for illogical stupidity.