Bears Should Pick Up Shaun Rogers

The Cleveland Browns cut six players on Wednesday, most notably defensive tackle Shaun Rogers; the Bears should make a strong bid to pick him up.

The 350-pound-plus Rogers, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, was slowed by injuries and played sparingly last season. He was due to make $5.5 million in 2011 with a $500,000 roster bonus and $100,000 workout bonus.

Rogers comes with some baggage – or at least a handgun in said baggage -  and is certainly on the back 9 of his career but when you consider the help the Bears need along the defensive line, you’ve got to consider all options.  It’s imperative the Bears get some help along the defensive front to get some push up the middle and collapse the pocket on opposing quarterbacks to help Peppers coming from the outside. 

The Bears defense’s biggest stars – Urlacher, Peppers and Briggs – are on the wrong side of 30.  Adding another 30-something doesn’t make a ton of sense for a group that needs to get younger, but 2011 could represent the last gasp for the aging Bears defense as we know it.

Don’t forget the connection between Rogers and Rod Marinelli, who used to coach him in Detroit where he was at the peak of his game.  Rogers, who checks in at about 350 pounds is a beast up the middle and could be a disruptive force when properly motivated.  Who better to motivate him than now-defensive coordinator Marinelli, widely regarded as one of the best at coaching up defensive linemen?

Shaun Rogers is available. Should the Bears pick him up?

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  • http://chefsbest Thomas Michalski

    umm, am I the only who read this and autmatically thought about a great player with years left that would really help out the bears. Orlando Pace(not the pro-bowl one, the wheelchair one) Lets not pick up a player who has one foot out the door and one hand on a cane.

  • Mr. Pickles

    He’s got a connection to a current Bears coach, it’s a sure thing.

  • CJ

    Why not???? The NFL network seems to think Rogers is going to win 13 championships before he retires. We need all the help we can get. Apparently I am still bitter… I guess it’s baseball season… CUBBIE DOWN!!!!

  • Danny

    I think he would be a good fit. the bears can use another good tackle and if Harris can keep his game up next year I could see big sacks for Peppers.