Congratulations Sarah Spain, The Hottest Woman in Chicago Media

Congratulations to Sarah Spain, the winner of our inaugural Chicago’s Sweet 16 Tournament, a competition to select the hottest woman in Chicago media.  Sarah rolled through the first round over Amy Jacobson and then Q101′s Electra to advance out of the Radio Region.  She went on to defeat Anna Davlantes, the winner of the TV News region.

It looked like Sarah had met her match in the finals, trailing NBC 5′s Paula Faris early in the voting.  I have it on good authority that a member of the Bear Goggles On staff who shall remain nameless (unless you follow this link), made a push to get Sarah the crown and after a massive Twitter, Facebook and bumper sticker campaign, she surged ahead to capture the crown.  Really Sarah, he’s not creepy.

Always gracious and totally cool, Sarah dropped a few words to her adoring fans on capturing the title: 

Not since the “hanging chad” incident in Florida has a poll seemed so obviously flawed. My vote clearly would’ve gone to the vivacious, bodacious, always-gracious Paula Faris, who takes the art of being a M.I.L.F. to previously unreached heights. While neither Paula, nor I, nor any of the ladies in the contest need to be told we’re “hot” to feel accomplished — in fact most times we’d prefer someone tell us we’re smart, hard-working, knowledgeable, funny or just totally badass — it’s still always nice to receive a compliment. When we gals finally get around to making our bracket of male broadcasters and bloggers, we’ll be sure to include the crew from Bear Goggles On. (So if there are any photos of you boys shirtless, pantsless or otherwise indisposed that you’d rather not see on the interwebs, I’d advise you to burn them.) Go Bears!

I think I’ll take Sarah’s advice and call it the most badass chick in Chicago media next year.  As for any incriminating photos of the BGO staff , you’ll have to come to New Orleans in Week 2 of the upcoming season for a chance to snap some.

Thanks again to all of the cool, intelligent and wonderful women that were such good sports about this silly diversion during the offseason.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled NFL lockout.


Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • http://tohokucaryter Tom

    Thankfully, I recognized this photo before scrolling down and filling my screen with glorious breasts for all the office to see.

    But, as soon as the coast was clear, the scrolling down began.

    Also, Sarah, don’t be too worried about the simplicity of our contest. If we had to judge how smart, knowledgeable, and hard working you are, we’d have to indulge ourselves in hours of tape of each contestant to see who the winner was. And even then, our small male minds would be thinking “she’s hot, and she’s hot, holy damn she’s hot” the entire time.

    So it’s just easier for us to take the lazy route. Don’t take offense, the fact that you are on television is evidence enough of your hard work and intelligence.

  • http://tohokucaryter Tom


    The fact that you worked your way into television and not via a youtube limp-synching sensation shows you’re hard working and determined.

    I gotta clarify since it seems almost any yahoo can get on tv now a days.

  • DeCon

    Inappropriate comments from the peanut gallery (Toad Shit) will not be tolerated and, as such, have been removed from the discussion.

  • DeCon

    Tom – your comments are fine. The offender’s comments have already been removed.

  • toad shit

    Because you know I’m right. This site is a fucking joke. You should all kill yourselves. Honestly.

    • predatorian234


      Holy crap, I love guys like this. The only joke here is you. And thanks for being here and giving me something to laugh at.

  • DeCon

    ah come on toad shit, you’ll be back…everyone always comes back to BGO…

  • lolthefuck?

    hahahah, this troll is the hottest? Damn, Chicago has gone downhill.