NFL Expanding Thursday Night Football to 16 Games in 2012

As a part of the negotiations among the NFL owners, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that the NFL will expand to a 16 game Thursday night TV package, which will add a new source of revenue.

I don’t like this idea one bit.  While it’s nice to have your team featured in a prime time game, the Thursday night games always put a team on a short week.  It puts the visiting team at a particular disadvantage.

If you ask me, it’s just the NFL’s way to try to get more people to subscribe to the NFL Network, which is usually offered in a special Sports package by many cable companies.  That’s where they’re getting the extra revenue.  They know that all of us football addicts will pick up the phones and dial up Comcast or Xfinity or whatever they’re called because we don’t want to miss the exciting Thursday night thriller between the Bills and Browns in Week 3.

What do you think of expanding the Thursday night games to the entire season?  If there are games on every week, will you get the NFL Network if you already don’t?

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  • Kerri

    I just switched from cable to a dish and am now able to get both NFL network and Sunday ticket. But with my cable provider I didn’t even have the OPTION to get NFL network even if I wanted it. It’s a great disadvantage to those of us in the BEAR PACKER (IE Midwest viewers with Crappy Charter Cable) viewing area that we can’t see our games without crashing a friends house or going to a bar. I personally don’t mind some thursday night games, but I’m not sure I want it every week. Although, If I got 16 weeks of football THIS season, I may not complain.

  • bfos

    Uh, more football on TV is always a good thing.

  • Chicago Irish

    Last week I get a notice from DirecTV informing me I will not be charged until there is communication the season will not be delayed. Then they proceed to tell me the cost is “6 easy payments of $53.99″. At first I think this is a reduction, but then realize last year I paid “5 easy payments of $59.99″. When I asked the rep about the increase in cost – her response…”the NFL is charging us more to provide the service to our customers, so we have to charge more”. So let me see if I have this right…the NFL is ‘on-hold’ because they cannot figure out how to split $9 billion AND they are charging their fans more to watch?!?!?!

    • bfos

      Don’t let DirecTV off the hook. If true, they agreed with the NFL to pay more. Blaming the NFL is just a cop out.

      I also wonder if it’s true anyway. The agreement between NFL and DirecTV isn’t renegotiated yearly. I believe the current deal was made in 2009 and lasts until 2014.

      • Chicago Irish

        @bfos – excellent point. However, my initial research in the DirecTV contract brought me to this…

        DirecTV’s $4 billion contract extension for “NFL Sunday Ticket” was the big business news out of the pro football league’s annual meeting in Dana Point, Calif. last week.

        “But the deal — covering the 2011 to 2014 seasons at a 43% increase over the $700 million DirecTV is paying annually under its exclusive pact that expires in 2010 — also holds major ramifications for cable operators and other distributors”.

        It appears the contract is in force thru 2014, but the original contract ran out at the end of 2010.

        If anyone has additional info – please share. I have no problem sticking it to Direct for the extra $20+.

        • DeCon

          Irish…for the last 3 years, I have never paid more than $150 for the Ticket and Superfan. Call them up and bitch about the price and tell them you don’t need DirecTv that much and the Dish or Comcast would love to have you. To get your NFL fix, tell them you’ll go to a bar to see your games. And if that doesn’t work, don’t forget to call me and we’ll go to the bar together :)

      • lindemrm

        Agreement probably had escalators or annual increases in it. Jerks.

  • Doshi

    Thursday Night games suck. Seriously. The NFL Network has never had what I would describe as a “solid” production team, and nobody really wants to watch NFL football on a Thursday. And this is in addition to the whole preparation and short week schtick you gave above.

    Friday night would be better. If the NCAA didn’t exist, Saturday Night would be the best. Heck, why not have four time slots on Sunday to run games? Currently, games are broadcast at noon, 3:15, and 7:00. Let’s back that up a little bit, start the broadcast at, let’s say, 11:00am, then 2:15, then 5:30, and then one final game at 8:45. Heck, you could tighten that even more, as for the most part nobody really cares about the beginning of a game except those teams that they are actively involved with. So that would make 11, 2, 5, and 8, which according to the NFL is plenty of time given that the Monday Night game is currently broadcast 8-11 in the East Coast. To sweeten the pot, mandate that no games involving (or at least being played in) the West divisions could take place at the 11 hour (as that would be 8am there). Why not have the 8 game always be a Western game?

    The NFL is the single most profitable and well known sports venture in the US today. There has to be a better way of showing the game than on a crappy Thursday Night game.

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