Are Jay Cutler and Chad Ochocinco Just Hanging Out?

Not sure if you’ve seen this picture of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and disgruntled Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco hanging out during a recent fashion show in which Cutler’s fiance Kristin Cavallari was modeling.  Seeing this odd couple hanging out begs the question – is Ochocinco angling to come to the Bears to fill the need for a #1 wide receiver?

Ochocinco has made it clear that he wants out of Cinci.  Cutler has not been as clear in asking for a new target, but if you read between the lines, we all know Jay wants a big “go up and get it” kind of receiver.

I’ve never been a huge Ochocinco fan, for reasons and plain as his new last name and his bombastic, over the top touchdown celebrations.  Thee points in favor of Chad coming to the Bears after the jump:

1. He would be a heck of a red zone target for the Bears, an area of the passing game in biggest need of help.

2. His antics would take focus off of Cutler.  Since he arrived in Chicago, Jay’s been the media’s point of emphasis on the Bears.  By putting a character like Ochocinco out there, it would draw attention away from Cutty, sort of like a rodeo clown.

3. Ocho’s on and off the field antics would make my job writing about the Bears a helluva lot easier.  (Yes, I’m selfish.)

Would Ochocinco help or hurt the Bears?  Do you want him (assuming the Bears are too cheap to go get one of the top free agent targets)?  Where do you rank Chad compared to other WR’s hitting the market?  Hit it up in the Comments and…


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  • KMichaelBrennan

    If you look at all of the FA WR’s out there, Ochocinco is the best fit for Martz’ system.

    He’s always been a sleek route runner, which Martz demands.

    He still possesses enough speed…. Martz requires his wideouts to be able to get deep up field into long routes without breaking down. Other WR’s like Rice, Edwards, Burress, and Jackson would have a bigger problem with these routes because they are such big dudes.

    Finally, he’s not a midget…He is 6’1, which is a happy medium. He’s not enormous like the guys I mentioned above, but he is bigger than our current WR’s and bigger than Steve Smith and Santonio Holmes.

  • TomSchwarz

    I’ve never been a fan of players like Ocho, but for some reason I like Ocho. I think it has to do with the Packers/Bengals Game when Ocho said he was going to do the Lambeau Leap after scoring a TD. Packers fans said they would never let him up the wall and that he’d be pushed down immediately. So he went out and bout like 5 front row TD seats and gave them to some fans and decked them out Bengals gear. Then when he scored his TD in Lambeau, he did a quick search through the sea of Green and saw a huddles bunch of Bengal jersey’s egging him towards them. He ran and leaped into their arms and they caught him.Now I know this is definitely an over the top TD celebration, but he also gave something to a bunch of fans that they will always remember. I always liked him even more after that…Video in case you ever missed it…

  • TomSchwarz

    Bought. Not bout. Don’t want to sound like I’m from Wisconsin….

  • Chicago Irish

    I look at is this way…I was not a fan of Dennis Rodman until he came to the Bulls for the 2nd three-peat. A change of uniform/jersey can create a change of opinion. However, is there anyone strong enough like Phil and MJ to control him. Lovie? Urlacher? Jay? Just my opinion, but I would say they do not.

    Rumor is Ocho approached Jay about updating Jackson/McCartney’s version of Ebony and Ivory.

  • Mr.Pickles

    I like Ocho, just not sure how much I would like him in a Bears uniform. I’m of the mindset that football is a game and meant to be entertaining, so when someone looks to provide additional entertainment I am all for it. For all the hijinks I feel like Ocho has always been dedicated and has never been a locker room problem. However, I don’t think he’s what he used to be and his best days might be behind him. Maybe his production was down last year because Palmer played like his feet were encased in concrete and T.O. is freakishly athletic but I’d rather not take the chance and have da Bears go after a guy like Jackson or Plax.